UK Airline Aircraft Cabin Hand Luggage & Liquids Regulations Restrictions – Limits Sizes Dimensions

Aircraft Cabin Hand Luggage Maximum Size & Weight With Advice On Permitted Content – Items & Liquids

1: Please note that additional regulations apply to flights to and from any American airport. Please see our America Flights section for details.

2: Some airlines apply lower limits to the dimensions shown below and if your case exceeds any of their stated dimensions you will have to check it in to hold luggage and you have to pay a hefty surcharge for the privelege.

3: Many airlines especially low cost carriers also apply a limit to the weight of hold luggage which is rarely allowed to exceed 20 kg. Generally – but not universally – cabin luggage will be carried free if it does not is exceed the airline’s specified weight threshold. If it does exceed the cabin luggage permitted weight it may have to be checked into hold luggage and once again you will have to pay a hefty surcharge for the privelege. Note: No airline is allowed to carry cases weighing over 32 kg even in the plane’s hold

4: You are strongly advised to check your airlines terms & conditions and charges for all cabin or hold luggage before you pack your case. You should also be aware that these allowance and charges are liable to be changed or varied especially during traditional holiday periods.

5: The dimensions given below are the maxmum size permitted in law.

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Though most smaller cases manufactured since 2007 comply with these restrictions sizes you should check the size and extremities of your case before and after packing it.

Important Note For Ryanair Pasengers

Ryanair cabin luggage dimensions and limits are less than than those given above. Each passenger is allowed one piece of cabin leggage that does not exceed 55cm in height 40cm in width and 20cm in depth. The weight of the holdall case must be below 10kg @.21 07 2011

Cabin Luggage

What you can take into the cabin with you when you board any plane in the UK depends on Which airport you flying from. At most airports but not all you are allowed to carry two pieces of cabin luggage. The airports where you may carry two pieces of hand luggage are IDENTIFIED In the UK Airports Guide: However even at airports where two pieces of hand luggage are permitted the final decision on whether one or two bags are accepted rests with the airline. Passengers should check the airline’s policy before leaving for the airport. Maximum Size Of Hand Luggage Its is limited to the measurements below – (including wheels, handles, pockets etc)

56 centimetres height (approximately 22.0 inches)
· 45 centimetres width (approximately 17.7 inches)
· 25 centimetres deep (approximately 9,8 inches)

Laptops / electrical items

Laptops and other large electrical items (e.g. a large hairdryer) have to be removed from cabin baggage and screened separately. A laptop bag that is not contained within the one piece of cabin baggage is regarded as the one allowable item of cabin baggage. Smaller electrical items e mobile phones, digital cameras gameboys MP3 players & i-Pods should remain in the case or the plastic bag for screening purposes.

Liquids Creams Aerosols etc

Liiquids are defined as Cosmetics, gels, pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and the contents of pressurised containers, e.g. toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, syrups, perfume , deodorant, shaving foam, aerosols etc. Where possible, put all liquid items in your hold baggage. This includes water and other drinks, creams, sprays, pastes and gels etc

Each passenger may carry drinks, cosmetics and toiletries in one transparent, re-sealable bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm (eg a freezer bag) – liquids, gels and aerosols are only allowed in individual containers of up to 100ml. All items must fit comfortably in the transparent bag so it can be completely closed.

Passengers are responsible for providing their own plastic bag. Plastic bags and their contents that do not meet the criteria above will not be permitted through the security. The bag must be presented separately for examination at the airport security point.

Solid Cosmetics

These have to be verifiable if you want to take them into cabin luggage.

Medical Exceptions

Essential medicines for the period of the trip may be permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit, but will be subject to authentication. Passengers must have obtained the prior agreement of the airline with which they are travelling and their departure airport. Passengers must also bring with them supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional. These items may be inspected by the airport pharmacist

Passengers are permitted to carry through airport security medical equipment essential for use during the period of their trip.  Where possible the equipment should be contained within the ONE item of cabin baggage. It should be accompanied by supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional.

Wheelchairs are allowed (subject to the airlines own rules) and will be screened

Baby Food & Puschairs

Liquid baby food or sterilised water, sufficient for the journey, can be taken through airport security. The accompanying adult will be required to verify by their tasting it tasting.

Foldable puschchairs are allowed (subject to the airlines own rules) and will be screened

Personal Items

Other small personal items you may be carrying, including all items in your pockets must be placed in the clear plastic bag referred to in the liquid aerosols paragraph above. These may include car keys & fobs, cash, cash cards, passports travel documents wallets, purses,solid food, books, newspapers, cigarettes & tobacco & pens.

Overall Guidance

All the above items except those permitted in the plastic bag must after screening fit in the hand luggage case – this includes larger electrical items.

If you are unsure about an item put it in the hold luggage before you check-in.

Please note: As These regulations may be varied without prior warning and the Department Of Transport may ban hand luggage at any time carry the mimimum. It will ease the queues and reduce delays to flights & the need to cancel them if you go to the airport with all items that should be in cargo luggage already packed. You will not be able to transfer items to hold luggage once you have reached security.
Further Information

For further information including an ‘illustration’ check the United Kingdom Department For Transport website.

Additional Detailed Air Security Information

For information on luggage bound for the United States please see the airport security page

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