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Sarajevo Airport Guide Flight Arrivals Flight Departures Inforrmation On Public Transport Services In Sarajevo

Flight Arrivals & Flight Departures From Sarajevo Airport & Public Transport Services

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Sarajevo Airport Information

Sarajevo Airport Code – SJJ

Sarajevo Airport Website

Airport Telephone 387 33 289100

Latest Live Flight Information Sarajevo Airport

Sarajevo Airport Flight Arrivals

Sarajevo Airport Flight Departures

Sarajevo Airport Facilities The Sarajevo Airport terminal was refurbished five years ago. Very clean and spacious – it has two restaurants a cafe, bank and post office. Baggage handling and Passport Control are very efficient. Important Note : You cannot sleep at this airport as it operates only between 06.30 and 22.00 Sun – Sat

Airlines That Fly To And From Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina

Adria Airways, Air Bosnia, Austrian Airlines, Condor, Croatia Airlines, JAT Airways, Lufthansa, Malev, Scandjet THY Turkish

Weather Warning Bosnia’s International airport at Sarajevo is often closed in the winter due to fog. This can happen anytime between October and March though December and January are the most susceptible. As Bosnia is not in the EU airlines are not bound to accommodate you or cover your accommodation costs where flights are delayed or cancelled. You should have sufficient funds for this eventuality.

Airport Transfer Travel From Sarajevo Airport To Central Sarajevo

Sarajevo airport is 14 km from the centre of downtown Sarajevo

Bus Services To And From Sarajevo Airport  The bus 200E runs a service from the airport to the city centre at 05.30, 11.30, 12.30,13.30, 14.30,15.30, 16.30, 21.30 and 22.30. A one way ticket should cost  about 2.50 KM. There may be a small charge for suitcases and large hand luggage.

Rail Services To And From Sarajevo Airport  There is no rall link

Taxis Services To And From Sarajevo Airport Taxi’s are considered to be a rip off by many as the Sarajevo Taxi company have a monopoly at the Airport. The journey is about 20 minutes by road. a fare should cost you between 8 and 15 Euro’s. Scam  Be aware of a commonly practised scam here where taxis passengers from the airport are driven to the wrong hotel/ The hotel of course is far more expensive and the hotel receptionist will assure you that you  have come to the right hotel.

Information On Public Transport In Sarajevo

All tickets must be validated on boarding unless you want to pay an on the spot fine. Updated information on the these services is available on the Tourist Board Website  or by telephone from JKP Gras 29 33 33.

Bus Services In Sarejevo There are 12 bus routes, There are 12 bus routes. One of these starts at 05.30 with rest starting close to 06.00. The last buses on most routes are between 22.10 & 23.25 though on Line 23A it is 16.50. The ticket  costs 1.80 KM and must be purchased from the bus driver

Trolleynuses In Sarejevo  The Trolley bus has just three lines operating throughout the city. Trolley buses begin at 5.30 . The lines are numbered 103, 104 and 107. The last trolleybus on Line 104 is 16.40, Line 107 22.15 and on Line 103 23.30    Trolley bus routes 104 and 107 will take you to nearby Lukavica.  The ticket  costs 1.80 KM and must be purchased from the bus driver.
Tram Services In Sarajevo  Sarajevo City centre is served  7 tram routes .The times of the first and last tram vary on all routes. The earliest first tram is 05.15 and the latest first tram is 06.43. The earliest last tram is 15.30 and the last last tram is 23.30. There are some long service intervals on each route
Your tickets should be purchased in advance from a Kiosk called ”Tisak” A single ticket should cost about 1.60 KM. You can also purchase a ticket from the driver at  1.80 KM.
One Day Travel Card Pass On Sarajevo Public Transport   A ‘one day’ day card which can be used on all Buses, Trolley buses and Trams can be purchased at a Kiosk for 5 KM.
Minibus Services In Sarajevo There are 6 routes which start between 6 and 6.30 am and the last buses are between 10 and 11 pm. A Minibus single  fare costs 1.60 KM.
Rail Services To And From Sarajevo The Sarajevo railway station is not in the centre of Sarajevo but it is very close to the Sarajevo Bus Station where you can board the No 5 tram to the city centre. Alternatively a taxi should cost you 7 KM. Rail services in Sarajevo are limited as the Bosnian rail network was devastated during the Balkan Wars. There are daily / overnight services from Zagreb In Croatia and  Budapest in Hungary.  There is also a service to Ploce in Croatia which is the nearest rail station to Dubrovnik. Some of these services which take many hours often do not have refreshment cars.for part of or the entire journey. More information from Bosnian Railways website
International Bus And  Coach Services In Sarajevo There are 2 coach stations in Sarajevo. The main station is Autobusna Stanica and next to the main railway station. It serves other cities within the Bosnian Federation and Croatia. In Serbian dominated Eastern Sarejevo there is a smaller station called either Lukavica*** or Istochno Sarajevo which serves Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska.
***Getting to Lukavica can be difficult from central Sarajevo. Your options are: to travel to Lukavica on a trolleybus (route 104 or 107) and then ask locals for direction or to hire a taxi from Sarajevo’s Turkish quarter. This will cost between 15 and 20KM..
Taxis Services In Saraejevo   In theory at least Taxis services in Sarajevo are metered and well regulated, metered and usually safe to use.  As there are some unregistered taxi drivers operating you should should hire one from the official taxis stands. You should also be aware that taxis drivers from the Republika Srpska may refuse fares to areas in the federation. Drivers in the Federation may likewise refuse fares to the Republika Srpska.

Taxi Sxams In Sarajevo  However some of the taxi drivers in Sarajevo will try a scam or two. The most common of these is being unable to find most addresses unless you are able to instruct them where to go in Bosnian and whilst you are learning it the meter ticks over.



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