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Hotels In Berlin

Before the Wall fell Hotel accommodation was predominantly situated in West Berlin and that balance remains today. Hotel Prices in central  East Berlin are not competitive as in the  former western sector.

However the city’s tallest hotel ‘the Park Inn’ can be found in Alexanderplatz (seven minutes walk from the TV Tower) in what was the centre of East Berlin and today is the prime location for seeing Berlin historical sights. The 4 star hotel itself is by Berlin standards a little expensive but it has numerous excellent facilities including a business centre, casino gym and a well informed concierge desk. The view on the 39th floor is second to none.

On the other side of the city there is an abundance of accommodation in the Charlottenburg area the former home of Berlins bourgeoisie and also in Schoneberg in the southwest. Hotels and apartments in the latter district seem to offer good accommodation at competitive prices.


Apartments  In Berlin

There are numerous one night  to short-term let apartments available in Berlin. Some of the cheaper ones seem to be in the east berlin close to Alexanderplatz where some properties were former state housing before the fall of communism.  That said apartments in Berlin generally are between 33- 50% lower in price than nearby hotels.

As the standard’s in most apartments are good and the apartment agencies that handle the bookings for them are professional it is difficult to single out one particular apartment or company.  Checking on trip advisor might point you in the right direction.

That said as with apartments in most European cities local agencies that are Berlin or German based are far more likely to offer you  fair price than companies that are taking bookings for every city in the world. Look for the ‘de’  suffix  on the urls you visit.


Backpacker Hostels In Berlin

There are numerous hostels in Berlin with many offering facilities and hygiene standards above the norm. One company that is held in high regard by some is baxpax‘ which has four centrally situated hostels. Their very arty and colourful Millie Hostel has been mentioned by quite a few well travelled backpacker.   There are three other in this family run group which we are told offer good deals and even a free bed at certain times of the year.
Hostels in the Schoneberg area in south west Berlin are often good places for finding decent budget accommodation and as a result it has a very  lively nightlife.
Also worth checking out is DJH the German Youth Hostel Association where the Youth Hostel idea originated from. This organisation now caters for families, people and school parties. It has over 500 establishments all over Germany and at least one is in a castle!  Many  youth hostel associations in other counties have affiliation arrangements with DJH

Campsites In Berlin

There are several camp sites in Berlin situated on the western outskirts if the city. DCC Dreilinden at Abrechts Teerofen , 14109 Berlin Wannsee (Tel: 805 12 01) caters for ‘tents only. It has a restaurant and shower facilities. Directions: Take the S-Bahn (towards Potsdam) to Wannsee. The get the 118 bus 118 to Kätchenweg. The camp is a 20 minute walk from there. Ed comment Sometimes described as ‘basic’.

DCC Gatow at Kladower Damm 207-213, 14039 Berlin Spandau (Tel: 365 43 40) Open all year and has plots for visitor with caravans. Easy to get to on Express bus 34 from ZOO station.Ed Comment Caters for disabled people and the loo’s are very clean. Noted.

DCC Kladow at Krampnitzer Weg 111-117, 14089 Berlin Kladow (Tel: 365 27 97) Open all year and offers caravans if you have not got your own. Site is good for children offering open air swimming and play space. Facilities are good with decent showers and a toilet for the disabled. At ZOO Station take Expressbus 34 to Alt-Kladow then bus 234 to Selbitzer Straße. From there its about an eight minute walk of you follow the DCC signposts. Ed Comment There is a fairly decent restaurant and the site shop proved useful.

DCC Am Krossinsee at Ernsdorfer Straße 38, 12527 Berlin Koepenik (Tel: 675 86 87) Site CV is impressive as it caters for visitors with caravans, rents rooms and bungalows. Caters well for disabled visitors. Take the S-Bahn to Grünau, then Tram 68 to Schmöckwitz and then bus 733 to the site. Ed Comment Bonuses here include the chance to rent bikes and boats and the scenic woodland setting. Noted

DCC Kohlhasenbrück Neue Kreisstraße 36, 14109 Berlin Wannsee( Tel: 805 17 37) From ZOO station take S-Bahn towards Potsdam, to Wannsee and then bus 118 to Neue Kreisstr. Closed between November and February this site is most suitable for people with young children as it boasts a nature reserve and a playground for children. Ed Comment The children friendly ambiance is supported by laundry facilities!



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