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Travel advice before you go, travel alerts & where to get help and information if you need it.

Note:  For People Urgently Requiring Any Emergency Services Throughout Europe Where ever you are in the United Kingdom or any other part of Europe if you require urgent assistance from the Ambulance / medical services, Fire Authorities, Police or  Coast Guard you can dial from your landline / mobile 112 for first responder or emergency help This number works in parallel with other emergency numbers that some countries operate

Overview Of This Guide 

The idea that any city or country anywhere is totally is safe to visit is not realistic as was proven in 2011 when Anders Behring Breivik bombed central Oslo in peace loving Norway and then massacred 77 people, mostly teenagers, in a shooting rampage outside the city.

Anyone when they are travelling and where ever they are going can quite innocently encounter unexpected problems, whether it is an air traffic controllers strike, air and rail services suspended by bad weather, finding yourself without any money credit or debit cards as you are a victim of petty crime  or in a foreign hospital having been ill and unable to pay for the medical care This travel essentials  directory and index guide offers advice in three categories,

 112 / 999 European Travel Advice Before You Go: 

Ih this section we offer advice you should consider before arranging you foreign trip. It is possible for example to access some of the possible risks – whether the place you are going to is a known earthquake zone or whether civil rest could be the early signs of another revolution.  Others assessments are easier to make ie if your driving establish whether your car for example has  the correct tyres on it to cope with heavy snow. Within this section

There is advice on what information you should take with you or be able to access if things don;t fo to plan and which may help you eliminate some of the problems you could encounter and information you might need if you have problems  more

Additionally here is also an article with advice &  tips for solo women travelling alone more.

 112 / 999 Travel Alerts & Travel Warnings For Europe:

The second part warns you of  current travel alerts in European countries with links to the latest information updates for the countries concerned .Occasionally there can be more serious problems including civil unrest, revolutions, acts of terrorism, earthquakes flooding, a tsunami and volcanic eruptions.and in some places landmines.

In the event of a very  serious situation such as the 2011 earthquake in Japan it will also include additional and sources of information  for English speaking people and link to the ‘advice section below.

Incidentally from past experience we know that some of the information on the ‘alerts pages has been at least reassuring and occasionally useful to friends and relatives of people in the countries that the alerts applies to. In exceptional circumstances we may also post ‘sos’ messages for individual people if they are known to be followers of euromost   more

112 / 999 Emergency Help & Assistance Guide 

The idea that a fully comprehensive holiday insurance policy will cover all such eventualities is probably a pipe dream and even it were to do so it would only reimburse you after your trip rather than offer you practical and support when you actually needed it.

This sections  is designed to inform you of what assistance may be available if you get into difficulties. For example If you are a UK citizen and stranded in Belgrade with no money and it is Sunday or  if you are a victim of crime loose your passport or need medical treatment what option have you ? Tthis feature will tell you you should do.

It should also be read at the same time as the ‘advice ‘ section links above.  For example though having you phone stolen is inconvenient enough, returning home and being presented with a €2,000 bill for the thief’s calls is probably worse and this feature will tell you how to avoid this. more .




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