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Skopje Airport Guide Flight Arrivals And Flight Departures Skopje Public Transport Information

Flight Arrivals & Flight Departures From Skopje Airport – Skopje Public Transport Services.

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Skopje International Airport

Skopje International Airport Information

Skopje Airport Code – SKP

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Airport information Tel + 389 2 3148 300

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Skopje Airport Flight Arrivals

Skopje Airport Flight Departures

Airport Facilities Comfortable airport not over busy at present but with all the modern facilities a visitor would expect. Reported to have the latest security technology and thought by some to offer the best value in airport cafes.

Airlines Flying To & From Skopje Macedonia

ADA Air, Croatian Airlines, Aeroflot, Austrian, Avioimpex, British Airways, Germanwings Helvetic Hemus Air, JAT Airways, Lufthansa, Macedonian, Malev, Olympic, Swiss, THY Turkish

Airport Transfer Travel From Skopje Airport To Central Skopje

Skopje Airport is about 25km from the centre.of downtown Skopje
Bus Services To And From Skopje Airport  The Vardar Express bus service operates  several buses every day from the Airport to the International bus/Railway station and the Holiday Inn-Hotel Alexander. The journey takes about 25 minutes and costs about 100 MKD
There are several buses a day but the schedule is irregular as it is probably aligned to flight arrivals and departures. In the summer of 2012 the timetable was as follows: Mondays from: Midnight, 2 am, 3.20, 4.30 am, 1.45 pm,4.30 pm, Tuesdays from Midnight, 05.00, 13.45, 16.30, 19.20.  Wednesdays from : Midnight, 02.00, 03.20, 10.00, 13.45, 16.45 and 19.00  Thursdays from Midnight, 02.00, 09.40, 13.45, 15.00, 16.30, 18.40  Fridays from Midnight, 02.00, 03.20, 12.40, 14.40, 16.30  Saturdays from Midnight, 05.00, 08.30, 09.40, 11.00, 12.40, 13.40, 16.50, 19.20  Sundays from Midnight, 02.00, 03.30, 10.00, 13.40, 14.50, 16.30, 18.00.
Rail Services To And From Skopje Airport  No Rail service
Taxis Services To And From Skopje Airport  The airport website states that a taxis transfer from Skopje Airport to the city centre should cost €20. Therefor charges of up to €25 can be expected  However  we are aware of charges of up to €50 being demanded on arrival so strongly advise you to agree a price before you begin your journey.

Information On Public Transport In Skopje Macedonia

Unless you speak Macedonian this is a very difficult city if you want information about transport services. Most public transport in Skopje is provided by JSP a state company. JSP buses have red roofs. Some routes are run by private companies with white roofs.

Bus Services In Skopje  A fleet of 84 new buses provide 25 bus routes which operate from about 5 am till 11 pm. In public areas Bus time tables for these services are a rare find though some kiosks will display them on the side   Useful bus routes include the no.22 from the train station to the west side of the city centre, the number 57 from the City Centre to the Old Bazaar and the number 23 which loops around the eastern part of the city centre. Bus routes 9, 19 20 and 57 all go to the infamous ”Old Bazaar” in Skopje
Night Buses In Skopje Five of these routes also provide a once a night  ‘Midnight Service’ which will leave between 00.15 or 04.00. These services are a one off journey and should not be mistaken as all night services.
Bus Fares And Tickets In SkopjeRed Buses If you buy your bus ticket from a kiosk it will cost 25 DEN and 30 DEN if you purchase your ticket from the driver. If you buy a 10 ride Bus card it costs 225 DEN.  White Buses There is also a private white bus service and the tickets which can be purchased form the driver cost about 20 DEN.
Additional Information information about JSP Buses including timetables on services is available on the JSP website
Rail Services In Skopje Central Station address Bul.Kozman Josifofski pitu bb tel no: 316-42-55 Train services from here are centred round commuter passengers and national services. International trains go to destinations such as Belgrade, Pristina, Zagreb and Thessaloniki in Greece. That said  The Skopje-veles-prilep-Bitola Train is recommended for those who enjoy the scenic sights of magnificent landscapes.  Though the Information Kiosk is directly to your left as you walk in to the building the ticket office is hard to find as it is bizarrely hidden near the back of the building.  The station has an antique a 24 hour internet
International Coach And Bus Services To And From Skopje  The bus station address is Nikola Karev 20 tel no: 246-60-1, You can easily travel to destinations such as Belgrade,Sofia, Istanbul Ljubljana, Zagreb and Tirana by coach. The bus station has clean toilets, ATM’s and most importantly luggage facilities.  There are 5 buses  a day which offer a  cheap service from Skopje to Sofia. There are also other routes which take you further afield. The bus travels from Skopje to Ohrid In Macedonia and the journey takes approximately three and a half hours.  The information centre itself is actually outside the bus station. The Bus Station has a range of cafes and shops, left luggage facilities, ATM’s and clean public toilets unlike the railway station website
Taxis Services In Skopje Taking in Taxi in Skopje shouldn’t cost you more than 300 MKD. From the city centre to Biser which has several bars, shops and restaurant should cost 150 MKD. As with many European cities if you seem foreign and confused then the drivers are likely to pounce on that fact and charge you a lot more. If your Taxi driver does insist on an extortionate price then just use another car, because there are enough to choose from,



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