Berlin Clubbing Guide + Clubs & Nightlife In Berlin

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Berlin Clubbing Guide – Music & Dance Clubs

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Overview & Reviews Of The Club Scene In Berlin

Berlin (like Hamburg) has a long established reputation for night life as illustrated in the 1972 film Cabaret. In the 1930’s it was one of Europe’s hubs for Cabaret and Jazz. When Hitler came to power most of the clubs were closed (some were sexually forward) as they were regarded as iniquitous and immoral. Some, miraculously survived, including German jazz bands like the Harlems who’s male musicians grew their hair long which was disapproved of by the Nazis. Another band the Hamburg Swingers regularly organised dance rallies as a protest against the fascist regime

Berlin is reportedly famous for it 24 hour music clubs and though its true to say few venues are rammed before 11pm you will need to check the closing time as most clubs like to call time at breakfast. Another distinction that you need to make is that the security on the door at some bars will encourage you to think that you are going into a club.

In some instances there is very little difference between a bar club other than the bars will close anytime between 1 and 4am. Both types of establishments have will have a ‘cover charge’ or entry fee which can range from €5 -€25 though many will let early birds in free up until 10 or 11pm. Price-wise a night out in Berlin is on a par with Amsterdam or London

Today Berlin clubs are no longer political as political bias is not a good way of liberating people of their money but some cater for those with unorthodox interests Area s that have a lively nightlife include Savigny-Platz which is popular with well heeled Berliners. There are numerous pubs here and quite a few clubs though some are pricey. The Mitte district is traditionally the clubbing centre of Berlin. The Pariser Strasse area is also a focal point for more discerning clubbers but also home to many restaurants – most of which have tables outside during the summer. The nearby park also has free live concerts in the midst of summer. The Winterfeldtplatz district is a centre for Latin American music and heavily populated with Mexican restaurants. It is also part of Berlin’s Gay scene and has several gay clubs.


Berlin Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Arena Club, Eichenstrase 4, Treptow Berlin- Arena Club is one of Berlin’s most sought after settings for live music and DJ’s Club nights. Popular band Rise Against have played this large concrete space but some complain that it’s not intimate enough for a concert. This trendy crowd know their music and their busiest nights are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday’s. The club are kind enough to offer Wheelchair access for disabled clubbers. They have an extensive range of reasonably priced alcoholic beverages. Opening times are Weds, Fri and Sat 10 pm – 6 am. website

Rosi’s 12 Revaler Street 29, Friedrichshain – Rosi’s is a down to earth nightclub which is heavily populated by Students on a budget. The music of choice is House and Electro. Live bands are queuing up to perform here. The clientele is mostly laid back and unpretentious. The large and spacious dance floor is a breathe of fresh air compared to smaller venues such as Visionare. They offer an interesting food menu and their alcohol speciality is cocktails. They have a chilled out Beer Garden which is particularly popular in the summer months. Entry fee is around 6 euros and they are open from 11 pm Thurs-Sat. website

Icon, Cantianstrasse 15 , Prenzlauer – Icon is a Trendsetting Nightclub situated in the basement of an old Brewery. It began life 15 years ago and Fans of Drum and Bass need look no further than Icon’s weekly ”Recycle” Party night. Icon has been home to some of Europe’s finest DJ’S such as Bloody Beetroots and Coldcut. Their main genre of Music is  Drum and Bass but there are Techno and Hip Hop flavours thrown in for good measure as well. The majority of Icon’s clientele are more interested in dancing then pulling.  is an atmospheric venue which has been described as a Hedonists dream. The drink prices are average and on Tuesday’s entry is a mere 3 Euro’s. website

Raumklang, Libauer Strase 1, Freidrichshain – Raumklang is one of Berlin’s trendiest Nightclubs  with comes equipped with a state of the art sound system. Techno and Electro are the soundtrack to a night of partying with some of Berlin’s coolest cats. Certain clubbers found their experience at Raumklang to be distinctly average. Raumklang is Over 21’s only and the cover charge is 3 to 8 Euros.  Opening hours are Thursday to Saturday 8 pm – 4 am. website

Tape, Heidestrasse 14 Mitte, Berlin – Tape is a multi roomed Underground Venue in the Heidestrasse area of the German capital. Tape is one of the City’s most notorious House Clubs and is largely inspired by Detroit and Chicago style  Deep House music.  Old School House artists including Kerri Chandler and the Innersions have played a set at Tape. A few have commented on how tedious looking the inside of the club is. Opening hours are from Midnight Saturday  and on some Friday’s. website

Yorkschlosshen, Yorckstrasse 15, Mehringdam This old fashioned Jazz and Blues bar offers the public a different kind of entertainment  to that of most on  Berlin’s club scene.  Live Jazz and Blues acts perform here every Wednesday and at weekend’s. There’s a pool table  for those who like to shoot a little stick and a charming Garden out back. They serve a delicious line of German Soul and Pub type food up until 1 am. You could be forgiven for thinking you’d wondered in to a 1930’s New Orleans Watering Hole. Opening hours are from 5 pm Monday to Saturday and 12 am on Sunday’s. website

Watergate Club,  Falckensteinstr. 49 | 10997 Berlin- Watergate is a split level riverside setting which Champions the Techno and House movement. Watergate has a terrace which overlooks the picturesque Oberbaumbrucke River. The upstairs plays host to Techno pioneers such as Detroit’s own Kenny Larkin. The club is amongst one of the City’s most captivating and thriving nights out. The downstairs, ”Waterfloor” is home to young up and coming DJ’s. Entry fee is between 6 and 10 Euro’s. website

Cookies, Friedrich Strasee Mitte .-  Cookies has become somewhat of an institution in East Berlin’s burgeoning club scene. the Central room’s soundtrack is the latest House and Disco tunes. The environment is glamorous without being overly pretentious. The playlist is diverse with everything from Indie to Hip Hop being played in the upstairs room. Mature clubbers may wish to book a table for the impressive Vegetarian  restaurant upstairs. They are primarily open on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Cookies is the very embodiment of a hardcore clubbing experience and most will party beyond 6 am. website

Weekend,  Alexanderstrasse 5 – Weekend has evolved in to a haven for Underground Rave loving tourists. Just opposite from infamous Tourist hot spot the Fehrensum TV Tower.  Arrive here to witness the talents of genuine house and Techno acts. There is a roof Terrace bar for hipsters and fashionistas to mingle with a colourful cocktail in hand. Weekend is particularly heaving on a Rotary Cocktail or Mini-Bar night. Renowned Techno stars such as Trentmoller provide the entertainment for thrill seeking customers. Opening times are from Thursday to Saturday Midnight- early hours/ , entry fee is generally 10 Euros. website

Picknick,Dorotheenstrasse 90, Mitte – Picknick is located in the heart of the Reichstag surrounded by many of Berlin’s statuesque Government offices. Picknick has been accused of being a little on the pretentious side as much of it’s clientele are not adverse to a spot of ”Posing”. The intimate dance floors provide an adult playground for Picknick’s clientele.  Legendary DJ’s such as Grandmaster Flash and DJ Hell have chosen Picknick to play a set here. Some regard Picknick to be one of the German Capital’s hidden gems. Friday-Saturday 11-7 am Estimated 10 Euros for entry. website

Trust, Berlin Torstrasse 72, Mitte – This is a Bohemian venue which is more like a bar than an actual club. You walk in to a decadent and friendly atmosphere and bizarrely can order Vodka by the Jar. You will enter to the distinct sight of a bar containing a bed and sliding cubicles. The place is rather small and so can get a little overcrowded but depending on your personal preferences you may feel that’s adds to the hedonistic party vibe. The dress code is casual and the atmosphere has been labelled as  ”odd” by a select few. Entry is free and their doors are open from Tuesday to Saturday 8pm- till the small hours of the morning. website

White Trash, Fast Food Schonhauser Alle 6-7 Berlin White Trash as you can probably tell from the title is  far removed from the majority of the clubs in the German capital. Berlin is considered to be the home of Minimal Techno but Trash is essentially a retro and eclectic entertainment complex. Nostalgic souls who are fascinated with 1950’s Rock and Roll frequent as well as those captivated by the Punk and Garage Genres. It’s a Burger bar, Tiki shack Tattoo Parlour, Smoking cinema and club all rolled into one. A portion of customers left feeling that their experience in White Trash was distinctly average.   You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve wandered on to the set of 1970’s hit American TV show ”Happy days”. Opening times are  Mon-Fri from 12 pm and weekends from 6pm and admission is free.- website

Club Der Visionare, Am Flutgraben 2, Kreuzberg Berlin – The Club offers a very different experience to those in the Berlin Club scene with its 5 Canal side shacks next to the scenic Spree in Kreuzberg. It’s a down to earth setting ideal for clubbers who wish to relax post partying. Trendy Berliner’s  choose Club Der Visionare to bask in the City’s sunshine whilst recovering from a heavy night. The party starts at 2 pm and goes on until the last person leaves. Entry is just 5 Euros. website

Ashpalt, Mohrenstrasse 30 , Mitte  Berlin – Ashpalt is a touristy venue conveniently located in Central Berlin. This Soave joint has a vintage American feel to it. The music is mostly Disco and House which rare in the city which is a proprietor  of Minimal Techno music. Hugo Copablanca is a local celebrity and one of Ashpalt’s resident DJ’s. Ashpalt stakes a legitimate claim as  arguably  Berlin’s coolest Nightclub. The level of service is generally exceptional.   This lavish venue doesn’t come cheap though and admission is between 10 and 12 Euro’s. There is a swanky restaurant attached to Ashpalt. website

40 Seconds, Tiergarten Postdamer Strasse, Berlin- 40 Seconds is a chic venue with a strict dress code. The sound system is magnificent and the service is swift and amiable. The majority of their alcohol is extortionately priced and they boast an extensive range of cocktails. Certain ethnicities felt aggrieved as it seemed that unless you’re Aryan looking you may be turned away by the Door staff.  website

Adagio, Marlene Dietrich Platz 1 Berlin – Adagio is a highly rated and Stylish nightclub reminiscent of an Old German Palace. The venue is rather sizable at an estimated 1500 square metres. The interior and design  draws many artistic types to Adagio. Modern Electronic and R and B are the main styles of music played. Some of Berlin’s most vibrant Themed parties and live concerts also take place at Adagio. Opening times are Mon-Thurs 7 pm – early hours. Fri and Sat  10 pm – early hours. website

Probably one of the best clubs to be found in Berlin is the Kurvenstar at Kleine Prasidentenstr. 3, 10117 Berlin Telephone 030 28 59 97 10. Cover charges here are usually less than €10. This venue is really a bar cleverly decorated in a very retro 60’s style with a dance floor at the rear. The ambiance aside their cocktails are very contemporary. The sounds include dance hip hop house and refreshingly reggae. The club opens nightly (except Monday) from 8 pm till about 4am and has a club-wear dress-code. It is a comparatively small place and popular with locals in their early twenties and is often full by 10pm especially at weekends. no website

The KingKongKlub at Brunnenstrasse 173 10110 Berlin Telephone 30 9120 6860 has established itself as an eclectic but fashionable club which offers everything from punk to house. It also puts on Cabaret and anything else that it’s patrons ask for!  The decor is equally cosmopolitan the beers are very reasonably priced and its really comfortable chairs and settee add to the very relaxed ambiance. Well worth checking out whats on here as it is well regarded in many quarters website

Probably the most famous club in Berlin is the SageClub at Kopenicker Str. 76 10179 Berlin Telephone 030 278 50 52. This vast club has dance floors, bars and chill-out areas at several levels ans is impressively decorated throughout. Unlike a lot of the bigger clubs in Europe the sound quality here is excellent and suitable complimented by a blinding light show. The music is essentially house indie rock and techno. It is popular with locals but its reputation attracts clubbers from other German cities. Apart from its music and style its other attractions are the relaxed attitude of the management who do not have a dress code and also levy cover charges often well below €15. This club opens on Thurs  Fri & Saturday nights around 11pm and stays open until 5am. Apart from some of the best DJs in the country it also features live bands.  Respect! website

Tresor, Mitte, Kopenicker Strase 70, 10179 Tresor is a Nightclub situated in place of an old Power Plant and is steeped in political history. Created from the ashes of the now defunct UFO club, Tresor opened in 1991 just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The club claim that Tresor was the breeding ground for what we now know as Techno music. For over 20 years now it has been home to Europe’s leading House and Techno talent. Artists such as Bam Bam and Chris Leibing perfect their craft here. Their alcohol speciality is beer and wine.   Some customers found that the bar was tiny and that there were not enough staff to meet the needs of hundreds of people. Entrance is about 10 Euros and you can purchase fiery Tequila shots for a mere 2 Euros. Open 12- 11.30 am. Public transport is

Losers, Players (especially rich single men looking for ?!) will be drawn to 90 Grad at Dennewitzstr. 37 10785 Berlin. Telephone 030 275 96 231. This club is where either being seen or net working (but not both) seems to be more important than the music which is a mixture of house and r&b – ish. . The dancing is saved for later. It is a enigma with only a small cover charge of €10 or less provided you are dressed to kill in high class club year and and can afford the shampoo once in. It opens Tuesday from 10pm, Wednesay from 6pm, Thu – Sat l1pm closing each night at 6am. It has a l website designed by geeks with no information which gives little away apart from the names of an endless list of celebrities with the inference that they have patronised the joint. The decadence here would interest anthropolgists but few others website. 

A really decent club is the Magnetclub at Griefswalder Str. 212 , 10405 Berlin. Telephone 030 – 42 02 14 08. Situated in the heart of old East Berlin this club plays popular dance music from the 70’s and the 80’s with furnishing and decor ion a 60’s style but far more comfortable. The cover charge is around €10 and the beers are fairly priced as well. This is a really friendly club which has no airs and graces for all age Occasionally there live bands as well  It opens Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm – 6am and on Sundays from 8pm to 3am no dress code and decent staff. website

General information On Berlin Nightlife

Other area s that have a lively nightlife include Savigny-Platz which is popular with well heeled Berliners. There are numerous pubs here and quite a few clubs though some are pricey. The Mitte district is traditionally the clubbing centre of Berlin. The Pariser Strasse area is also a focal point for more discerning clubbers but also home to many restaurants – most of which have tables outside during the summer. The nearby park also has free live concerts in the midst of summer. The Winterfeldtplatz district is a centre for Latin American music and heavily populated with Mexican restaurants. It is also part of Berlin’s Gay scene and has several gay clubs.



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