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Beijing Appraisal & Overview

Beijing is China’s capital. To the north and west of the are mountains. Between the mountains and the city part of the Great wall of China can be found. People have lived in the region for 3.000 years. Beijing is also an intrinsic part of China’s industrial base though outside the city agriculture and farming are the major industries. The weather in Beijing ranges from very cold winters to hot summers.

The most striking thing physically about Beijing is how it embraces its past history with contemporary western city living. The city centre is Tienanmen Square at 440,000 square metres is the largest square anywhere in the world and has within it the Chinese Parliament – Peoples Congress, The China History Museum.

Many of the landmarks in Beijing date back hundreds of years are are examples of the country’s imperialist past. The Forbidden City which once was the palace of the Ming & Qing Dynasties and dates back to the 14th century is the most notable example. The public transport system in the city is extensive with thousands of buses, an ever expanding metro rail system and some of the worlds most honest taxi drivers.

From a visitor’s perspective the city has many fine restaurants which offer traditional Chinese food. Japanese and Thai restaurants are also plentiful. These establishments and the legendary ‘tea houses’ are a formative part of Beijing’s recreational life. There are a few nightclubs in the city but serious dancing and raves are not cool here.

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