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Budapest City Guide Overview

In general locals in Budapest are  very welcoming to foreign visitors –  perhaps more so than their counterparts in many other European cities.  However the Hungarian Governments’ attitude to refugees and migrants since September 2015 has  tarnished the country’s  image on the world stage but not all Hungarians are of the same mind-set.

Though attitudes change the striking thing about Budapest is they are proud of their heritage and nationality but also proud to be part of Europe/ The ambiance here is far more relaxed than you would expect in a capital city.

Accommodation Guide Budapest There is a wide choice of accommodation in Budapest which is very fairly priced.  Hotel Accommodation in Budapest is plentiful except in the Castle which overlooks the city. In this area they are expensive. Apartments in Budapest are usually equipped to a very high standard and nearly always extremely good value. If your into camping the campsites in Budapest are fairly priced but not as luxurious as they could be. more

Attractions Sights and Sightseeing in Budapest  During the day this is a great city to visit if you like architecture history and shopping.- one or two the markets are very good.   If you have children the zoo and in the summer St Margaret Island are places of interest/  At the night the view of the Pest side city from the Castle area is stunning and a good place to see one Europe’s most imposing bridges the Chain Bridge built by a English architect. more

Budapest Airport Guide Budapest Ferihegy Airports is 20km from Budapest’s centre. There is direct service from the airport (Terminal 1). There are two minibus services – the official airport minibus can be twice the price of a taxi! The airport itself had good facilities extremely clean but the cafes and restaurants prices are gross more

Clubbing in Budapest The Budapest clubbing guide which includes gay and lesbian clubs in Budapest is a ‘must read’ for anyone wanting to try the nightlife in Budapest.  Whilst there are many good music and dance clubs in Budapest the are a few that should be closed down as they are seriously out of order. (see crime and tourist traps section below) Anyone going to a club should also ignore the advice of taxi drivers who want  to take you a club they recommend as they are st paid commission by the  joints run by the bad boys. The real clubs are generally a good night out though.more

Crime Personal Safety Tourist Traps In Budapest  In Budapest petty crime in the markets and on public transport can be a problem as these are the haunts of pick pockets and bag snatchers. Physical attacks on individuals are very rare but visitors should steer clear of political demonstrations especially any held on and around 15th March and 23rd October as in recent years some of these have been violent/ The threat of terrorism in Budapest is assessed as ‘low’. There are tourist traps in Budapest that involve licensed and unlicensed taxi drivers, restaurants and bars that add ‘extras’ to the bill more

History Of Budapest There is documentary evidence that shows he area known today as Budapest was in AD89 as Aquincim a Roman town. The region was often called Obuda. Some historians but not all believe that the settlement on the other side of the Danube known as ‘Pest’ had Turkish origins. In the 9th century Slavic and Asian Maygars migrated to the area and they are credited with having founded Hungarian culture. In the 14th century Buda became the Hungarian capital until it and Pest were occupied by the Ottoman empire in 1541.In the 17th century the Buda & Pest cities were reclaimed by the Austrian based Hapsburg’s and the two towns were merged in 1849 as Budapest though this arrangement was not officially formalised until 1867/ .

At the end of WW1 around 65% of the Hungary’s territory had been annexed to other countries and many displaced people moved to Budapest. The politics of Hungary and its relationship with Germany in the 1930’s were complicated its efforts to protect its independence/ This bid failed and and the Nazis invaded Hungary. It is thought that 100,000 Jews in Budapest were killed by the Nazis during WW2. The city was badly damaged by UK & US air attacks towards the end of WW2 and by the advancing Soviet Red Army liberated the city from the Nazis by installing a pro-Stalinist regime. In 1956 an attempt to breakaway from domination by Moscow by a more independently minded Hungarian government was thwarted – see Hungarian Uprising section below ..

After the 1989 fall of communism in 1989 Budapest and Hungary prospered economically and in 2004 it became a member of the European Union which opened the city up to tourists.It has however seen a serious downturn in its economy since late 2008 which has been ameliorated in part by loans from the International Monetary Fund. more

Hungary Country Profile Information and advice for visitors to Budapest & Hungary more

Hungarian Uprising 1956  This began on October 23rd when students holding a peaceful political rally seeking political reforms were challenged by Police using tear gas in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators. Some students were arrested and others injured when shots were fired into the crowd. The following day protests against the police action were met by the deployment of Soviet tanks which fired at protesters. killing at least 12 peope and injuring at least 150 others.

The pro soviet leader of the ruling party subsequently resigned and was replaced imry Nagy who on October 20th announced he was replacing the one party communist that Hungary was no longer going to be part of the Soviet controlled Warsaw pact. On November 4th the Soviets send the Warsaw Pact forces into Hungary and Budapest. Radio appeals for help by Imry Nagy to the US and other western  fell on deaf ears and the Soviets installed a pro Kremlin regime once again. Imre Nagy was arrested and later found guilty in a secret trial of treason. He was hung on June 16th 1958. more

Public Transport In Budapest Guide   This is made up of 3 metro lines buses, trams and trolleybuses/  The services are dependable.Most services start around 5am but finish earlier than in most cities usually shortly after 11pm  more

Restaurant Guide Budapest Many of the restaurants in Budapest are within old and beautiful buildings. They often have a great ambiance  (especially those with stylishly tailored curtains) and an intimacy that is rarely found. Many restaurants enhance this atmosphere by featuring classical quartets who sometimes suddenly enter the restaurant, surround your table and offer to play anything classical you care to name/

Deciding which cafe diner or restaurant in Budapest to visit can be difficult as there are so many good places to eat in Budapest. Obviously prices vary on the type of establishment you are in but this one city were you likely to get value for your money. .Incidentally in many restaurants the dessert options are simply a joy probably because they are usually made prepared on the premises. Eating out in Budapest – In a nutshell – bon appétit !  more

Weather in Budapest Because of the city’s location to the east of the Alpine Mountains .the weather in Budapest is not so greatly influenced by weather systems that cross the Atlantic. This can mean that  the weather is less changeable. As a result summers can be long and hot causing droughts and winters very cold and enduring with heavy snowfall.  In winter severe frosts and freezing fog are often a feature and during most winters some parts of the River Danube will readily freeze. You have been warned! For the current weather forecast for Budapest & average monthly weather conditions see  more



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