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St. Petersburg International Airport Russia

St. Petersburg Airport Code – LED (Pulkovo1 & II latter International)

St Petersburg Airport website

Telephones – Pulkovo 1 (08) 812 704 3822 and Pulkovo 2 – (08) 812 704 3444

Live Flight Information St Petersburg

St Petersburg Airport Flight Arrivals

St Petersburg Airport Flight Departures

St Petersburg Airport Information

Good facilities – see website for details – noted in some circles for its willingness to help people who are disabled pregnant etc

Airlines Flying To And From St Petersburg Russia

Aeroflot, Air France, Air Baltic Air Malta, Alanja Kubar Airlines, Ankor, Arkhanggelsk Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Bashkir Airlines, Belavia British Airways, Bulgaria Air, Crimea Air, Dagenstan Airlines, El Al, Finnair, Imair, JAT Airways, KMV Kavminvody Avia, Kalningras Av, Karthago Airlines, Korean Air, Kras Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, PAL, Rossia, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Saha Airlines, Samara Airlines, Severstal, Siberia Airlines, Sibir, Snowflake Tartarstan Airlines, Transaero, Tumenaviatrance, Ukraine International Airlines, Ural Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, Volare Air, Volga Dnepr

Travel From St Petersburg Airport to Central St Petersburg

Pulkovo Airport is 17 km from the centre of downtown St Petersburg.

Airport transfers to and from St Petersburg City Centre

Rail Services To And From St Petersburg Airport There are no rdirect rail services

Bus Services To And From St Petersburg Airport  There are two buses from the airport to central St Petersburg, which are the number 13 or 39. These services generally leave every 12 -20 minutes..

The 13 bus finishes its route at Moskovskaya Metro station in the city centre. Moskovskaya Metro Station is on the blue line on city maps and is the first stop after a very large public square with a monument in it’sw centre . The first bus leaves at 5.40 am on week days and 6.00 am on weekends. The last bus leaves at 0.47 am  The journey takes 20-25 minutes and costs 21 RublesNote If you mistakenly board the same bus outside the departures entrance you will be taken on a circular tour of a nearby town, back to the airport and then onto the metro.

The number 39 bus also takes you to Moskovskaya Metro station  Services run from 5.30 am till 1.30 am. The ride  takes 30-35 minutes to get in to the city centre.

Taxis Services To And From St Petersburg Airport Taxi’s from the Airport  are best off being avoided. There is an abundance of drivers at the airport but they are looking to extort you and many do not work for licensed Taxi firms. The illegal taxi drivers here are probably the worst taxi drivers in Europe which is an accolade that takes some claiming.

If you wish to get a Taxi ride to the City centre then you are best off getting a contact in the city to arrange this for you or use reliable companies 068 Petersburg Taxi,  Taxi Arsio or Finnard Taxi, whose numbers are in the Taxi section at the bottom of this page. If you wish to book a taxi in advance then you should ring 7-812-900-00-00.

Public Transport In Saint Petersburg Russia

St Petersburg Transport website

Bus Services In St Petersburg  Bus stops are identifiable by the letter ‘A’ on the stop. These services operate from 5.30 am till midnight.and usually run every 5 – 10 minutes.  A single fare on a bus will cost you 21 rubles. The bus service is frequent with buses coming every 5-10 minutes. If a stop has an ”M” on it that means it’s where trolley buses stop and there is an ”A” on the stop for Buses. Tickets are sold on the vehicle by the conductors.The buses in St Petersburg are run by a host of private companies.

Trolleybus Services In St Petersburg  Trolley bus  stops are identifiable by the letter ‘M’ on the stop. Most of these services operate from 5.30 am till midnight.and they usually run every 5 – 10 minutes  A single fare on a Trolleybus will cost you 21 rubles

Metro Services In Services In St Petersburg The St Petersburg Subway is  one of Europe’s most efficient Underground system’s. There are 5 Subway lines which operate from 6.00 am till Midnight.  At peak times there is often only 30 seconds between trains  The rush hours  are 08.00 -10am & 17.00 – 19.00pm, Off peak you are unlikely to wait more than 3 minutes. Some of the stations are so well decorated they look more like concert halls than railway stations.

If you need to change lines you will have to walk along underground walkways as each line has its own station. The changes take a few minutes. When a train arrives at a station the name of the station is broadcast followed by the name of the next stop.

St Petersburg Metro Fares And Tickets  The metro system has a flat fare of 25 Rubles. To enter the metro you have to purchase a ‘Zheton’  These are purchased from the ‘Kassa’ office at the station. You may buy tickets for multiple rides which are like season tickets and valid for a week or longer. The tickets for these rides are available in multiples of 10.are available in multiples of 10. For more information see this website

Tram Services In St Petersburg There are 38 tram routes in total, 34 of which run on a daily basis.  Most trams run every ten minutes but some services are slower, running at 30 minute intervals. The Tram is a slow and scenic way of seeing the city. Tickets cost 21 Rubles and are sold by the conductor.

Rail Services In St Petersburg Train fares differ depending on the distance that you are travelling. Any journey within the city limits will cost you no more than 30 Rubles. The Trains are not very frequent at all, and you may have to wait between 1 and 2 hours sometimes. The Trains are not very fast.

St Petersburg To Moscow – en route – excellent Independent Site!
City Bus And Coach Station St Petersburg  The city bus station has Euro Lines coaches stop here from all over Eastern Europe. The station is not located in the city centre and takes 20 minutes from the city centre by Metro to Ligovsky Pr Station or alternatively you can grab a Taxi ride to the station for about 140 Rubles. The bus station also sells Railway tickets. If you are arriving by coach at the station you can by metro tickets here

Minibuses Route Taxis  [Marashruka] In St Petersburg The Route Taxi’s are 14-20 seater buses which are usually either white or yellow. They are called K-28, K-3 ETC…… You pay the driver upon boarding the vehicle and your journey will cost somewhere between 20 and 27 Rubles. Most of the drivers are immigrants who speak little or no Russian at all. When you see the number you want you must wave it down like a Taxi. There are no stops so If you want to get off you have to say ‘ostanavites pazhaluista’ otherwise you will end up where ever the bus is going!

Taxis Services In St Petersburg  St Petersburg Taxi’s are painted bright yellow. The more expensive services will have a yellow sign that reads ”Taksi” on the roof of the car. The names of renowned Taxi firms are 068-Petersburg Taxi, Taxi Arsio tel no: 7-812-274-4226 and Finnard Taxi tel no: 7-812-314-8951.



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