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Terrorist Threat In Berlin

There is a threat from terrorism throughout Germany. As Berlin is the country’s capital the threat is higher here than some other cities. In the Autumn of 2007 three people were arrested under German Terrorism Laws. In July 2006 two bombs were discovered on local train in the Dortmund and Koblenz regions. .

Such attacks could be indiscriminate, including in public places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. On 4 September 2007, three individuals were arrested and charged with membership of a terrorist organisation. Although the German security authorities assess that terrorist threats remains ‘high’ and advise travellers to be vigilant.

In November 2015 several people were arrested in connection with Middle Eastern sourced terrorism.


Crime & Personal Safety In Berlin

Tourist in Berlin can be targets for petty criminals bag snatching mugging, and pick pocketing by petty criminals. The most common places for such incidents are airports the Christmas Market and railway stations.

Tourist Traps In Berlin

Like many European capitals, prices of drinks can be extraordinarily high, It is an easy trap to fall in  to especially on a hot day when you are dehydrated but try to get to your local supermarket like Edeka or Lidl and buy a litre size of drink as it is much better value for money. A lot of the bars and restaurants inside the Europa Centre next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.  One place in particular, an Irish pub  where they play awful cover versions of hits from legendary bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the price of a pint of Guinness is incredibly inflated.

The Kaufhaus Des western offers a breakfast/brunch service but once you have sat down and read the menu you realise that there is a poor selection of food on offer here, not what you would anticipate from one of Berlin’s most notorious Kaufhaus’s.

Many tourists who flock to the German capital are keen to grab themselves a piece of history with a piece of the Berlin Wall but be warned that many of the souvenir shops are selling a piece for around €6 for two cubic centimetres enabling the Berlin Tourism industry to make an unbelievable profit.

Checkpoint Charlie & The Checkpoint Charlie Museum The original Checkpoint Charlie is no more. Michael Caine assured us there is one ‘well actually – there is one – but its nothing like the original – cause you know they ain’t going to ask questions and where you will sleeping tonight. The reconstruction named Checkpoint Charlie outside the Checkpoint Charlie Museum Friedrichstrasse 43-45, 10969 Berlin – Kreuzberg, (website), has an air of pantomime, with mock border guards and an attitude of American derring-do, and is only worth attention if, as a Westerner, one likes to feel embarrassed.

The museum itself is badly laid out cramped and has an air of chaos about. It sells tacky souvenirs many that are probably made in Taiwan. The admission charges are over €12 for an adult, €9+ for children over ten, and €5+ for children over six make it the city’s no.1 tourist trap.

The Berlin TV Tower which was built buy the communists to keep an eye on those they ruled – and the allies in West Berlin boasts a restaurant and viewing platform. The entrance fee is €10 for adults and €5.50 for children (group rate €8 per person) or approximately double if you want VIP tickets to avoid the queue – if there is one. You can not eat in the restaurant without paying the entrance fee first. The restaurant itself offers good food at moderate prices but the ‘high’ (forgive the pun) entrance fee is verging on the ridiculous. An alternative if you want to see the Berlin does not have is the roof of the Reichstag Building

The 1936 Olympic Stadium . The stadium when it is not hosting sports and concerts etc is open to public. Admission without a guide is €3-€4 (family tickets €8) and with a guide the prices double. Its a stadium not even a second class museum. PASS.



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