112.999 Travel Advice In An Emergency

 112.999 Travel Advice In An Emergency

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Note:  For People Urgently Requiring Any Emergency Services Throughout Europe Where ever you are in the United Kingdom or any other part of Europe if you require urgent assistance from the Ambulance / medical services, Fire Authorities, Police or  Coast Guard you can dial from your landline / mobile 112 for first responder or emergency help This number works in parallel with other emergency numbers that some countries operate

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Overview Of Information Assistance And Advice On This Page

This guide is intended to advise you of the information you will need and the measures you should consider taking to deal with situations outlined. We cannot stress enough the need for you to have the information described with you so you deal with these issues quickly. You should pay particular attention to the sections on mobile phones and insurance claims. Where possible you should report any theft or loss to the police and obtain a reference no.

If You Are A Victim Of A Crime  You should report the crime to the local police and  make sure you obtain a crime number. This is particularly important if you have has your passport stolen credit stolen debit cards or valuables see relevant paragraph below.

Emergency Medical Treatment   Please read the Advice Before You Travel feature  If you have registered for the European Health Insurance Scheme and are in a EU country any other country who is a member of the scheme the emergency treatment you are given should be provided free of charge. In some countries you will be treated under this arrangement unless you have the registtation card with you at the hospital.  In other countries you may be given treatment if have the registration details and your passport. .

If you are not a member of the scheme you will have to pay on the spot for any medical treatment even if if you have relevant insurance.

If You are in Serious Difficulties  If you are in serious difficulty you should contact your country embassy or consulate office for advice in the city or country you are in. Our consulate page contains a list of all consular or embassy representation in London for most  European countries. If you are unable to find where the embassy or consulate is for the country you are in, ask the local police or contact your country’s  representation in  London via the links or emails given in our consular index. more

If You Have No Money  Most embassies and consulates have processes which enable them to assist their nationals who have no money or cannot access their money because the cash cards  have been lost or stolen. The criteria for theses processes varies from country to country but generally you would  have to arrange for the funds you require to be transferred to an account determined by the consulate or embassy.

These funds may be deposited by your bankers or a third party. The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office In London can transfer deposited funds to it’s embassies and consulates any where in within a few hours hours. They have procedures for doing this outside normal working hours and at weekends. .

Lost Or Stolen Credit & Debit Cards  Please read the ‘Advice Before You Travelfeature Using the international telephone number referred to on Advice Before  You Travel page If your debit card or credit card is lost or stolen you should ring your bankers immediately and ask them to stop All TRANSACTIONS immediately. You should also advise them if you likely to need some funds from the account to a third party and establish what the procedure for this is. If you have a reference number from the local police for the missing cards give it to them.

Lost Or Stolen Mobile Phones Please read the Advice Before You Gofeature  Using the international telephone number referred to on Advice Before You Travel page if your mobile phone is lost or stolen you Must ring your service provider immediately, give them your account number and ask them to disable the phone. Give them the  police reference number if you have it..

Do not wait until you have the crime number or return home as the you will it. be  liable for all calls made from the phone until the time your ring them. Mobile phone companies will not retrospectively cancel you liability to the time the phone went missing even with the police reference number.

Insurance Claims For Lost Or Stolen Valuables Including Mobile Phones  Please read the Advice Before You Travel  feature  If you have had your valuables or your mobile lost or stolen and want to make an insurance claim for them you should ensure that the items you are claiming for are reported to the police with their respective serial numbers You should also obtain a police reference number for the report you haver made along with the full address of the police station issuing it.

If You Have Been Arrested  If you are arrested.whilst you are abroad your embassy will if necessary visit you where you are being held.  They may be able to give you outline advice about your legal rights in the country and possibly advise you on where to obtain professional legal advice.

However the costs of any legal advice will be your responsibility and you may have to make the legal fees in advance. Similiarly  if you are applying for bail you may well have to provide a cash surety for the bail. Embassies and consulates will not stand as guarantors or for legal or bail costs/ They will though assist you in arranging for funds to be transferred from your own resources or a third party to meet these costs.



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