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The Great Wall Of China

The nearest part of the wall from Beijing is as at Huanghuacheng 60 Km to the north

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square (image above) is the largest square in the world. It dates back to 1417 but was enlarged in 1952 to it present size of 440,000 square metres. Translated from traditional Chinese it means Heavenly Peace and is named after the Gate of Heavenly Peace on the side of the square where in 1949 Chaiman Mao Ze Dong proclaimed the Communist Republic of China 1949. Opposite the gate is the Monument to the People’s Heroes, where you every day the Chinese National Flag is raised. Incidentally kite flying in the square is a pastime of many locals.

Within the square is the Chinese Parliament – Peoples Congress, The China History Museum. On the south side of the square is the Qianmen-Gate, which was built as a city gate during the Qing-Dynasty. In the centre of the square is the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao where his body can be viewed in a sarcophagus of glass.

The Summer Palace

The summer palace is on the shore of Kunming lake. It is a garden which was revived and developed by Emperor Quianlong in 18th century with temples, lakes and monuments. It is vast and easy to spend the day here as there is so much to see notably: The Palace of Benevolent Longevity, the Garden of Virtuous Harmony and the Long Corridor with some amazing art painted all along it. Other attractions include the Pavilion of Buddhist Fragrance, Pavilion of Precious Clouds, and the Wenchang Gallery.

The Forbidden City – The Palace Museum

the forbidden city Beijing

image courtesy of wiki

Many visitors to Beijing believe that this splendid 14th century building (see image of the throne above) is Beijings leading attraction. Now it is a National museum having been the palatial home of the rulers of the Ming & Qing Dynasties. It has a southern and northern entrance. The route from the northern entrance gives you a panoramic view Beijing from the Jingshan Park where in the mornings you will find locals practising Tai Chi. There is a standard admission fee at the entrance and for some special exhibitions within the Palace other charges may apply. It is rumoured the museum has nearly a million items of exhibits from China’s 5,000 year history & covers 720,000SQM  website.

The Temple of the Sleeping Buddha

This Temple is in Tiantan Gongyuan West Beijing. It was originally built in the Tang Dynasty and later rebuilt during the renamed in Yuan and Ming Dynasties.

The Hall of the Sleeping Buddha is the centre of the Temple. To enter the temple you pass through the Glazed Archway, and into the Mountain Gate Hall. After walking through the Devaraja Hall and the Hall of the Buddhas of Three Ages, you arrive at the Hall of the Sleeping Buddha.

The Sleeping Buddha, is a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha in a recumbent position. Cast in bronze in 1321 the statue is over 5 metres long and weighs 54 tons. Around the Buddha are twelve clay disciples. The scene depicts the Buddha giving his disciples their instructions before he leaves earth.

The Temple Of Heaven

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the largest building in the Temple of Heaven

image courtesy of wiki

Situated in south east Beijing this Taoist Temple (also known as the Altar of Heaven ) was founded in 1420,. It is regarded by some as the finest example of Ming architecture, and the temple itself is an emblem for Beijing. It is surrounded by other Taoist buildings in a wide park .More details from the World Heritage website.



Beijing For Kids And Grown Up Adults

Beijing Amusement & Water Park

Animal shows, bumper boats, carousel, go-karts, waterslide Bajiao Underground Railway Station Beijing, 100043, Phone 86/8862858

Beijing Jiu Long Entertainment Park

Chinese fairyland with Disney style !
Close to theThirteen Reservoirs, Chang Ping District, Beijing, 102200, Tel +86 (0)10 6071 3460; 6071 3399 (ext. 3322) Fax +86 (0)10 6071 3396 6071 3723

Fun Day

Slides Balls & Games for Kids
Gong Ti South Road, North of the Lan Dao shopping center, Chao Yang District, Beijing, 100027, Tel +86 (0)10 6593 6207

The Deer Garden

Sanctuary of Rare Deer
Nan Jiao Farm, Da Xing County, Beijing, ??100067, Tel +86 (0)10 8796 2105, Fax +86 (0)10 8796 2105 ext. 300; 8796 2107 ext.300

China Puppet Theatre

Weekly puppet shows
1A An Hui Xi Li, North Third Ring Road Central Section, Beijing, , Tel +86 (0)10 6425 4798

Chinese Science and Technology Exhibition Hall

1 Zhong Zhou Road and North Third Ring Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing, ??100029, Tel +86 (0)10 6237 1177 ext. 3216, Fax +86 (0)10 6237 93789

Tai Ping Yang’s Underwater World

A bay of beasts!
11 West Third Ring Road Central Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing, 100036, Tel +86 (0)10 6846 1172; +86 (0)10 6846 1173, Fax +86 (0)10 6846 1198

Tuan Jie Hu Park

Lake with man made beach
16 Tuan Jie Hu Nan Li,, Chao Yang District, Beijing, Beijing100026, Tel + 86 (0)10 8597 3603




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