112.999 Crime And Personal Safety In Europe

112.999 Personal Safety & Crime In Europe

 Unprovoked physical attacks on tourists in European cities are rare, petty crime pick pocketing & bag snatching happens every where in some cities petty crime is organised

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Each city in the Baltic States Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe Northern Europe ( Scandinavia ) Western Europe and Russia has its own level of petty crime. The concept that any city is totally safe is a delusion that usually evident on the websites of tourist board and others who have a vested interest in you going there.

Serious organised crime targeted at visitors is rare and unprovoked physical attacks on tourists in European cities are extremely rare.though there problems in St Petersburg, Russia and to a lesser extent Moscow. Here pick pockets and muggers armed with knives operate in public places. In St Petersburg racist attacks may also occur by skinheads on Asians and Afro- Caribbeans. In 2008 87 people were killed in Racist attacks. There Is an increasing anti American sentiment as in 2011 there where several violent attacks on young white American students.

In most European cities tourist who are victims of crime have beeb targetted by petty criminals who operate in crowded tourists and transport hubs or on the transport itself particularly during the summer or at the times of the year when a city may be busy. This imight be at one of the many festivals in Barcelona or at Christmas markets practically anywhere in Europe. These environments are ideal for pick pockets and bag snatchers.

However in some European cities petty crime is more organised – Amsterdam Barcelona amid London spring to mind.  Organised crime often involves two or three people or gangs of people working together. Again they  will target visitors to a city in popular tourist or places like airports coach and railway stations.but their techiques are more devious.

Where ever the crime is organised there seems to be one common denominator  that distraction !  Men might be approached by an over friendly young lady, or a thief posing as a prostitute  and whilst they working out how to deal with their new found friend someone else or other will be eyeing up their possession. Another tactic is to ask you for help as they are lost and when you have finished lending them your map the rucksack it came out of has gone off in another direction.

In other cities visitors are as vulnerable to certain types of crimes all year round. Luggage is often a target as if it does not have electrical items or designer clothes it may well have if  your on way to the airport brand new gifts that Fagin does want you to take out of the country.   For example visitors travelling between Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and central downtown Amsterdam are frequently targeted by luggage thieves particularly on the airport train. A common technique here is to bang on the train window or create a commotion on the platform and whilst you are distracted your luggage goes for a walk.

In Prague some of the willing ‘ladies of the night’ are actually thieves rather than prostitutes. In Rome musclebound gladiatorial men who are very willing to be photographed with you will then demand an extortionate charge from you.

In Tallinn Estonia where the crime rate is comparatively low drunken tourists risk being robbed at night in poorly lit streets or by criminals posing as taxi drivers. In Budapest some taxi drivers are paid by the owners of dodgy nightclubs to deliver would be revellers to the clubs where they may be scammed and accompanied to ATM machines by bouncers if they cannot meet the bills they are presented with.

In many European cities petty criminal hang out in bars and clubs where if they are given a chance they will spike prospective victims drinks and then rob them either inside or outside the premises. In some instances the victim may be also sexually assaulted.

Other fairly universal crime includes credit card fraud which is often engineered by the establishment taking the card from the customer for payment – and processing it outside the customers sight.

Information In Euromost Group City Guides

If we are aware of a particular problem concerning crime and personal safety in  one of our featured cities we post it within the relevant guide. We may also include in the same section any tourist traps where the rob bey is deemed legitimate. Airport taxis drivers across you please take note!  .

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