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European & UK  Air Travel Index / Directory.

This index provides information on all euromost group air travel features.

European Airport Guides:  We have approximately 40 detailed airport guides for European  cities which form part of the city euromost group city guide for that city. These guides provide information on each airports location, facilities  links to the airport’s flight information boards, and information on travelling from the airport to the city centre. In addition to these guides there ‘quick view’ links to around 100 other European airports which include flight information pages plus sources of local tourist information. more

UK Airport Information These pages include very detailed information on the five London Airports London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted and ‘ quick view’  information for other United Kingdom airports  more

Air travel News  A page of airline and airport news which is   popular with travellers and people in these industries. It contains factual news   reports in these fields in Europe and beyond. It also highlights the more   bizarre and humorous side of air travel more

European Air Travel Features

Airport Security European  EU /UK Flights Information that passengers should be aware of before they leave for the airport includes body scans and Spanish ID regulations more

Airport Security Flights To The United States xxx

Blacklisted Airlines A list of airlines banned from EU air space for safety reasons more 

Cabin Luggage Information EU UK This feature details statutory regulations and restrictions on the maximum  size of cabin luggage / hand held luggage that you can take aboard any plane taking off within Europe though some airlines may apply restriction below these limits/ It also detail what you can and cannot carry in hand luggage more

Cabin Luggage Information  US Similar info for those flying to the United States  more

Flying Phobia Where in the UK you can obtain practical help overcoming it more

New Airline Routes Details of new services in or from Europe more

Travel Updates  Information on significant delays and cancellations at United Kingdom and mainland European airports more

United States Visa Information Info on the US Visa Waiver / ESTA Scheme  more

Other Features Of Possible Interest To Air Passengers

Travel Alerts Europe. This page posts ;;significant” travel warnings indiviidual European countries including warning of residual landmines from previous conflicts and threats of terrorist attacks from minority nationalist groups and international terrorists more .

112 999 Index  This 8 page features offers a advice for travellers before they leave home in case they get into difficulties when they are abroad, warnings about possible dangers and what to if things go wrong. Includes advice for women travelling alone. more

Consular Information Contact details of London European embassies consulates moire

Free  EU Emergency Medical Treatment  Details of a scheme providing free emergency medical treatment to  citizens from all European Union countries  if they are taken ill whilst in another EU country. more .

American Embassies Europe List of all US European embassies in Europe more



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