European Airport Guide Index Directory Of Information Guides For Airports In Europe

European Airport Guide Index Directory Of Information Guides For Airports In Europe

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1: Major European Airport Directory: euromost group guides cover approximately 40 major European cities all which have a full  airport guide for that city. Included in all these airport guides are details of the airport’s location, it’s facilities how far it is is from the city centre and the public transport connections between the airport and the city.  There are essential links to the airport website and the live flight arrivals and flight departures pages

These full information airport guides are:

Amsterdam Barcelona Belgrade Berlin Bratislava Bucharest Budapest Chisinau  Copenhagen Dubrovnik Erfurt Gdansk Helsinki Kiev Krakow Leipzig Ljubljana  London Minsk Moscow Oslo Paris Prague Reykjavik Riga Rome Salzburg   Sarajevo Skopje Sofia St Petersburg   Stockholm  Tallinn  Tirana  Vienna  Vilnius  Warsaw Zagreb (+ Beijing)

2: Quick View Index Other European Airports  In this directory There are links to the airports,websites,their flight arrivals and flight departure pages along with other information  including local tourist sites  Airports A-B / Airports C-G / Airports H-M / Airports N-Z

3: United Kingdom Airport IndexMain Page

4: Dangerous Airlines That Could Kill You International and blacklisted airlines who are banned or have restricted access to European Union and other international air space because of safety concerns: Blacklisted Airlines

General Europe Airport Information

Airport Information: The level and quality of information available at each airports’ website is very variable. Some are very high tech but may still lack the basic information. Others especially the Spanish airports are not aesthetically pleasing but offer a wealth of information on travel in the areas they are situated. In the brief summary of each airport we have included the three letter airport code which is used for several purposes including luggage handling.

This code is informative, especially prior to booking a flight, when you are going to somewhere like Paris or Tenerife is useful for identifying which airport you actually going to. Visitors to Stockholm should note this as its airports vary between 4 km and 95 Km from the city centre.

Though we have where possible provided airport telephone numbers we advise you to visit the airport website if you are looking for general information. These numbers are best saved in your diary etc for urgent situations. We have also a brief note for each airport on its transport connections with city or region it serves. The need for this, particularly with flights later in the day, is important as it can take longer to reach the city it reportedly serves than the flight actually takes.

Any one bound for Vienna via Bratislava and not on a Ryanair flight will testify to this. The criteria for the airports featured is very broad. Obviously it includes airports serving capital cites across Europe, other major airports and airports serving holiday resorts. It also includes, quieter airports some of whom have few flights but are an integral part of the regions tourist trade for example Biarritz.

Quieter airports are often served only by low cost carriers – easyjet, ryanair and wizzair etc. Their commercial viability is their low landing charges, attract airlines offering cheap flights. These airports may be a long way from their county’s capital but they are worthy of inclusion as they are very central to local tourist areas ie Bergerac.

Low cost cheap European flights to Eastern Central Western Europe and Scandinavia are available from most major cities. Gone are the days when you had to pay outrageous air fares to a major city and then travel hundreds of kilometres to get to your chosen destination.

Now days if one sees that a low cost airline is offering 1€ tickets to an out of the way airport you have to assume ( as Stelios & Micheal are not registered charities) that there is a good reason for going there. The fact is that some of these places are really quaint. To illustrate this euromost has added a small photograph for each city that an airport serves -. Alghero and Bordeaux being amongst the best.

Stay In Touch: Whether you are meeting family or friends at an airport or quite simply interested in how whether their flight is on time this page may prove useful.Some airports only show the estimated time of arrival of a flight once the plane has taken off its the airport it originates from.

If you are meeting someone on this plane this you may need to know the flight status of the plane before it has departed to give you time to get the airport – especially on short haul routes. If the flight is delayed an hour and you don’t know this you when you get there will have to wait in the arrivals terminal.

By checking the departures board of the airport that the flight departs from you will know much earlier if the take off is subject to delays. This is also as useful tool if you have made arrangements for someone else to meet the person flying.

Useful For Parents: Also can be quite useful for parents and carers of teenagers and alike who are coming home broke and have no money or phone credit to let you know what is going on but expect you to be there! Also a subtle way of ensuring they are safe and sound on arrival on outward or inward bound journeys without ringing them to find out – as ( just in case you did not know ) they are adults now! Ed Note: Its another conspiracy.



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