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This page gives advice and information on Kiev Airport its faculties and travelling to / from Kiev airport and information on public transport services in  Kiev bus / metro etc.

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Kiev Airport Guide

Kiev International Airport Information

Kiev Airport Code KBP

Kiev Airport website

Airport Info Telephone +380 44 490 47 77 (voice active)

Latest Live Flight Information From Kiev Airport

 Kiev Airport Facilities

The airport is very clean and the facilities are good The baggage handling services are far better than many airport  but going through the passports and customs process can at times be very drawn out and the staff in these areas can be abrupt and intimidating.  You will be asked to fill in a form explaining why you are visiting the Ukraine and should have a pen available for this formality as they never seem to have any.

There four terminals here with a fifth terminal under construction and due to open in 2015 The airport information boards display information in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Terminal A is for domestic flights  ,Terminal  B for most international and some charters – this terminal has shops restaurants, a business centre and luggage facilities. The Duty Free however is among the most expensive in Europe/  , Terminal C IS FOR VIPs only and Terminal F for charters and low-cost flights. All terminals have ATMS

ATM Withdrawls & Airport Exchange Rates The ATM machines at Kiev Airport and some in other parts of the city limit cash withdrawals to between 1500 or 2000 Grivna. To avoid the extremely high Bureau de Change exchange rates in this airport you are advised to buy some local currency before travelling to the Ukraine.

Food and drink prices are quite hight here but there is a small gastronom mini market a short walk from the internatinal terminal that sells refreshments at the usual Kiev prices.  To From he international terminal walk outside and walk down the l ramp to the parking area .

Airlines Flying To & From Kiev Ukraine

Adria Airways, Aero Lloyd, Aero Charter Services, Aeroflot, Aerosvit, Air Canada, Air Europe, Air France, Air Kazakhstan, Air Malta, Air Malta, Air Moldova, Air Ukraine International, Airzena Georgian Airlines, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Aviogenex, Balkan Bulgarian, Belavia, British Airways, Cimber, Crimea Air, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, Egypt Airlines, El Al, Estonian Air, Iberia, Icelandair, JAT Airways, Siberia Airlines, Tarom Romanian, Titan Airways, Ukraine International Airlines, United Airlines United Airlines, Ural Airlines, Volare, Uzbekistan Airways


Airport Transfer Travel From Kiev Airport To Central Kiev

Kiev airport is 30 Km from the centre of downtown kiev

Rail Services To And From Kiev Airport  There is no direct rail service from the Airport to Kiev/ The nearest rail connection is from Kharkivska metro station which is connected to the airport by the Skybus service see below:

Bus Services To And From Kiev Airpport A reliable  24/7 Sky Bus city connects Kiev Airport ( Terminal B or Terminal F) with central the central railway station in Kiev.via the Kharkivska metro station  The cost is 30 grivna / Hryvnia or €3. Tickets can be purchased from the driver or at the ticket offices of Kiy Avia in the terminals  This journey usually takes around half an hour..

Taxis At Kiev Airport  Before getting in a Taxis you must get a quote for the journey. A trip to the city centre from the airport is worth in 2012 prices 200 grivna / Hryvnia or €20. Drivers will often ask for a lot more than this but stand your ground or start to walk to the bus stop.

Legal Taxis Before you get into a taxi check it has a lit up “Taxi” sign on the roof and a  green-red signal light on the windscreen. It will also have either a  black and white or black and yellow strop along the side of the car.

Inside the vehicle there should be a meter and the company name and the drivers licence details should be displayed. At the end of your journey the driver is obliged to give you a receipt. Do not pay be credit card unless you are sure that the driver is fully licensed

Car Hire At Kiev Airport  If you are thinking of hiring a car at the Airport and staying in central Kiev you should be aware that parking space in central Kiev is very very limited.


Information On Public Transport Services In Kiev

Public transport in Kiev consists of buses, trolley buses, trams and the metro. The latter is the most efficient form of city transport and the three existing lines are gradually being extended deeper into the suburbs. Public transport in Ukraine generally operates from 06 00 until around midnight The bus services haves a reputation for bad time keeping, but are slowly growing in size as they replaces the tram routes which are being phased out A single ticket on any mode of transport costs a flat 1.50 Hr 

Buses In Services In Kiev: .Tickets can be purchased from the machines at the bus stops, or the driver. All tickets must be validated by being punched / stamped in one of the machines provided. Regular checks are made on all services for fare evaders who are fined heavily 40hr or arrested for their sins.

Monthly Passes. Long stay visitors can purchase a monthly pass which is valid for all types of service. 30 day pass for trolleys, trams and buses cost 160Hr. 30 day combo-pass  all public transport cost 280Hr from kiosks

Metro Services in Kiev: Admission to the is by a blue token which can be purchased from the kiosks within the station. A single journey costs 2Hr. At the gate insert your token and wait until the red light has turned green.Pass rates are  15 days – 48Hr, 30 days – 95Hr see also Monthly passes above. These services are rammed and very uncomfortable during the rush hours

Funicular Railway in Kiev This service goes up the steep bank on the right hand side of the Dnieperi River. It is a good experience but can be very crowded as it carries over 10,000 people a day.

Suburban Rail Services: These electric train are notoriously unreliable and not very safe. See the crime and safety section on the Kiev home page.

Minibuses In Kiev KievThere is also a network of Minibuses (Marshrutkas). These have set routes and are regulated. Fares are NOT fixed but generally cost between 2 and 3.grivna / Hryvnia These minibuses work on a hail and ride basis.

Long Distance & International Bus Services These operate from the Central Bus Station. International destinations are displayed listed the cafe area. These services are operated by Autolux  website and Gunsel. The latter has a rather difficult website to navigate website  Information is usually from available from windows 8 and 10 in the booking area – but it is not always staffed by English speaking people/.

National & International Rail services to and from Kiev The Ukraine website

Taxis In Kiev There are several taxis companies in Kiev. There is no set fare per KM. If you take a taxi agree a price for journey. Wherever possible order a taxi by phone. Be aware that if you wave at a taxi in the street , other motorists might stop as because this business is not regulated properly there are a large number of phone taxis. See also  Legal Taxis  in The Airport section Above

Warning For Pedestrians: Kiev has a serious lack of car parking space and cars are allowed to park on the pavements!.



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