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Tallin International Airport Information

Tallinn Airport Code – TLL

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Airport Telephone Number: +372 6 05 88 88

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Tallinn Airport Flight Arrivals

Tallinn Airport Flight Departures

Airport Facilities

This is an extremely clean airport . Facilities include cafeteria, restaurant cocktail bar, post office and three banks. There is also a VIP business Lounge with internet access etc. This centre has stationary if required. Service is the airports business!

Airlines Flying To And From Tallinn Estonia

Aeroflot, Air Baltic, Air Livonia, Belavia, British Airways, easyJet, Elk Estonian, Enimex, Estonian Air, Finnair, Luxair, Lauda Air, Lithuanian Airlines, Sas Scandinavian Airlines Volareweb

Airport Transfer Travel From Tallinn Airport To Central Tallinn

Tallinn airport is approximately 3km to the southeast of the centre of downtown Tallinn.

Bus Services To And From Tallinn Airport  The airport is served by  bus 2 from Viru Valjak in Central Tallinn. The bus service runs every half an hour  and it is cheaper to purchase your ticket from a kiosk rather than paying the driver. the bus operates from 7 am till Midnight and  Your  journey will cost  1 euro from a kiosk and 1.6 Euro’s from the driver.

Another bus service is the no.90k  which goes from the Airport to the centrally located hotels in Tallinn. The bus runs every 20  minutes from 7.20 am till 6.40 pm and a one way ticket will set you back 2 Euro’s.Taxis Services To And From Tallinn Airport A taxi from Tallinn Airport should cost you between €6 -€7. Be sure to agree the fee with your driver before you set off.

Information On Public Transport in Tallinn

There is no metro service in Tallinn

Public transport in Tallinn is provided by a network of buses trams and trolley buses. Prepaid tickets may be used on any of these services. Trams routes are based in central Tallinn with buses serving the suburbs from either Viru Keskus terminal or Vabaduse väljak.  Route maps are also shown at the bus stops.You can board any bus or tram through any door.Further details from the city transport website http://www.tak.ee.

Bus Services In Tallinn  Buses serve both the city centre and Tallinn’s suburban areas. Buses start at either the Viru Keskus terminal or Vabaduse Veljak.. Routes are operated between 6.00am  and Midnight, Some services are peak hour services which only operate in the rush hours. There is a total of 68 bus routes in Tallinn.

Tram Services In Tallinn All Tram routes are based in central Tallinn.  There are 4  Tram lines in the City, two starting at Kopli and two starting at Tondi. Tram services operate from about 6.00 am till Midnight.

Trolleybuses  In Tallinn  Tallinn has 9 trolley bus routes. Most of the routes begin at Mustamae or  Keskuse. Trolley bus fares are the same as Tram and bus prices. The buses operate on electric lines. Trolley buses operate from about 5.30 am till Midnight.

Bus Tram and Trolleybus Fares And Tickets In Tallinn  Bus, trolley and tram are the same price. Tickets can be purchased from newstands and kiosks/  The standard price of a prepaid ticket is 1 EUR You may also buy a 10 ticket set for 8 EUR. If you have a prepaid ticket you can enter the vehicle through any door. If you do not have a ticker enter through the front door and purchase a ticket from the driver which will cost you €1.6. When you enter the vehicle you must validate immediately your ticket by punching it in one of the ticket machines

Other ticket options which cannot be purchased from the driver are 1-hour tickets  for €1,20, 1 Day ticket valid for 24 hours €4.0, a 3 Day ticket valid for 72 hours for €6.0 and a 5 Day ticket valid for 120 hours for €7.0/  These tickets which have to be puchased from kiosks must be registered in the electronic machine on the bus when you make your first journey. so as to print the time and date of the validity period.

Passengers travelling without a valid ticket will be fined.€40

Rail Services In Tallinn Apart from be the hub for connections to other Estonian cities train services in Tallinn provided good connections to Latvia Lithuania and Russia via Tapu and Tartu. These services are operated by  Eesti Raudtee website http://www.edel.ee/ and Elekriraudtee website http://www.elektriraudtee.ee/

Coach Services In Tallinn  National and International coach service arrive and depart at the Tallinn Central Bus Station (Tallinna Autobussijaam) Lastekodu 46, Telephone : +372 6800900 or in Estonia: 12550 The station is served by tram numbers  2 and 4 and buses r. 17,17A and 23/

Bike Hire In Tallinn Bicycling is a perfect way to explore Lahemaa, a peaceful national park east of Tallinn that’s home to historic manor houses, seaside villages and natural beauty.  For details see this website http://www.citybike.ee/

The Tallinn Card The Tallinn Card entitles you to free transport on all of the city’s buses, trolleybuses and trams and free or reduced admission to leading tourist attractions in the city.  .Most public transport to destinations accepting the Tallinn card depart from Vabaduse Valjak or Viru Valjak.   The card does not need to be punched and in most cases does not need to be presented to the driver either. You only need to present your card if a driver or Inspector asks to see it. Tallinn Card prices 2012 Adult:  6 hours is 12 Euro’s , 24 hours is 12 Euro’s 48 hours is 32 Euro’s and 72 hour is 42 Euro’s  Children under 14 can purchase these at approximately half the adult price.

Taxis Services In Tallinn Tallinn has various different cab firms operating throughout the city. There is no standard minimum charge. You should do as locals do and ring a Taxi to avoid being extorted by drivers on the street. Be especially wary of Taxi’s that look overly extravagant  like Large Mercedes with flat screen TV’s in the back of them. The names of some are Taxi firms are Tallink, Tulika, Sobra, Marabu and Krooni.



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