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Bucharest International Airport Information

[Auriel Vlaciu International Airport  is now being exclusively used for commercial  flights and not for passenger airlines.]

Bucharest Airport Code – BBU

Bucharest Airport website

Airport Information Telephone: (021) 204 1200

Latest Live Flight Information From Bucharest Airport

Bucharest Airport Flight Arrivals

Bucharest Airport Flight Departures

Airport Facilities A small airport but facilities include several cafes three restaurants, pharmacy and a hairdressers, an internet access, bank, exchange, post office and ATM .

Airlines Flying To & From Bucharest Romania

– Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Malev, Olympic, Romavia, Romanian Air, Czech Airlines, Hemus Air, Swiss International Airlines, TAROM Romanian, Turkish Airlines, Syrian Arab Airlines.

Transfer Travel From Bucharest Airport To Central Bucharest

The airport is 17 Klm from the centre of downtown Bucharest.

Buses To and From Bucharest  Airport  Bucharest, Henri Coanda  Airport is 17km from Bucharest City Centre. The 783 express bus does the journey in approximately 50 minutes. The Express runs every 20 minutes during the day , and every 40 minutes during the night. Henri Coanda is also referred to as Otopeni due to its location.  The 780 Express bus links the airport with Bucharest’s main train station which is Bucuresti Nord.  The 780 runs every 40 minutes from 5.30 am till 11 pm. Ticket prices are 8.6 Lei for the Express bus services. There is an arrivals  ticket machine available for purchasing tickets, open  24 hours a day. The bus iis a preferable route to  a train journey see below as it is easier and cheaper

Rail Services To And From Bucharest Airport  There is a train service to and from the airport and the main rail station Gara Nord in central Bucharest. At the moment the Airport Station is about 900 metres from the airport terminal and there is a connecting shuttle bus which is included in the price of the rail ticket. There are plans to extend the rail link into the airport itself but this will not be in the near future.

Taxi’s To and From Bucharest Airport  Those who  decide to pursue the expensive option of getting a Taxi ride in to the city centre then you are best off catching a driver who has just dropped someone off. Be sure that the driver’s metre is turned on and the fare should cost you somewhere between 30 and 40  Lei.  You should avoid Taxi drivers waiting at Arrivals as many of them have rigged Taxi metres and charge the highest rate possible. Budget travellers should avoid using the city’s Taxi services.


Information On Public Transport In Bucharest

The  transport system in Bucharest is made up of buses, trams trolleybuses and the metro buses. Services generally start around 5am with the morning rush fro 06.00am to about 09.00. The return home is between 15.00 and 17.30. At these peak times the transport can become very cramped.

Tickets have to purchased in advance . They must be stamped /punched in one of the many machines on board – this part of the exercise is not straight forward so see how other people do it! Beware of pick pockets. Plain clothed ticket inspectors operate on all services and will fine fare evaders on the spot.

Buses In Bucharest  Bucharest have several bus terminals and 74  bus routes in total. The Buses serve every part of the city  and run from about 4.30 am in the morning till 11 pm at night. You shouldn’t be waiting longer than ten minutes to catch you bus.  Transport can be very cramped during the rush hours and you must be particularly wary of opportunistic thieves and pick pockets.  Routes marked with the standard Disabled logo have wheelchair access, but those that don’t  are unlikely to be disabled friendly.

Night Buses In Bucharest Bucharest has a large network of 23  night buses and the service is generally efficient. The buses serve all areas of the city  and the routes depart from the southern side of Piata Unirii.  The majority of their night buses run every run on an hourly basis.  Night buses umbes are from N101 to N123 and run from 11 pm till 6 am daily.

Trams In Bucharest  There are 21 tram routes in Bucharest

The Trolleybuses In Bucharest There are 19 Trolley buses in operation  and 14 of them offer disabled access.

Bus & Trolleybus Trams Fares In Bucharest A standard ticket for these journeys cost 1.30 Lei.

Metro Services In Bucharest  Bucharest’ Metro service was opened in 1979 and now has four different [M1. M2, M3. M4] lines with  45 stations.  The system is regarded as pretty reliable and inexpensive. The M2 line goes from north to south and is the most used of the lines. The M4 line is new and  only has 6 stations in the northwest of the city.

Metro Fares In Bucharest The tickets valid for two journeys will cost you about 4 Lei and  ten journey’s represents good value for money at 10 Lei.  The Metro is cheaper than riding the bus if you buy 10 tickets. Trains run from approximately 5.30 am till 11.30 pm at night. Trains are supposed to run every 3-13 minutes. Officially services run from 04.30 -23.30 with a 5-10 minute frequency – though the latter is debatable in the evenings.

For more information on public transport in Bucharest: we advise visiting www.ratb.ro

Maxi Taxis in Bucharest Another option for visitors are Maxi Taxis which connect central Bucharest with the main tourist attractions. There are five routes. Maxi-Taxis are white with 8 to 10 seats that you hail like a normal taxi. Tickets are bought on board and cost about .33€.

For information on Coach Services to Bucharest and Romaniia go to our Europe Coach Services Page.

Train Services In Bucharest  You are strongly advised to buy your tickets long before boarding the train otherwise you risk getting stuck in long queues and potentially missing your train. Bucharest has good transport  links with Budapest  with about 4 trains travelling there every day.

Public For information on Rail Services in Bucharest and Romania go to our  Europe Rail Networks Page.

Train prices are relatively cheap but are on the rise.  Buy your train tickets at the actual station or from this website  https://bilete.cfrcalatori.ro/vanzare/. If You do purchase your tickets online than you must do so 24 hours in advance.  Bucharest’s main Train station is Gara De Nord. The railway is not renowned for being the most efficient or inexpensive  way of navigating around Bucharest.

Taxi’s In Bucharest In Bucharest there are two types of  cab drivers, ones who work for honest and reliable firms and independent drivers who are looking to extort naive tourists. The trustworthy companies tend to have a big company name and telephone number on the car where as the dubious ones  steal logos from the other established firms and have the phone numbers messily scrawled over the car.

 If you are leaving a restaurant or hotel you are best off asking reception or  a waiter to order you a cab as they are most likely to be using a legitimate company. Avoid using Taxi services that have the names Taxi Bucuresti or Taxi Arsenal displayed on the car.  Any Taxi tariff charging  higher than 1.69 Lei should be ignored.  When at Banaesa Airport you should avoid taking one of the Taxi’s waiting outside, and ring one instead.



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