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Amsterdam City Information

travel & city information guide for  business & tourist  visitors to Amsterdam


Accommodation in Amsterdam : The standards of hotel  accommodation in Amsterdam are very variable and it seems that booking a hotel online can be like playing Russian roulette. It is apparent that the nearer the red light district a hotel is the more careful you should  many hotels in and around this area are aimed at the stag and hen groups who the hoteliers feel they can take for a ride. There are three highly respected ‘flying pig hostels’ in Amsterdam and Shelter Christian Hostels have two hostels in Amsterdam which though more expensive are exceptionally clean fairly spacious and renowned for their atmosphere. There are also three camping sites worth consideration. more.

Amsterdam Airport Guide: The nearest airport to Amsterdam is Schiphol Airport which is 15 km from Central Amsterdam. The airport has a railway station is directly beneath it and during the day six or seven trains an hour connect the airport with central Amsterdam with at least one train an hour throughout the night. For the most part the airport has excellent facilities but passengers using the ”H Pier Terminal’ which is popular with low cost airlines should not expect to be impressed. more

Clubbing in Amsterdam Guide: Amsterdam is famous for it’s nightlife and at one time probably claimed europe’s crown for ‘anything you want goes’. This guide includes club reviews and a special section for gay and lesbian visitors. Now days the music scene is far more commercial and a lot less diverse and clubs are far more formal than you might expect. Dress codes are quite strict and the staff on the door and inside clubs are not tolerant of bad behaviour. Clubbers looking for hardcore should hardcore checkout the canal area in or around Rembrandtplein. Admission to clubs is strictly 18 though some have a minimum age of 21 and admission to any club can be refused to anyone without id stating their age.more

Country Profile: Useful information for visitors to Amsterdam and Holland generally more

History: of Amsterdam: Amsterdam origins date back to when it was the home of fisherman in the 12th century, In the following 500 years it became the anchor trading port of  the Dutch Empire which was at it;s most powerful in the he 17th and 18th centuries. . During the 19th century Amsterdam blossomed further as Holland strengthened it ties with it’s European neighbour s. during the European industrial revolutions which financed the  building of the North Sea Canal which linked the area with the Rhine. Holland was not directly involved In WW1 but In 1940 the country was invaded by the Nazis, Though some parts of the country such as Rotterdam were practically erased to the ground. Amsterdam did not suffer the same fate though it’s predominantly Jewish quarter on the east side of the city was effectively wiped out. It is estimated that up to 100,000 Dutch Jews were deported to their deaths in concentration camps.

After WW2 the Netherlands was a co- founder of the European Economic Union and a very forward thinking state promoting respect for human rights, and the freedom of the individual. In 1960’s and 70’s Amsterdam was renowned  for its tolerance of minority groups, liberal attitudes to sexuality and drugs with these attitudes resulting in the evolution of  Amsterdam’s Red light District. In the last decade political and socially attitudes have moved to the right and more conservative policies have been applied to drugs immigration and the Red Light District.  more

Public Transport in Amsterdam: Amsterdam has 17 tram routes and two metro / underground lines. These services are fully integrated with the anchor point being the Central Station. Cars are not encouraged and parking is limited and very costly/. more

Red Light District Amsterdam : Arguably this area is what many people first think of when they here the word Amsterdam. It was undoubtedly the most liberal area of Europe in the latter half of the 20th century with drugs freely available and prostitutes or sex workers of all sexual genders able to flaunt their assets to passers by in the street in the windows of licensed brothels.  The area is now subject to a lot more regulation and the number of  sex clubs and brothels has declined significantly. more

Restaurants Guide For Amsterdam: Many Amsterdam restaurants could probably claim to be on Europe’s most expensive restaurant list.  Though their hygiene standards are very high it is hard to justify the prices simply because they are close to the Red District or Dam Square. This restaurant guide includes reviews of cafes  and restaurants that are affordable as  there are places to eat in Amsterdam day or night that you will not need to apply for a mortgage to eat in. more

Safety Crime, Terrorism  & Tourist Traps In Amsterdam: In recent years the Dutch authorities have raised their expectation of a terrorist attack partly due to  the war in Afghanistan and because of anti Muslim activities by right wing extremists – particularly a film which criticised the Koran made by a Dutch MP. Though Amsterdam is generally a sage city tourists are often the targets of pick pockets and petty criminals. sometimes operating independently or in a group. .

Tourists travelling on trains from the airport to Amsterdam Central station should be aware that groups of criminals may try to distract tourists so as to relieve them of their luggage whilst on the train on when they get to the Central.station. Criminals will also sometimes stop tourists posing as plain clothes police officers.  There are several tourist traps visitors should be aware including so called restaurants near the main station and the Red light District offering offering tourist menus. There are several chains of shops that should also be avoided. Board games played in the street will quickly unload you of your cash  more

Sightseeing & Attractions In Amsterdam: This city has over 150 canals that together are spanned by over a thousand bridges.  Modern Amsterdam is a curious mix of historic and modern architecture. On one hand you can appreciate  the tranquility of the Begijnhof Courtyard which dates back to the 14th century.when it was built as a sanctuary for a Catholic sisterhood who had a lifestyle similar to nuns. On the other hand you could appreciate the works of Van Gogh in a museum of the same name which is housed in a modern concrete box which might be more in keeping with the entrance to a metro station. The are numerous museums and sights in Amsterdam that illustrate the city and nations history from the empire days to the tragedy  associated with of Anne Frank’s house. more
Weather and Climate Conditions In Amsterdam: The weather in Amsterdam can be very changeable as it close to the milder Atlantic gulf stream and the weather  originating from eastern Europe. The coldest months of the year are often January and February when heavy snow is possible. June is often the sunniest month and July and August are usually the wettest. These three months are usually the warmest months in the year. more


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