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Vilnius Airport Guide Flight Arrivals And Flight Departures – Vilnius Public Transport Information

Flight Arrivals & Flight Departures From Vilnius Airport – Vilnius Public Transport Services

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Vilnius Airport International Airport & Airline Guide

Vilnius International Airport Information

Vilnius Airport Code – VNO

Vilnius Airport website

Airport information Telelephone + 370 5 230 6666

Latest Flight Information From Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport Flight Arrivals

Vilnius Airport Flight Departures

Airport Facilities

Small airport, very clean limited choice of food and retailing units. Has a good business lounge, post office and a outstandingly helpful Medical Aid Centre – which will also advise you on infectious diseases worldwide

Airlines Flying To & From Vilnius Latvia

LAL, Air Lithuania, Aurela, Austrian Air, Aviavilsa, Czech Airlines, Estonian Air, Finnair, Lithuania Air, Lot Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbaltic Snowflake

Airport Transfer Travel  From Vilnius Airport To Central Vilnius

The airport is 6 km from the centre of downtown Vilnius

Bus Services To And From Vilnius Airport  Bus routes 1 and 2 depart for the city centre at 15 minute intervals. There are 4 minibus services gong to the  city centre which depart every ten minutes and cost 25 Litas per person.  Bus 1 goes to the Central Railway station.  Bus services cost 2 Euro’s for  a single ticket. The bus stop is outside the central entrance to the arrivals terminal.

Minibus \Services To And From Vilnius Airport There are 4 minibus services to the centre of Riga departing every ten minutes. The bus stop is outside the central entrance to the Arrivals Terminal.

Train Services To And From Vilnius Airport  There is an express train which runs every 45-75 minutes and takes  passengers from the  City Centre to the Airport for 2.5 litas.

Taxis from Vilnius Airport to City Centre The Airport is very close to Vilnius city centre. A Taxi should cost you around 15-20 Litas [10 Euro’s.] Be sure to agree a price before you get in the car so they do not charge you extra for your luggage.

Information On Public Transport in Vilnius 

There is no metro in Vilnius

It is worth noting that most of the city’s key  attractions are in the city centre and can be reached on foot. That said the buses and trolleybus carry half a million passengers every weekday. . Public Transport Information website

Bus Services In Vilnius  Public Transport in Vilnius is arguably one of the most efficient in eastern Europe and the Baltic states. There are 60 bus routes in Vilnius which generally operate from 5am to around 11pm.  The bus services get very packed during rush hour.

Bus Fares And Tickets In Vilnius These are available at newspaper kiosks and cost about 1.50 litas. Buying a ticket from the driver instead of a kiosk  will cost 2.50 Litas.  if you have luggage which takes up more than one seat, you must pay for an extra ticket. Monthly bus tickets cost 60 Litas. Students, the elderly and disabled are entitled to discounts up to 80 %

Trolleybus Services In Vilnius  as well. There are 22 Trolleybus routes in total.which run from aroud 5am untill 11pm.

Trolleybus Fares And Tickets In Vilniusne These are available at newspaper kiosks A ticket on one of the city’s Trolleybuses costs 1.40 Litas One day bus and Trolleybus tickets cost 6 Litas and a three day ticket is 14 litas. Students, the elderly and disabled are entitled to discounts up to 80%

Minibus Services  In Vilnius There are flat rate Minibus services operating on designed routes which you can flag down when required.  More ino from

Coach Services To And From Vilnius  The main national and international coach services which include Eurolines Services operate out of the bus station which is opposite the Railway Station. ScheduleS of all regional bus services are posted near the ticket window/ The Bus Station phone number is .370-266-66-22

There are services to all parts of Europe including Kaunas, Kaliningrad, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, and Warsaw,

Train Services In Vilnius The Train is a convenient and cheap way of exploring the rest of Lithuania. Tickets to other parts of the country only cost around 6 or 7 Euro’s. The trains are generally comfortable.  You can also get trains to other European destinations including  Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad Minsk. and indirectly  Warsaw.

Taxis In Vilnius  Two Names of reliable Taxi firms are EuroTaksi and Vilnius Taski [tel no: 370-266-66-22]. Like many city’s you are best off calling a company rather than flagging one down in the street. Taxi’s should be charging you about 2 Litas per Km.



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