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 Belgrade International Airport Information

Belgrade Airport Code – BEG

Belgrade Airport website

Airport Information Telephone +381 11 209 4444

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Belgrade Airport Flight Arrivals

Belgrade Airport Flight Departures

Airport Facilities Small clean airport – a little on the formal side. 2 restaurants 3 cafes five banks, post office, ATMs, several shops and an escorted Mother & baby unit.

Airlines Flying To & From Belgrade Serbia

Adria Airways,  Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Air France,  Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Aviogenex, Croatia Airlines,  Flydubai,  Germanwings, Jat Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Montenegro Airlines, NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Olympic Air, SkyWork Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, TAROM Romanian Air Transport, Tunisair, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air,

Transfer Travel From Belgrade Airport To Central Belgrade

The airport is 18 Klm from the cente of downtown Belgrade.

Bus Services To And From The Airport: Bus 72 will take from the airport to Zeleni Venac in the  downtown  central  Belgrade. The buses depart every thirty minutes and the journey takes 40 – 45 minutes. If you buy the ticket before you board the bus from the newsagents in the departures hall the ticket will cost you 80 dinars. If you buy it from the bus driver when you board the bus it will cost you 120 dinars..

A1 Minibus Services To And From The Airport. This minibus service operates between the airport and Slavija Square in the centre of  / downtown Belgrade. It also stops at g at Fontana (Novi Beograd about 5km from the centre of Belgrade) and Belgrade’s main train station which is 1km from Republic Square the center of Belgrade.  The fare is 250 dinar. is paid to the driver when you board the minibus. You should tell the driver you destination when you board. Time tables are available from the minibus website

Taxis At Belgrade Airport  If you are planning to take a taxis from Belgrade airport to the central Belgrade it should cost you around 1300 dinars before 19pm and 1500 dinars afterwards.  The best place to get a deal is outside the departures area from a driver who has just dropped a passenger off and probably glad to get a return journey straight away.

You can also buy a voucher from dispatch officers in yellow vests prior to going through customs control. The vouchers cost RSD 1500 if you are going to city centre, Novi Beograd, and Zemun. The vouchers are only accepted by registered  taxis driver though they may wrongly say they do not cover luggage or only cover one passenger.

You may also order a taxis by phone and arrange with the telephone operator where to meet the driver which is outside the departures and somewhere to the left, This system is not foolproof though as bogus taxis drivers may pretend to be your driver.

Travel Information On Public Transport In Belgrade

Public transport in Belgrade consists of approximately 118 bus routes, 12 tram lines and 8 trolleybus routes. Most of the system is run rather managed by a GSP Beograd. The detail on these services is complicated to assess especially if you visit the English page of their website so we have endeavoured to summarise the main points from our knowledge

International Rail Services In Belgrade There are two main stations in Belgrade – The Central Train station which is 1km from Republic Square the central point in Belgrade. The majority of national and international rail services terminate here. A few.though terminate at  Novi Beograd / New Belgrade station, which is about 5 km west of the city centre.

International Coach Services In Belgrade These arrive and depart from the Central Bus Station which is in Karađorđeva street adjacent to the central train station. Lat time we checked most of the timetables where in Serbian and if you speak English you had to go to the information desks.

Few Serbian coach drivers speak English and the drivers may ask you for a fee for putting your luggage in the luggage compartment of the coach. Some services are operated by companies who’s coaches are past their sell by date and not particularly clean. Because of these issues we recommend wherever possible you book with Lasta a Eurolines partner.

Bus Services In Belgrade  There are about 120 bus routes in Belgrade and at least twice as many routes in suburban areas.  Belgrade bus companies (we estimate their are at least seven) have in recent years made efforts to rid themselves of their reputation for having the largest fleet of old and  uncomfortable buses in Europe many of which were operating prior to the Balkan wars, Though there is still a long way to go in this respect there are an increasing number of buses that are only a few year old.  As a result services are slowly  becoming more reliable.

The majority of services converge on or close to  Zeleni Venacwhich  is the city;s major bus hub. Other services travel to and from Novi Beograd and Zemun.

Most bus services are scheduled to operate between 04.30 and midnight. However the service levels can be erratic especially during the winter.Information on individual bus routes is given on the GSP Beograd Public Transport website

Night Buses in Belgrade  These services are at present very limited and generally they depart once an hour. These buses and some trams leave from the main bus station (next to central the railway station) between midnight and 04.00.Details of these service are given on this website. We understand  that there are plans to introduce more night bus routes and possible increase the frequency on some routes at least to two bus per hour.

Tram Routes In Belgrade  There are 12 tram routes in Belgrade and though many of them have seen better day there are some nerw modern trams operating on the routes. Two of the routes may be of particular interest to tourists:  Line 2 runs around the central area of Belgrade in a complete circ;e. Line 3 which travels into the Miloš’s Konak Park and to more affluent suburbs.  Details of these service are given on this website.

Trolleybuses In Belgrade  There are eight trolleybus routes in Belgrade and they operate in Old Belgrade and connect it to south eastern and eastern suburbs Details of these service are given on this website.

Fares on Public Transport in Belgrade Tickets for all public transport except E prefixed minibus can be purchased from kiosks / newsstands for 28 dinars. Tickets purchased from drivers cost 49 dinars. Tickets for night routes cost 65 dinars and can only be purchased from the driver. All tickets are valid for one ride only and must be stamped when you board the vehicle for it to be valid.

Fare Evasion In Belgrade Inspectors often known locally as controllers operate on all forms of public transport and may ask you to show your validated ticket. If you don;t have one the fine is 1500 dinars.

Inspectors often known locally as controllers operate on all forms of public transport and may ask you to show your validated ticket. If you don;t have one you will be fined.

Minibuses In Belgrade There are nine public minibus routes in Belgrade numbered E1 –E9. Information on these services is poor as they are rarely even displayed on bus stops. There is a rather unhelpful mao here asnd limited information on these service can be found here  These services cost around 100 dinars  Note. Minibuses also operate on some bus lines but unless they are prefixed with letter ‘E’ the fares are the same as on standard bus routes

Local Rail Services in Belgrade  There are six suburban rail services in Belgrade. The general opinion of residents in Belgrade is that these services are poor, very unreliable and that timetables here don;t mean a lot. One other service run by by the city of Belgrade and known as the BG train is however thought to be fairly dependable. Timetables for all these services can be found here.

Taxis in Belgrade  In general it is far better to order a taxis by phone. Registered taxis / cabs have on their roofs a  blue sign with a number and coat of arms on it. These legal taxis all have registration plates with the letters ”TX’ on the right of their registration plate. When you get in the taxis make sure the driver starts the meter. Registered taxis in Belgrade are not as expensive as in most cities in Europe.

Do not be fooled by would be taxis which display a white sign on their roofs and have no coat of arms or company name on them. If in doubt check their registration plate.



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