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 Moscow Airport Information

Moscow International Airport I(Domodedovo)

Airport Information

Moscow Airport Code: DME

Moscow Airport Tel +7 095 933 6666

Flight Information From Domodedovo Moscow Airport

Moscow Airport Flight Arrivals

Moscow Airport Flight Departures

Airport Facilities An airport with an ‘air of class’ about it. An Asian restaurant with tasteful Japanese food, average European fast food restaurants and & on the second floor a trade centre offering a wide range of Russian goods and souvenirs.Free phone & Internet access in the VIP& Business Centre.

Airlines Flying To And From Moscow Russia

Adria Airways, Air Baltic, Air Kazakhstan, Air Malta, British Airways, Air Malta, Emirates Airlines, DBA, Germanywings, Karthago Airlines, Pulkovo Airlines, Rusline, Siberia Swiss, Transaero . Note Germanwings from Europe & Swissair from the UK occasionally offer low cost fares to Moscow,

Airport Transfer Travel From Moscow Airport To Central Moscow

Domodedovo Airport is 49 km from the centre of downtown Moscow.

Bus Services To And From Moscow Airport To  Domodedovskaya Metro StationTravel Note The journey between this station and central Moscow takes 35- 40 minutes The express bus runs at 15 minute intervals between  6 am  and Midnight. The journey takes between 25 – 30 minutes. Tickets cost 00 Rubles for adults and the service is free for children aged under 7 In Moscow these services arrive and depart from

The Aero Express Train To And From Moscow Airport  Services run from approximately 6 AM to 00.30. The journey takes about 45 minutes. Tickets cost around 120 Rubles. You will be dropped off at Paveletsky Station in central Moscow.

Commuter Rail Services To And From Moscow Airport These services operate from approximately around 6am until 11pm. Trains go to and leave from Airport every 60 – 70 minutes/ The journey takes  about 1 hour 15 minutes.  Tickets cost about 100 Rubles for a single journey. In Moscow trains arrive and depart from  Paveletsky station in the centre.

Taxis Services To And From Moscow Airport  Taxi services can be paid for with credit and debit cards and you should order one from the Domestic Arrival Hall and the International Arrival Hall. A Taxi to the city centre should cost about 1300 Rubles if you pre-book and cost as much as 2500 Rubles if you don’t. There are unauthorized drivers operating outside the airport so be wary and be sure to agree a price with your driver before you set off on your journey.

information On Public Transport In Moscow

Moscow has an extensive pubic transport which like most  former communist countries in Easter Europe is efficient and dependable even though much of it has now been privatised. Buses, trolley buses and Trams work under the same ticketing system and tickets should be bought from Kiosks. There is also a city pass which covers any type of public transport but beware this is limited to 70 rides. They are not as cheap as the metro season tickets but offer more choice. For further information on Trams, buses and Trolley Buses see the Moscow Transport website

Bus Services In Moscow These services run every day from 5.30 am till about 1 am. A single ticket purchased from a kiosk news stand 24 Rubles. Tickets bought  from the driver will cost you 28 rubles from the driver  Bus stops are Yellow plates with the letter ‘A’. 1000 routes operate from 18 depots.

Trolleybus Services In Moscow Trolley bus services run daily from 5.30am to 1am.but not so reliable in the evening and late at night.  Trolley stops are white with the letter ‘T’

Tram Services In Moscow Moscow has three tram networks which operate from 5.30 Am until 1 am. Single ticket cost 24 Rubles from a kiosk news stand or 28 Rubles if purchased from the driver . Tickets bought  from the driver will cost you 28 rubles. Trams stops are white with letters ‘Tp’.

Less than 10% of people living in Moscow’s use the tram routes which have gradually reduced  since the introduction of Trolleybus and the meto in the 1930s.

Marshrutka Minibus Services In Moscow  The Marshrutka is a Minibus service which is a cross between a conventional bus and a private car. A single ride wills set you back about 25 Rubles. Each route has a number and as there are no stops so when you see it you have to wave it down like a taxi. . If you want to get off you have to say very loudly ‘ostanavites pazhaluista’ (stop here) otherwise you will end up wherever the driver is going

Notes These services are generally faster than buses but many of the drivers are immigrants who do not speak little or no Russian themselves so you will need to know where you should get off. Some of these journeys can also be frightening as some of the drivers are not over carefu.l

Metro Services In Moscow The Moscow Metro is a very comprehensive system with 12 separate lines. Some of the station in this network particularly those in the centre of the city ( especially Kievskay,Komsomoskaya and Ploschadare ) are  halls of great architecture. These services run from 5.30 am till 1.30 am every day with trains generally running at 3 -4  minute intervals but 1-2 minute intervals in the rush hours. . A single trip will cost you a flat fare of 28 Rubles. When a train arrives at a station the name of the station and the next station is broadcast.  Note  Because some lines are very deep underground transfers from one line to another and from street level to the platform can take five minutes or more

Though the metro station and trains are rarely busy after 10pm All stations have a first aid post and a police post and it is a safe and efficient means of transportation/ Stations also phones for local and international calls. Single tickets, cards and season tickets are available for sole use on the metro. For more information on these services see the metro website

Rail Services In Moscows  There extensive train services to and from Moscow serving other Russian cities the Baltic States Europe and China  These services can be expensive but they are generally are reliable though services to and through the Ukraine can often be subject to serious delays. In total there are 9 Railway stations in Moscow. –  Belorussky Rail terminal, Leningradksy Rail terminal, Rostokino Station, Yaroslavsky Rail termianl, Moskva-3, Kurksy Rail terminal, Paveletsky rail terminal, Rizhsky Rail terminal, Kazansky Rail Terminal, Savyolovsky Rail terminal and Kiyevsky Rail terminal/ All these stations have metro stations within a few minutes walk.

Coach Services To And From Moscow  National and International coach and bus services including Eurolines Services operate from the Moscow Central Bus Terminal The terminal is on the east side of Moscow near the dark blue line Metro station ‘ Schyolkovskaya’  Note This station is at the end of the line and if your travelling to or from central Moscow you should allow 3o minutes travelling time.

Once you are outside the station ahead of you is a large building with a sign on is roof saying “Avtostantsiya”  This is the bus station which has some English speaking staff. It is open from 6.30 am, till 11pm Telephone (+7 495) 468-0400, 468-4370  Though it does not always translate into English further information is available on their website

Taxis Services In Moscow Hiring a taxi in Moscow especially in the street is not straight forward as there are various types of taxis working Moscow streets. First there are unlicensed drivers (known by locals as gypsy drivers) who if your going in a similar direction to them will happily give you a lift for between 175 and 200 Rubles. Note You are strongly advised not get into any car which has two people in it or a  unmarked / illegal taxi waiting for custom outside a bars casinos restaurants or clubs.

Legal taxis generally have a green light on their windscreen and a chequered logo on the side of the car. Though they have meters drivers rarely switch them on so you will need to agree the price for your journey before you set off. Make sure you have the right amount of money to pay for the cab as even legitimate taxis drivers in Moscow believe they will be taken ill if they give you change. Generally a ride in a real taxi central Moscow will cost you between 200 and 250 rubles at the most though this can double on New Years Eve. There is also a fleet of Yellow Taxis (Novoye Zholtoye Taxi).which charge a flat fare of 250 rubles.

If you are eating out or in your hotel ask the staff to order you a taxis but be prepared to wait for at least half an hour. There are some English speaking taxi services including a firm called LenTaxi.Telephone +7 926 808 5577 or lentaxi-moscow (skype) website:  Another alternative is the Central Taxi Reservation Office (Tsentralnoe Byuro Zakazov Taxi; 495-627 0000;



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