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Riga Airport International Airport & Airline Guide

Riga International Airport Information

Riga Airport Code – RIX

Riga Airport website

Airport information

Telephone + 371 7207 009

Latest Flight Information From Riga Airport

Riga Airport Flight Arrivals

Riga Airport Flight Departures

Airport Facilities Spacious airport, exceptionally clean wide range of well managed facilties including 4 banks, post office, business zone, shops, 3 cafes, restaurant and a video game and pool area which is open 24 hours.

Airlines Flying To And From Riga Latvia

Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Concors. Czech Airlines, Estonian Air, Finnair, LOT Polish Airlines, Latcharter, Latpass, Lufthansa, RAF Avia, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, TRGG Flyg Airbaltic Easyjet Ryanair Norwegian AirShuttle/


Transfer Travel From Riga Airport To Central Riga

Riga Airport is about 14 km from central downtown Riga.

Buses To And From Riga Airport Bus 22 provides a direct link from the airport to the city centre. Bus route 22a provides a similar service to specified hotels in central Riga.These bus services leaves from the rear of the car park. The service intervals are between 10 and 30 minutes. Buses run from approximately 5.30 am till 10.30 pm. The estimated journey time is 30 minutes.

Bus Fares For The Airport Bus For route 22 tickets are 0.70 LVL Route 22a – 5.00LVL

Taxis To And From Riga Airport A taxi journey should take about 15 minutes and cost in the region of 6.00 LVL. Be sure to agree the price of your journey before you depart..

Information On Public Transport in Riga

There is no Metro service in Riga

Bus Services In Riga There are 38 bus routes in Riga services start around 5.30 am and finish at about midnight.

Tram Services In Riga There are 11 tram routes in operation which start at about 5.30am and finish at midnight. Trams are usually the fastest means of public transport in Riga.

Trolleybuses In Riga Riga has 23 Trolleybus routes which operate between 5.30 and midnight/ .

Bus Tram And Trolleybus Fares And Tickets In Riga The flat fare for any of thes modes of transport (except night buses see below) is 0.70 LVL. Bus tickets can be bought from Kiosks. Monthly passes are also available at around 500 LS. A 24 hour ticket costs 1.90 LVL and a 3 day pass is 5.70 LVL. Bus/Trolleybus/Tram Multi ride tickets are available by all means of public transportation with a 5 ride ticket costing 2.50 LVL, 10 rides at 4.75 LVL and 20 rides at juts 9.00 LVL.

Night Buses In Riga There are 9 Night Bus routes in Riga which all start their journeys at Riga Central Station. A ticket for 1 ride costs 1 LVL and can be bought from the Bus driver Night Buses operate from about 12.30 am till 5 am.The services are usually hourly/

Further Riga Transport Information For further details on all of Riga’s public transport services visit http://www.rigassatiksme.lv/lv/

The Riga Card The Riga card is a pass which can be used on all means of Public Transport. This card will also give you discounted admission to most museums and other venues. A 24 hour card costs 8 LS 48 hour 12 LS, and 72 hour is 16LS. a card for under 16 year-old is 50% off the price of a normal card. For further information on the Riga Card visit http://www.rigacard.lv/

Trains Services To And From Riga The Train is a comfortable way of travelling from Riga to other European cities including Vilnius in Lithuania and Tallinn in Estonia. Services arrive and leave from Riga Central Station. For Further information see the Riga Railways website http://sirius.ldz.lv/sari/?lngg=en

Riga National And International Coach Terminal These operate out of the Bus and Coach Station at 1 Pragas iela which is next to Riga Central Railway Station

Taxis In Riga Most Taxi journeys are affordably priced, but you must be wary that some drivers may attempt to take the longest route possible to the destination in order to extort more money from you. Most drivers are very helpful and honest, but some who recognize that you are new to the city will be opportunistic and use that to their advantage. Keep an eye on the Taxi metre as your driver may press a button to increase the fare, if that does happen then make a note of the number plate and make a complaint to the company. MaxiTaxi and LadyTaxi are the names of two reliable cab firms.



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