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Krakow Airport International Airport & Airline Guide .

Krakow International Airport Information

Krakow Airport Code KRK

Krakow Airport website

Airport Information Tel: 012 285-51-20

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Krakow Airport Flight Arrivals

Krakow Airport Flight Departures

Airport FacilitiesThis airport can become extremely busy and it has only one restaurant and two cafes and a small executive area. Even so it is kept very clean and staffed throughout by helpful friendly people but then this Krakow!

Airlines Flying To And From Krakow Poland

Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Czech Airlines, El Al, Eurolot, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Malev, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Styrian Spirit, Swiss

Centralwings Easyjet Germanwings Skyeurope NorwegianAirShuttle

Airport Transfer Travel From Krakow Airport To Central Krakow

Krakow Airport is 11 Km from the centre of downtown Krakow

Bus Services To And From Krakow Airport   Bus routes 192 and 208 cover the journey from the airport to downtown in about 35-40 minutes costing 2.80 PLN. Here is a link to a  comprehensive bus timetable

Train Services To And From Krakow Airport The journey from the airport to the city centre is a lot quicker by train.  the journey takes just 15 minutes and costs 3.80 PLN. There are two stations, Krakow Balice where trains operate from 4.40 am until Midnight and Dworkez station which is 3 minutes away by free shuttle bus and  and trains run from 4 am until 11.07 pm. Both train services operate at 30 minute intervals.

Taxi’s from the Krakow Airport e drive is about 15 minutes in to the city and a Taxi shouldn’t cost more than 70 PLN.  Be sure to agree a price with your driver before setting off. Legitimate Taxi companies have signs on the roof.

Information On Public Transport In Krakow

There is no metro service in Krakow

Buses Services In Krakow  Krakow’s public transport is renowned for being safe and efficient. Buses run from 5 am until 11 pm at night.

Night Buses in Krakow here are 8 Night bus routes in Krakow. The buses operate from 11 pm till 5.30 am. Only 1 bus runs every hour. A single Night bus ticket will cost you the same as a day ticket [2.50]. The multi-pass tickets are not valid for the Night bus with the exception of the 24/48/72 hour tickets.

Tram Services In Krakow The Tram is an incredibly popular and convenient way of navigating around the city. Tram services run from 5 am till 11 pm at night. a single fare is 2.50 PLN and 3.00 PLN from the driver [same as buses]. Krakow has 25 Tram routes with 2 supporting lines making 27 in total.

Tickets And Fares On Gdamsk Buses And Trams A single bus or tram fare costs 2.50 PLN will cost the same wherever you are travelling to. Buying a ticket from the driver is more expensive at 3.00 PLN, so be sure to buy your ticket from one of the many Kiosks in Town. Kiosk selling tickets display the sign ‘ sprzedaż biletów MPK

One hour tickets which can be used on as many buses/trams as you like are 3.10 PLN and one day passes are 10.40 PLN.Monthly passes are exceptional value at 47PL, less than the cost of 5 one day passes. You must stamp your ticket in the machines provided as soon as you board. You only need to do this once with each ticket. Plain clothes inspectors watch out for those who abuse the system!

Luggage or boxes over 20 x 40 x 60 require a ticket. Student cards are not accepted

Train Services In Krakow Krakow’s main railway station is Dworzec Glowny which is just to the north of the Old Town. The station has an information desk and public phones. The station has local, national and international services operating from it. The station serves Oswiecim for journeys to Auschwitz. A single train ticket costs the equivalent of about 4 Euro’s.

Taxis in Krakow  Taxi’s with metres are generally reliable but there are illegitimate drivers  existing outside the train station and hotels. Real firms should have a sign on the roof. You are best off ordering one by phone rather than paying for one on the street as you are likely to save around 30% on your fare. A fare within the boundaries of Krakow should not cost any more than 30 Euro’s. There are 14 licensed Taxi companies in Krakow amongst them are MPT Radio Taxi, City-Taxi and Euro-Taxi.Taxis with meters are generally reliable but ‘tryers’ exist outside the train station and hotels.



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