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Security On Arrival At The Airport : Following the car bomb attack on the terminal at Glasgow Airport in 2007 security measures at UK and European have been tightened further. Most airports do not permit motorists to drop passengers off immediately outside the terminal. At some airports there are drop off points close to the terminal which require visitors to take a short walk to the terminal. At other airports there are drop off points which are quite a way from the terminal and some but not all if these of these offer free transport to the terminal.These regulations are tedious but are in the interests of the safety of everyone at the airport and are therefore rigourously enforced. Anyone who tries to flout these regulations will be monitored by airport security services who will respond as theyu see fit.. These responses may include arrest and prosecution. Editorial Note: Following the Stockwell Shooting in London anyone who ignores these regulations, aoar fro being selfish, does so at their peril.

Personal Body Searches:

Personal Body Searches:In addition to x-ray scans passengers will be bodily searched and asked to remove their shoes. No items can be carried in pockets. Some airports may swab peoples hands for explosive debris.

Idenity Regulations For Spanish Flights:

The Spanish Government has introduced new regulations that apply to all passengers travelling to Spain, the Canaries and Balearic Islands. The measures known as API Data – ‘advance passenger information’ require passengers to give the airline they are flying with the following details: Their Full Name as on the passport, Date of Birth, Nationality and the Passport or Travel Document no. Country Issuing the passport. Any person who does not comply with this requirement will not be allowed to check-in.

Note: The information may be given to Border Control authorities, who have a legal right to request and receive it. It may be shared it with other statutory agencies for the purposes of preventing and combating terrorism and other serious crime.

UK Hand Luggage Limits Full Details & Illustrations

United States Hand Luggage and Security Restrictions:

(Passengers for the USA must also check the hand luggage rules with their airline before departing for the airport)

In addition, the enhanced security measures for passengers travelling to the USA also remain in place. This will see passengers subjected to secondary security searches at the gate. No toileties or cosmetics purchased in the departure lounge will be allowed into the aircraft cabin and any drinks or liquid items must be consumed before boarding. Food, however, is allowed. Passengers boarding flights to the USA and items they are carrying, including those acquired after the central screening point, will be subjected to secondary search at the DEPARTURE gate and any liquids discovered will be removed.

More deailed US Security Information is given via our American Security Index

BA – Safety Concerns

Before you travel you you ought to know the following: On Feb 7th: 06 BA Flight 184 en route from Newark USA to London was forced to make an emergency landing at Boston after fumes of an acid nature were reported on the flight deck, according to a BA spokesperson. A spokesperson for the American Federal Aviation Authority said that during the incident on the Boeing 777 smoke was visible on the flight deck. The plane was 75 miles East of Boston at the time.

On 11th Jan. Following a power failure and a suspected engine fire whilst taxiing to the take off runway at Edinburgh Airport, passengers on Flight BA 8703 were evacuted via an emergency chute.

Earlier in the month an investigative report in The Sunday Times (Jan 01) has revealed that at least four British Airways planes have experienced serious technical problems whilst in flight.These include: A door falling from a Boeing 777 at 6,000ft which damaged the fuselage before crashing to land near a couple out for walk. The door had not been checked to ensure it shut firmly after an inspection by maintenance enginneers.

Fuel leaked out of a holed fuel tank on another flight leaving behind a 4km vapour trail. The hole should have been plugged by a screw and cap which were left inside the fuel tank…Another plane, a Boeing 757, that failed to respond correctly to flight controls was later found to be minus two wing panels. They were later dicovered in a storage rack in a maintenance hangerOn another flight the Pilots of a 757 had to use oxygen masks and make an emergency landing when the flight cabin filled with oil fumes. Aircraft enginneers had overfilled the jet with oil..

Currently accident investigators are also investigating a flight to Budapest in October when the air crew heard a strange banging sound which was immediately followed by a blackout on the flight deck. During this incident the flight and navigation displays failed along with the auto pilot. Maintenance enginneers could not establish the reason for the fault and amazingly the plane was not taken out of service for some time. Other similiar instances are detailed in The Sunday Times report which publishes the findings of the AAIB (Air Accident Investigation Board).

Amongst their findings the AAIB have concluded that these problems were the result of systemic issues which increased the probabilty of error, rather than wilful negilence or intentional poor workmanship. A response from British Airways is also included in the report. The size of the British Airways fleet has remained static over the last decade, but the number of enginners and maintenance staff working on them has been reduced by about a third.

Accreditation: Insight:. Sunday Times, Reporters – Gareth Walsh, Jon Ungoed-Thomas & Jonathan Calvert. (Jan 01 06)



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