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Restaurants In Beijing And Places To Eat

The Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant is renowned at home and abroad for its roast duck. In line with traditional Chinese cooking, the duck is prepared hung from a pole over a wooden fire until its skin has a rich golden brown tone. The restaurant, which reportedly is over 140 years old, is especially famous for its seasoned pastries made up of pieces of the duck. The breast with chili sauce and breast and eel casserole being particularly pleasing The QQ also offers a relaxed and comfortable environment which has an exceptional standard of service. It is expensive by Chinese standards but worth it however discerning you are. Tel + 86 010 6302 3062 – 32 Qianmen Street off the south side of Tiananmen Square.

Quan Ju De Peking Duck Restaurant. This establishment is a little bit of an enigma. The service is not outstanding, the menu is only in Chinese, the staff do not speak English, and it was probably last decorated during the Cuban missile crisis. Having said that it is extremely busy and has in the past been played host to the likes of Bush & Castro but not on the same night! The food if the shredded Peking Duck is anything to go by is pure heaven. It is served with flattened rice cake which is very complimentary and bizarrely a rewarding packet sauce which you ordain the duck with. A memorable night out all told! A little expensive in local terms but in some ways it is a ‘must’. Guests on the next table said its theme was Chinese Dim Sum! Tel + 86 010 6302 3062. Its situated on the main road running south west from the south side of Tinanmen Square.

As a result of Beijing being the mainstay of China’s Imperialist past it has a deeply rooted tradition of offering ‘Imperial Cuisine’. This is difficult to define specifically but restaurants that offering this food will offer you a range of dishes or courses. These meals are served in the form of a banquet rather than a mezze.

One restaurant that is a good example of this style is the ‘ Li Jia Cai Restaurant’. at 11 Yangfang hutong, Denei Dajie. This business which is entirely staffed by family members (some of whom speak English) is dedicated to reproducing traditional imperial food. There is no menu as the courses are determined by the family and the are varied regularly.

The ingredients of all dishes are spared the contamination of man made additives and the establishment has some good and appropriate wine to compliment it excellent food. It has received significant international recognition and once was host to former US President Clinton. It is a little tricky to find but worth the effort and not expensive when you consider the range and quality of the food.

Matsuko Japanese Restaurant (on the the t Third Ring Road North Section, at Bai Jia Zhuang Beijing, 11 Tel: + 86 010 6582 5208) offers Japanese food of the highest quality. The service is of equal standard and the overall good ambiance is enhanced by the fact that the seating offers a fair degree of privacy. The Sushi, Sashimi are the mainstay of the menu which also offers beers and beverages. Widely thought to be the best place for grilled fish in Beijing.

Red Basil (Thai) is another safe bet which is very popular with both locals and visitors. It is very upmarket but not over he top – the decor is subtle, the tables are not on top of one another and it is though it has classic wooden floors it has a contemporary air about it. The food is very good with the ‘kai hor bei tuey’ chicken in pandana leaves and chicken coconut soup tom kari kai both outstanding. Curries on the other tables were seemingly well received. On the surface it seems a little pricey but this a quality food served well. It is situated at Nan Xiao Jie 8 Beijing, 11 (near ring road three) Tel +86 010 6460 2339.

The Taj Pavilion Indian Restaurant, is probably the best Indian restaurant in Beijing. It has numerous curries and probably as many vegetables. The dishes include the very best Tandoori Chicken and a truly delicious ‘palak paneer’ – homemade cheese with Spinach and other delights. There is also real naan bread on offer – the onion version is especially good as are the accompanying sauces. The restaurant is situated in the China World Trade Centre at 1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue Beijing, 11 Tel + 86 010 6505 5866 which in part accounts for its high prices. Easy to find though!To say that Beijing has an abundance of Chinese and Asian restaurants is an understatement. However Beijing cuisine offerings cater for palates from all the over world is much more. One that is particularly good is Schillers 111 at Nong Zhan South Road, Beijing, 11 . Tel +86 )10 6593 1078. This establishment is in similar to some of the restaurants bars found in Berlin and Prague. It offers good quality food including steaks, burgers, samosas and chicken portions. Very European with distinct American and Germanic bias. Very reasonably priced.

The Bleu Marine is a restaurant serving good French food – with its steak subject to several good reports. Fluent English is spoken here and it has a cosy atmosphere. Located at Guang Hua Xi Li Beijing, 11 Tel + 86 010 6500 6704.

Home from home (especially for those from Ireland UK and Ireland) has to be Franks Place. This pub / restaurant offers American food in a very clean environment and at very competitive prices – even the drinks are fairly priced. They welcome families. It is busy with many English speaking guests.

All the staff speak English and they are managed by a slightly off the wall but endearing Irish guy. It is open to the early hours and is situated close to the Holiday Inn Lido at Gong Ren Ti Yu Guan Dong Lu Beijing, 11 Tel: + 86 010 6507 2617




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