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 Amsterdam (Schiphol) International Airport & Airline Guide

low cost flights from Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport Information

Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport Website

Schiphol Airport Code: AMS

Telephone No’s: International Dialers +31-207940800
From inside the Netherlands: 0900-0141, ( EUR 0,40 p.m.)


Travel From Schiphol Airport to Central / Downtown Amsterdam

The Airport is 15 km from Central Downtown Amsterdam. The railway station is directly beneath the airport. On average 6 or seven trains an hour serve Amsterdam from the airport during the day. At night there is at least an hourly service. Rail Journeys take about 13 minutes.

Trains from Schiphol also serve all major Dutch towns including The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. There are also several bus routes to Amsterdam and other parts of Holland from the airport.

Euromost suggests that you view the Airport website’s Journey Route Planner where ever you are going and whatever form of transport you are using. Alternatively for information on public transport to and from Schiphol: + 31 (0)900 9292


A Few Facts About Amsterdam International Airport

The facilities at this airport are generally excellent. It is spotlessly clean and has high standards in its many bars restaurants and toilet facilities except for passengers flying on low cost airlines – see note below.

The airport has a very positive and proactive policy for assisting disabled passengers whatever their need. It has a policy of supplying free wheelchairs to visitors who have difficulty in walking but are not actually flying. It has good facilities for babies and children including a play area. It also has good business facilities including wireless internet. Shops and restaurants are plentiful and if you were to get stranded here your stay would be very comfortable!

Low Cost Airlines Note: All low cost airlines using Schiphol arrive and depart from the new ‘H’ Pier. This is building has no retail or catering facilities and only a few toilets. The pier arrivals and departure gates are at the bottom of a staircase with no lift facilities. There is a long walk from the staircase to the main terminal. This arrangement is not suitable for disabled elderly or infirm travellers and may be difficult for those accompanied by very young children.


Public Transport In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a small and not very car friendly. Car parking space is limited and thus very expensive. Public transport is both intergrated and efficient.

The city is served by 17 tramlines which all serve the Central Station and two metrolines. These services are generally operated by Public transport in the city is operated by the city transport company GVB.

The bus, tram and metro services routes are divided into zones. To use these services you have to purchase a 15 part ‘strippencard’ in advance from a news ‘ tobacannist kiosk.. Strippencards can be purchased on the bus or trams but are considerably more expensive than those purchased in advance, If your journey is in one zone you will need to use 2 parts. If your journey is in in two zones you will need to use 3 parts. Simply add an extra part for to the number of zones you are travelling in. 15 part Strippencards cost approx 6€ or 18€ for a 45 part.

You validate the strips by folding the parts and inserting them into the yellow tickets machines. Vailidation is comfirmed when the machine chimes. On the metro services you must validate the ticket before you reach the platform.

Tickets are valid for a specific time which is shown on the ticket after validation. You may make a return journey free of charge within the time frame specified.

If you do not have a valid ticket and are stopped by a inspector you will be given a 60€ cash fine. If your ticket time frame has expired the fine is 48€.

Visitors also have the option of a Day pass or passes for any number of day up to seven days. In the winter of 2015/16 the higest price for a 1 day pass was under 8 euros and a 7 day pass was 32 euros. See the GVB website above for more details and discounts available. The day passes are less cumbersome but only represent value if you are make multiple journeys.

Night Bus Services In Amsterdam

There are also 28 dependable night bus services mostly centred on the Central Station which the day passes can be used on.


Canal Boat Routes

The Canal Company operate three canal boat services with scheduled stops. More.

Cycle Hire In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a ‘cycle’ friendly city with cycle lanes. Cycles can be hired at many points in the city.

The Central station, Dam Square and Leidseplein are key points for these services. Day rates average about 9€. with discounts available for extra days.


Taxis Services In Amsterdam

There is never a shortage or long wait for taxis in Amsterdam what ever the time of day probably because by Western Europe standards they are very very expensive!.



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