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Minsk Airport Flight Arrivals

Minsk Airport  Flight Departures:

Air Travel Warning Some local airlines have poor maintenance procedures.  For your personal safety, you should fly direct to your destination on an international flight originating outside the former Soviet Union and Central Asia.see blacklist

Airport Facilities.The Belarus Authorities have invested heavily in the last decade developing this airport which has a quite impressive mother and child area. It also has a visa section for visitors who arrive without the required documentation. (Advice on the latter is available from our Consular page.

Airlines that fly to and from Minsk Belarus

Austrian El Al Lufthansa LOT Airbaltic

Airport Transfer Travel From Minsk Airport To Central Minsk

Minsk Airport is 42 km from the centre of downtown Minsk

Bus Services To And From Minsk Airport The airport is served by buses that run about every 45-60 Minutes. The buses stop outside gates 5 and 6 and a ticket will cost you about 1 Euro. There are four regular buses from the airport to the city centre which are 300, 300c, 300cy and 173.

Coach Services To And From Minsk Airport  This takes just under an hour by road. There is a regular coach service from the airport direct to Minsk Central Bus Station. This service is not as frequent in the winter months

Taxi’s At Minsk Airport The journey from the airport to Minsk city centre takes just under an hour by car. A taxi ride should cost you about 30-50 Euro’s. you are best off ringing a cab rather than using one which is hovering around the Airport. 135,  157, 158 and 181 are all reliable Cab firms.


Information On Public Transport In Minsk

Important Note English is not widely spoken in this city and you may have difficulty explaining what you want to staff at rail and bus stations/ Consequently you may need to carefully plan your trips in advance and allow more time to make enquiries and purchase tickets etc.  Do not leave this arrangements to the last moment especially at the Bus Stations where long queues often occur.

Buses Services In Minsk Minsk has an extensive public transport system which includes over  100 Bus routes. Bus services start about 5.30 am and end around 1 am weekdays and 11 pm on weekends. The local services operate from the Central Bus station Bobruyskaya 6, or phone +375 17 227 37 25. Reportedly open from 5am – 1am weekdays & 5am -23.00 Saturdays and Sundays.

Tram Services In Minsk  The Tram service in Minsk was established in 1929 when two lines were created in Minsk. Minsk now has as many as 11 Tramway Lines and a typical fare should cost you just 1300 BYR.Service times are similar to buses

Trolleybus Services In Minsk These have been running in Minsk since 1952. The Minsk system has more than a 1,000 vehicles operating 68 routes. A ticket for the Trolley Bus will cost you in the region of 600 BYR  Service times are similar to buses

Bus And Tram Fares And Tickets In Minsk The price of a single ticket has significantly increased to 1300 BYR which you can purchase at a station or a kiosk. Tickets bought on the bus are slightly higher.  Your tram/trolleybus/bus ticket must be punched on one of the machines inside the vehicle.

Metro Services In Minsk Minsk’s metro  system is very safe and efficient. The subway consists of two lines which cross at the centre of the city. There is the red line and the which goes from Northeast to Southwest and the Blue line which runs from the west to the southeast. The trains run every 3 minutes on the dot and a single fare will cost 1500 Rubles.

Minsk Central Rail Station also known as Minsk Ploshchad Lenina to distinguish it from the Metro Station Minsk is the hub of Minsk and Belarusian rail services. Most international are to Lithuania Russia and the Ukraine though it is possible to get indirect trains to Berlin  It is situated next to the Central Bus Station.

International Coach and Bus services to and from Europe Generally, but not entirely the coaches operate from the Eastern Bus station. Vaneyeva 34. Tel no: 375-17-248-58-21 The tickets are sold from window 11 on the first floor. It has the sign Mizhnarodnaya  Kasa above it. The Eastern Bus Station and is normally open from 5.30am – 10.30 pm.

Eurolines International Services & Routes These finish and depart from the Central Bus Station.  Bobruyskaya 6, or phone +375 17 227 37 25. Tickets can be purchased on the third floor which is open from 9am – 9pm .English is not widely spoken International departures leave from Gates 15 – 19

Taxis In Minsk If you are smart about it then using Taxi’s can be a fairly inexpensive method of transportation around Minsk. As with all cities, there is a minority  of devious drivers working independently or for an illegitimate company. Look out for Minsk’s official yellow taxi’s or numbers 135, 157, 158 and 181 which are incidentally the phone numbers of the companies as well.



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