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research your destination, passport issues, crime, take essential information with you

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Research Your Destination using the euromost group information pages below

City Gudes Information Do a little research about the city and country you are going its attractions sightseeing restaurants nightlife weather and importantly whether there are any obvious risks or things you should be aware of  including crime personal safety terrorism. Please see our City Guide Index more.

City Airports Information Also check out the airport you will be flying to and how far it is from the city/  Please see our Airport Guide Index more.

Country Profiles There is also some background information on the country you are going in it’s country profile including it’s recent history, population, religion, economy, roads and whether you will be going unknowingly to an earthquake/ Please see our Country Profile Index more

Passport Notes Before You Book Or Make Travel Arrangements. Some European countries including some EU member states will refuse you entry to their country even if you have a valid passport for the duration of your stay if your passport is due to expire within a few months of  your trip ending –  as a result some airlines will refuse to let you fly if they notice this at check in (and they do) without refunding your ticket cost and even if they o fly you you will be refused entry and have to pay for a return flight the moment you arrive.. This applies particularly to the Czech Republic You can find this information on the website of the consulate or embassy representing the country you are going to via our consulate page more  You may also be refused entry ton arrival at the passport control of some countries if your have a damaged or badly worn passport. especially in the Baltic States Estonia Latvia and Lithuania.

Women Travelling Alone  A special feature prepared for women who have decided to travel alone with advice on how to dress appropriately, tips on avoiding the unwanted attention of men, being safe  how to avoid drink spiking,  travelling at night safe, reducing the risk of being sexually assaulted and women’s health issues more

Crime –  Personal Safety and Carelessness ! Tourist boards who are promoting their country or city whil;st  accommodation agencies hotels and holiday companies are directly after your money.  Consequently most of them will not be honest or open about  problems that visitors to their city might have. There is no city in Europe where petty crime such as pick pocketing or bag snatching does not happen.

In any city this ‘criminality will be carried out by petty criminals who seize upon the carelessness of tourists who might for example be walking around with their rucksack open or go up to the bar and leave the coats or luggage unattended. Sometimes tourists may like anyone else accidentally leave something of value on public transport which another passenger is happy to take home.

However in some European cities petty crime is more organised – Amsterdam Barcelona and London spring to mind.  Organised crime often involves two or three people or gangs of people working together They target visitors to a city in popular tourist areas or places like airports coach and railway stations.

Where ever the crime is organised  one common denominator prevails that of distraction !  Men might be approached by an over friendly young lady, or a thief posing as a prostitute and whilst they working out how to deal with their new found friend someone else or other will be eyeing up their possession. Another tactic is to ask you for help as they are lost and when you have finished lending them your map the rucksack it came out of has gone off in another direction.  Where ever possible leave your valuables in the hotel safe   more

Dealing With Any Problems If you are a victim of these situations, simply abandoned your luggage somwhere  or mislaid other valuables you can find yourself in a tricky situation especially if your loss includes cash,  credit cards debits cards your mobile phone or passport. Sorting things out is  lot easier if you take these  precautions before you travel:

Emergency Medical Treatment  You should always consider taking out  medical but you must read the terms and conditions before signing any policy  particularly if you have an existing problem as many insurance companies policies will not pay out for an incident they (not you)  deem to be related to that condition. Incidentally these policies rarely cover dental related problems.

Most hospitals do not give credit to foreign citizens or submit claim to their insurance companies on their behalf so be aware that in most some countries you will have to pay for the emergency medical treatment as and when you receive it and claim it back on you return home Even then you will still have to cover any excess contained in the policy

Free Emergency Medical Treatment In EU Countries! Nationals of all EU member states can join a free emergency medical exchange scheme which operates in all European Union Countries. You must register prior to travelling. This scheme also applies to a limited number of non EU countries  more

Cash Cards Credit Cards & Debit Cards. Before you leave leave home note the last four digits of the card and the three digit security number on the back. Also note the main international telephone of the company shown on your bills for each card your are holding. telephone for the account/ In the UK the number starts with 44. If there is a special number for lost or stolen cards you and it does not have an international prefix dial the main number

You can put these details in an email in draft form or give them to a partner travelling with you. more

Passport Details  In case you loose you passport you should also photocopy the details including your name , the passport number and date of issue and take this with you keeping it in a separate place from your passport or keep the details in your email   more

Mobile Phone Details   Your number (it’s surprising how many people actually forget it) your account number an the main international number on your bills If you loose any of these item see the advice on the 112 / 999 assistance page.  more

Emergency Cash If you have no money and no access to money abroad and are a British National you may get help from the British Consulate or British Embassy if  you meet their  criteria  more

Travel Insurance Generally  Another read the terms and conditions situation here but anyone going on a bungee jumping ai ski break (sorry about the pun) trip etc should take out a policy that relates to the activity they will be doing as normal policies rarel;y cover such activities/ Holidays that are ABTA registered or ATOL registered offer more security than those that are not

Travelling To Countries Where There Is Civil Unrest  Evaluating which countries this might involve is a matter of personal judgement. In 2010 few people would for example have predicted the demise of Gaddafi’s Libyan regime the following year.  However ongoing issues in countries like Egypt and Syria mean that are risks to consider.

Most countries through their embassy or consulate in a city or country will register, if informed,  the details of their nationals visit to the country. They will then be able to contact you if the situation deteriorates. In Britain nationals can find detail of how to register on the Foreign Office website which also offers security information for every country in the world.

When considering these issues you can additionall;y refer to the information on the euromost 112 /  999 ‘Alerts  Europe  Page’ which carries some alerts relevant to European countries. more

Significant alerts in a country outside Europe but likely to be of interest to European visitors or their friends and family  are given on our 112 / 999 Alerts Outside Europe page.more

Editorial Note  Finally Make sure any animals at home are looked after whilst your away! 



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