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a guide to the night life options available to clubbers in Beijing

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Beijing Clubbing Guide

Beijing is a conservative city in cultural terms. The western ‘clubbing’ style of nightlife associated places like Prague and Ibiza is not part of the Beijing experience. There are night clubs but they certainly are not raves and dance floor space in a clubs is not at a premium.

The apparent lack of action on the dance floors of Beijing does not reflect the city’s capacity for playing solid contemporary Western music as visitors to Babyface have confirmed. This very stylish club which cleverly utilises glass and metal in its decor partners with the world famous Ministry of Sound Setup and good music is assured.

The club at Gongti Xi Lu 6 (south of the Workers’ Stadium west gate) is popular with well heeled young Beijingers Xin Haoyun Jiuba ( New Get Lucky Bar) is the last type of venue you would expect to find in Beijing. Heavy metal with a very obvious punk tendency has arrived and it seems not to have a return ticket. International guests appear here including Brian Failure and Hanging on the Box. Very civil every city should have one of these. No more than 5€ to get and located In Oriental Qicai World, Nuren Jie . Tel + 86 010 8448 3335 The Icehouse (Dong’an Men Dajie Xipei Lou 53) Decent New blues club run by ambitious Australians and open till 2am Watch this space! Tel: + 86 010 6522-1389

Banana near the scitech hotel at Jianguo Men Wai Dajie 22 is furnished with imitation Palm Trees – white columns and populated by size 4 girls often wearing sunglasses being eyed up guys who for the most part are dressed in black. The haven’t we met before line will work here or outside as the music is deafening! A little on the sad side.

The CD Jazz Cafe is fast becoming see the best place to see live local jazz and blues musicians in Berlin acts in Beijing. It has a good ambiance, a friendly crowd and can get rammed. Don’t leave it to late.

Sanwei Shuwu (Sanwei Bookstore) is a good representation of more traditional Beijing nightlife. This tea house, opposite the Minorities Palace -Minzu Gong – puts on intimate concerts at the weekend. Fridays offers Jazz and Saturdays its old style Chinese. Admission is about 5€ and includes tea and snacks. This venue is thought to be the best of its type in Beijing but there many other similar places.

Generally these Tea House gigs start around 8-8.30. and the closer you can get to the bands the better.

Ziteng Lu Chaguan (Purple Vine Tea House) Nan Chang Jie 1 – outside the west entrance to the Forbidden City. This cute English speaking little tea house has private areas that overlook a fountain from the peaceful sound of running water arises. This is refreshing on a warm day and especially calming at night ( its open from Midday until 2am) and If you order one of the better oolong teas here you will be rewarded with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony Tele +86 010 6606 6614




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