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Amsterdam  Clubbing Guide Music & Dance Clubs

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Amsterdam Clubbing Overview

Amsterdam has always had a vibrant nightlife catering for people with broad tastes in music and other night time activities. In the eighties and nineties it’s ‘anything goes’ reputation undoubtedly made it the clubbing centre of mainland Europe but that status is at best shared with Prague and Belgrade. Nowadays it has become a little too commercial- less diverse musically and far more formal than in the past. Dress codes are generally strict erring on the designer/ fashionable classy side and the doorman / security personnel are less tolerant of excitable behaviour. Most of the hardcore clubs can found in the canal area in or around Rembrandtplein.

General Guidance Under Dutch law bar staff are not allowed to sell spirits to anyone under 18 or beers to anyone under 16. Beers in bars cost up to 3€ but much more in clubs.Clubs have a minimum age of 18. A few clubs have a minimum age of 21. Proof of age may required at any club. The dress code is Dutch clubs is fairly strict – sportswear and trainers are rarely acceptable and you should check the dress code of any venue you intend to go to in advance.

Doorman are expected to maintain a balance in the clientele they admit to a club. Thus if there are many more men in a club than women they may refuse a group of single men until there more girls through the door. Wherever possible get on the clubs guest list in advance especially on Thursday – Saturday nights.Anyone of either sex who appears to be drunk will not get in. Body searches are the norm and anyone who attempts to take a weapon or item that could be used as a weapon maybe detained and subsequently arrested.

Amsterdam Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Club Up, Korte LeidsedseWarrstraat 26-1 1017 RC, Amsterdam Club Up is an intimate venue which plays a wide variety of music. The Club has a varied clientele which contributes to the Club’s positive and captivating vibe. Clubbers who are a little more laid back may see Up as an ideal setting for a night out. The DJ’S play an eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, Deep House and Soul as well as various other genres of Music. Prepare yourself for long queues which get longer the later you arrive here. Up is renowned for their steamy ”Kiss Escort” parties which is usually the Club’s busiest night. Entry between 10 to 15 Euros. The beer is affordably priced at around 2.50 euros and Predictably the mixed drinks are more expensive. website                                                    ,,,,,,                 ………,,,,,,,,..

Trouw Wibautstraat 12/7 109L GL, Amsterdam/ Trouw is based at the unique location of a former Newspaper plant. You are constantly reminded of what the building used to be by the scattered newspaper on the club floor. Trouw is regarded as one of the City’s major clubbing venues . The club’s predominate style of music is minimal techno and so this hot spot is particularly ideal for the hardcore club creatures. If you’re peckish whilst partying then you’ll be glad to know that Trouw have a tempting food menu which is available until 2 am. The club’s biggest night is ”Rauw” where local and international DJ’s such as Erol Alkan and Crookers are lining up to play a set here. A beer will cost you between 2.50 and 3.50 Euros and a mixed spirit is roughly 7.50 to 8 Euros. Entry fee is a little on the  steep side at 15 Euros. Website

SupperClub, Jonge Roelensteeg, 21 Old Centre New Side Amsterdam  The Supperclub is an internationally distinguished club/restaurant which has branches in London, San Francisco and the Dutch capital. Supperclub caters for individuals who wish to wine and dine in a cultured, up market venue. The Club has been accused of exclusivity as it has garnered a reputation over the years for being home to the ”Beautiful People”. Sunday Nights at the Supper club are infamous as that’s when they have their weekly ”Slave Night” which attracts a youthful and trendy crowd.  Some of Amsterdam’s most talented  up and coming DJ’s frequent the venue which has played a huge role in its undoubted notoriety. The cuisine here is of Five star quality according to  the majority of customers who have sampled it. Entry fee is extortionate at a maximum of 20 Euros and drinks prices are also grossly inflated.Website
Bitterzoet, Spuistraat 2, HS 1012 Amsterdam Biiterzoet offers a different clubbing experience to that of most of Amsterdam’s clubs with its urban, funky and smooth vibe. The atmosphere is homely and relaxed and Friday is arguably their most heaving night with its weekly ”Struttin” Parties. Renowned DJ’S Taco Fett and Alviz can be found spinning records there every Friday. Bitterzoet changed management in 2009 and a few have commented on the current manager having a tendency to be a little rude or off hand. Opening hours are Sunday-Thursday 8 pm – 3 am and Friday-Saturday 8 pm till 4 am. Website

The Paradiso at Weteringschans 6-8 Telephone 626 4521 is recognised as one of Amsterdams leading club venues. It puts on live shows in the first part of the evening featuring artists from all the world shows – Justin Timberlake has headlined here – immediately followed by DJ led club nights. The genre ranges from dance hip hop and rock to r&b and soul. Club opens Wednesday – Sunday usually at 7pm. Closes 4am except Friday and Saturday when its open an hour later. Note Membership here is compulsory (€3 for a month minimum) and advance tickets sales apply for some nights. Often rammed .For programme & door charges see website .

The Power Zone (Daniel Goedkoopstraat 1-3, Amsterdam) with a capacity of 5,000 is one of Amsterdam’s biggest clubs. Music themes vary with no two Saturdays the same. Several bars and lounges with a balcony overseeing a huge dance floor. Open till 5am class. Situated outside the city centre at Amstel station Admission between €15 -€ 40 expensive but but classy.Tel  0900 769 379

Open nightly TWSTD at Weteringschans 157 Telephone 320 7030 is a club which plays hip hop, house and techno has a reputation for inviting established DJ’s from all over Europe to host proceedings. Club Opens from 6pm-1am Sunday through to Thursday & from ; 6pm-3am Friday and Saturday. Admission Free Some people & not just locals say this is the club! .For programme details see website

Melkweg at Lijnbaansgracht 234A Telephone 531 8181 has earned itself a reputation across Holland for playing a range of good music including dance hip hop jazz rock and r&b and soul. It’s Techno parties are becoming legendary. Membership is a condition of admission though this only €3 for one month. Entry charges depend on type of night but generally are between €10 and €30. Serious club with very knowledgeable DJ’s  More info  website

Probably the biggest club in Amsterdam (was a theatre in it’s previous life) is Escape at Rembrandtplein 11 Telephone 622 1111. Very comfortable spacious club, which can accommodate nearly 2000 guest. Extremely popular with young Amsterdam Clubbers who queue to get in even on Sundays. The music is dance mainstream. The club opens at 11pm and closes 4am Thursday & Sunday – 5am Friday and Saturday Entry charges vary – up to €20.Note Casual dress is advisable here – (T shirt and trainers). Tourists in gangs who are loud and drunk will not get

Tourists can be confident of a warm welcome from Studio 80 at Rembrandtplein 17 Telephone 521 8333. Acid deep electronic hip hop and techno is played here and the atmosphere is enhanced by the fact the admission is usually below €10 and occasionally free. Club opens from 11pm – 5am Friday and Saturday, 10pm – 4am Wednesday Thursday & Sunday. This Club well respected by in many quarters of the business. For programme see website (Dutch only) .

Dansen  bij Jansen at Handboogstraat 11-13 ( in the old centre) Telephone 620 1779 is a gift from heaven if you have real student id. Dance hip hop and rock here plus the bliss of very cheap beer and entry charges usually under €5! This club is well respected in Amsterdam’s student community as its a decent night out if your on a budget but you must have the id and homemade ones are not accepted. Club opens seven days a week at 10pm. Close 4am Sunday to Thursday and 5am Friday and Saturday. website

An established club in Amsterdam’s nightlife is Flexbar at Pazzanistraat 1 This club success is due  to the behind scenes input of several influences such as Wannabeastar and Rednose Distrikt. Dance and hip hop are the order of the nights. Club nights are Thursday to Sunday opening at 10pm. Closing at 4am on Thursday and Sunday – 5am on Friday and Saturday. Entry up to €10All enquiries and programme details  are given on their website

Winston International at Warmoesstraat 125-129 Telephone 623 1380 offering live bands and before handing over to DJ’s afterwards. One of the few clubs in Amsterdam that will play Ska it also plays r&b hip hop and rock and soul. Club opens nightly at 9pm and close at 3am Sunday to Thursday and 4am Friday & Saturdays. Entry up to €10. Friendly club popular with locals good value which also features live gigs in the summer. Further details from website

Every summer the Ajax Amsterdam Football Stadium (ArenA Boulevard 1 Nearest metro station: Bijlmer )takes on a temporary identity as the Amsterdam Arena hosting live gigs by international mega-stars and occasionally raves. For programme and ticket prices see website



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