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Salzburg History Overview

It is thought that people lived in the area which is now Salzburg from 15BC. In Roman times the area was known as Juvavum. In 1077 a fortress was built – The Festung Hohensalzburg – from where the city the present city’s name was taken. In the 14th century the city became independent of its Bavarian rulers. In 1805 it became part of Austria before in 1810 being returned to Bavaria.Under the Treaty of the Congress of Vienna 1810 it was returned to Austria and in 1850 under the Austrian Crown it became and independent state..

In 1921 an official poll claimed that 99% of Salzburg citizens wanted the city to become part of Germany. In March 1938 when German troops occupied Salzburg all Jewish citizens were arrested. their synagogue was destroyed and political opponents of the Nazis were arrested. Outside Salzburg several prisoner of war camps were built to house prisoners from the rest of Europe and Russia.

During the WW2 the Allies bombed Salzburg destroying over 7,000 houses and killing over 550 people. All the town’s bridges and the Cathedral’s dome were demolished, but much of the city other Baroque architecture remained survived.The ‘Old Town’ area is regarded as one of the worlds best preserved examples of Baroque architecture in the world and in 1997 it was added to the UNESCO lists of World Cultural Heritage Sites

Sightseeing & Attractions in Salzburg

This stunning Austrian city is just on the Northern border of the Alps. Salzburg literally translates as Salt Castle and is  Austria’s fourth largest city.  It is a maze of small roads and alleys populated by squares that are overlooked in the background by the domineering HohenSalzburg Castle. Alongside the Cathedral there are two squares – the first Residenzplatz in the summer is home to open air concerts and the second Kapitelplatz often features live theatre as well as concerts.Arguably Salzburg’s most popular attraction is the Salzburg Cathedral.  There are plenty of fun trips for the kids such as the Toy Museum  as well as cultural and artistic destinations which are more likely to interest the adults.

In the midst of this is the birthplace of Mozart Kollgienkirche and Salzburg’s most popular attraction Salzburg Cathedral. The latter can be visited all year round but is becoming very popular during Advent (between November and Christmas) when outside it is complimented by a Christmas Market which sells gifts and ornaments until late in the evening.

The Furst Confectionery produces the original Mozartkugel which is was created by Austrian  confectioner Paul Furst in 1890 and it was named after incomparable composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  The Mozartkugel is a round chocolate covered in praline  with nougat and Marzipan The Confectionery continues to sell this famous Austrian delicacy to this day and  they are made by the hands of the shop workers sticking religiously to the original recipe. Furst have named other chocolates after well renowned Austrian names such as the Bach Cube for the Composer Johann Sebastien Bach and the Wolf Block after 16th century Austrian Prince- Bishop Wolf Dietrich Von Ratineau.  Furst Confectionery, Brodgasse 13 Salzburg 5020 website

The Green Market, Grunmarkt Salzburg Universitatsplatz 5020 tel no: 43-662-8432630 -The Market in University Square is held daily with the exception of Sunday’s. This vibrant market offers fresh fruit, vegetables, exotic delicacies, meat, Poultry, fish, seafood, bread, cheese and pastries. You can sample all this food at the sausage booth.  The market also has stalls which sell locally made Handcrafts and freshly picked floral Bouquets. There are many exotic delicacies and finely produced clothes and crafts, but some visitors may feel that the prices are a little extortionate. Open Mon-Fri  6 am till 7 pm / Saturday  6 am  1 pm.
Salzburg Cathedral, Domplatz 5020 Salzburg –  Salzburg cathedral is a 17th century Baroque Church. It is Roman Catholic in faith and is dedicated to Saint Rupert of Salzburg. Rupert was a 7th century Roman Catholic Saint who founded the city of Salzburg, so a church is the least he deserves. Among other things The Cathedral is famous for being the site of Wolfgang Mozart’s christening. This Church is the largest and arguably most beautiful  of all the  36 Churches in Salzburg. The Baroque style that the Cathedral is built in is most notable in the choir and the Nave. Unsurprisingly Salzburg Cathedral was damaged during the Second World War, when a Nazi’s bomb crashed through the central dome.  The restoration of St Rupert’s took some time and was completed in 1959.The Church is particularly popular round Christmas time when their is a festive market in the months of November and December. Opening hours are  9 am till 5 pm. website
Hohensalzburg Castle and Fortress Monchsberg 34 Salzburg  – The Castle is one of the largest old Kingdoms in all of Europe. It was designed and  built in a medieval style. The castle’s construction began in 1077 when archbishop Gebhard Von Helfenstein gave the project the green light. The ring walls and towers were erected in 1462.  The castle was expanded at the behest of leading political figures in Salzburg to protect themselves from Roman invasion. Hohensalzburg underwent a makeover in the late 19th century and has become one of Salzburg’s top attractions since opening to the public in 1892. The castle was utilized as a prison during the First World War and housed amongst others, Nazi activists. The Fortress supplies spectacular views of the city and Mountains. Entry prices are 7.40 Euro’s for Adults, 4.20 for Children and 16.90 Euro’s for a family ticket. Opening times are 9.30 am till 5 pm and  9 am till 7 pm between May and September. website
Salzburg Museum of Modern Art, Salzburg  Monchsberg 32 5020 The Salzburg Museum of Modern Art offers children’s workshops and tours of the museum for people of all ages. The Museum consists of two main buildings, one is The Baroque style  MDM Rupertinm in the city centre and they specialise in  new and cutting edge artistic concepts. the other museum the Monchsberg is on the roof top of the old city  and showcases modern art in a contemporary location. Many modern, international artists have had exhibitions dedicated to their work here including  Bavarian Ernst Haas and George Condo. Opening hours are Tues-Sun 10 am till 6 pm and Wednesday  10 am to 8 pm. Admission fees are 8 Euro’s for adults and 6 Euros for Children, Senior Citizens and Students with valid identification website
Museum of Natural History, Salzburg  Museumsplatz 5 – The Museum of Natural history features a beautiful aquarium with colourful tropical fish, reptiles zoo, dinosaurs hall and  a space show. It’s one of the city’s most frequented family destinations. The Space shows main feature is a replica of the 1969 Moon landing  as well as a number of model Rockets. They have a plethora of fascinating exhibits including ones on Geology, European mammals, the Ice Age and a Biological laboratory for inquisitive children. they have educational exhibits which explain how the human body and the reproduction process work. Opening hours are 7 Euro’s for Adults 19 and above, whereas Children and Students with valid identification get in for just 5 Euro’s. website
Burgerspitalgasse 2, Salzburg Toy Museum This is mainly one for kids of a young age who are thrilled to see that many different toys in one place. They have an extensive variety of toys and for slightly older children there is a creative zone  where you can play, learn and design. There are a few special features including a delightful family of Gnomes and the Fidis. Open 9 am till 5 pm and admission fees are very cheap at 4 Euro’s for adults and 1.50 Euro’s for children, 2 Euro’s for senior citizens, Groups and youths. website
The Marionette Theatre, Shwarzstrase 24  Salzburg – The Theatre was initially established in 1913 by Professor Anton Aicher, and is one of the longest running Marionette theatres in the world. Marionette is a unique and creative form of acting with puppets, but their original productions featured live musicians and actors. The Theatre performs several different ballet’s and operas a swell as Marionette performances for the kids. The Theatre’s premier Production was  Bastien and Bastienne, which was a Marionette version of Mozart’s  highly regarded opera of the same name. In 1977, the brainchild behind The Theatre Anton Aicher died and control was handed over to  his wife Gretl Aicher. website
Mozart’s Birthplace, Salzburg Getreidegasse 9 5020 – The Mozart family resided at Hagenauer House from 1747 to 1773. Much revered composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  was born in this very house on 27th of January 1956. The building itself was named after  Merchant and Toy salesman Johann Lorenz Hagenauer who was the owner of the building and a close friend of the Mozart family. the museum includes some rather rare mementos such as personal memoirs written by the great man himself.  His Birthplace was initially turned in to a museum in 1880 and you can see many of his Musical instruments on display. The exhibition is spread out over three floors  and you can gain real insight into what drove Mozart to become the genius composer he was, how he grew up and  what his personal and family life was like as a child.  Open daily 9.30 am till 5 pm, 9 am till 8 pm in July and August. Entry price is 7 Euro’s for adults, 2.50 Euro’s for Children and 3 for youths aged 15-18. website
Salt Mines, in  5442 Bad Durrnberg Salzburg – The Hallein Salt Mine is an underground Salt mine  which is situated in the Durrnberg Plateau in Salzburg. This Ancient Mine is the oldest Salt mine in the world and  has been worked for an estimated 7,000 years since the time of the barbaric Celtic tribes in Austria and the even earlier. The Salt Mines has ensured that Salzburg  would become an epicentre of Austrian commerce. Ever Since World War I, it has served as a Mining museum. Opening hours are 10 am till 3 pm and guided tours are available for around 15 Euro’s, normal admission fee is 10 Euro’s. website
The Halstatt Salt Mines, Halstatt [close to Salzburg] A much sought after attraction is just outside Salzburg, The Halstatt Mines have been  going strong for over 450 years now making it the  and  Nazi leader Adolf Hitler once used this site to hide  Paintings and treasures which the third Reich  plundered from occupied Europe. Though a tour of these mines includes a  ride on a nostalgic miniature railway , the admission charges are a little high at 20 Euro’s for adults and Euromost advises potential visitors to check their website before making a decision on  whether or not that 20 Euro’s offers good value for money suggested altenative Krakow Poland!  Opening hours are daily from 10 am till 3.30
The Sound Of Music Locations , Salzburg – People come from all over the globe in search of the filming location used for classic 1965 film ”The Sound Of Music”, well here are the main locations along with the songs:
The Benedictine Convent on Nonnberg[ Maria] Mirabell Gardens and Mirabell Palace, Do-re-mi . Residenz Square and Residenz Fountain [I have confidence in me]  Felsenreitschule [Edelweiss], St. Peter’s cemetery  for the Flight scenes. Leopoldskron Palace for the Von Trapp residence, I am 16 going on 17] Other locations used for filming purposes were Frohnburg Palace, and outside Salzburg at Anif Palace, Hohenwerfen Castles, Mondsee, Fuschl, St Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang website

Crime and Personal Safety in Salzburg  Youth crime is very much  on the rise in Salzburg. Be wary of Children under the age of fourteen committing petty theft crimes such as stealing money from peoples wallets and handbags. Crime is relatively low but be warned that a  minority of Salzburg locals who are prejudiced or even hostile against Foreign nationals.

Restaurants in Salzburg

Places of note are Mirabell Gardens with its amazing floral displays and in the Old Town by the Alter Market the highly regarded coffee shop Cafe Tomaselli. Also a source of good reports in the Mullen district is The Krimpelstatter Restaurant. This establishment which is popular with the indigenous population and serves a range of local dishes all of which are renowned for their qualities. Not open on mondays.

Further information on Salzburg, and its restaurants, can be found in the tourist board information above. The Salzburg Tourist Office is a useful site.

Salzburg Tourist Board Information
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