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Budapest Clubs – Overview 

Clubbers visiting Budapest face a challenge when it comes to distinguishing ‘music and dance clubs’ from sex shows and brothels. The task is not made any easier by resorting to the usually informative cab or taxi driver for help as many of these are on commission for every foreign tourist they deliver to a sex joint. So if you ask the driver to take you to a particular club they may tell you it is closed, moved to a new address, or not very good and offer to take you somewhere else. We have had even had a few reports of ‘kind’ drivers dropping clubbers off free at one or two clubs to make sure they get their commission. As there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ the clubbers end up rinsed of their money once they are inside.

There are three ways you can overcome this. Avoiding flagging down a taxis in the street and If you are in a hotel ask them to order you a taxi that is honest and will take you to the club you want to go to.The second option is to order a cab to the road or street you are going to and then walk to the club. The third option is to go to the club by public transport. It is of course possible with the second and third options that the club is no longer there when you arrive but getting a second cab to an alternative venue will be far cheaper than going to the wrong club. The golden rule here is not to go to a club chosen by a taxi driver!

Budapest Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Bar Domby, Anker Koz 3 Kiraly Corner 1061 – Budapest is a small yet fashionable cocktail bar in the heart of the Pest District in Budapest. They have a fantastic selection of cocktails but they don’t come cheap with the average cocktail at a costly 10 Euros. The crowd is made up of opulent and trendy individuals some of which may enjoy posing a little too much. The service is not credited as being the fastest in the city. Smokers will be delighted to know that they are free to smoke inside the venue. They are open daily between 6 pm and 3 am. website

Club Otkert Zrinyi 4, 4, 1051 Budapest is one of Budapest’s most visited night clubs. When it comes to the music you can expect to hear anything from 70’s Rock music to current House tracks and whilst some enjoy this  kind of diversity others are not overly keen on it. The club’s capacity is about 1,000 people and it can get a little sweaty and claustrophobic in there on the weekends. The clientele are generally warm and friendly but not all customers were charmed by  the social aspect of Otkert. Drink prices are average and their Pear Cosmo is a highly recommended cocktail. Opening hours are 12 pm to 12 am Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday -Thursday  12 pm till 4 am and Friday -Saturday 12 pm till 5 am.

The Cotton Club at 1066 Budapest Jokai Street 26, is a 1920’s American themed club and restaurant in the middle of the city centre.  For fans of Jazz music a trip to the Cotton Club is simply essential as they have live Jazz played here every night with the exception of Sunday’s. The place has a nostalgic ambiance about it which tricks you into believing you are back in a swinging Louisiana bar in the early 20th century. They serve satisfactory Hungarian cuisine as well as sea food at affordable prices. I’m sure most will be curious to experience their unique cigar and poker rooms. Opening hours are Monday-Sunday 10-1 am website

The Bahnhof Music Club at VI. Váci u. 1, Budapest Telephone 36 1 302-4751 is a fairly safe bet for a night out especially as it is popular with locals. The club has a cover charge – nearly always below 1,000 ft. It has two dance areas one that plays contemporary music and classic dance hits. The other tends to specialise in a specific genre on individual nights – with reggae and soul nights not uncommon. Follow the locals who say the drinks prices are ok! Usually closes around 4am No Website – details email 

The A38 Boat Club at XI. Pázmány Péter sétány, Budapest Telephone 36 1 464-3940. This club is on board a ship moored in the Danube and was probably Budapest’s no.1 club extremely popular locals when it first docked there nearly a decade ago. The novelty of clubbing on board a ship has warn off a little with the locals but it remains one of the best clubs in Budapest and on its club nights has guest DJS from all over Europe. Music can be varied but tends to be mainstream No cover charge or only a very small one is a frequent feature of Club nights. It also put on some pretty decent live underground and punk bands when a cover charge depending on the band, between 1500 and 7,000 f may be made. This venue also puts on latin and classical live music.  Other features are a fairly good restaurant and a outdoor terrace though the latter is not open in the winter. Well decked out venue that is thought to be a little expensive drink-wise by some but the lack of cover charges on club nights mean that locals consider it a decent night out The club can be found on the Buda Bank by the Petőfi Bridge. website

Club Seven at Akácfa u. 7, Budapest Telephone 36 1 478-9030. Very well promoted club aimed at tourists to Budapest which account for its high cover charges from 1000-ft – 2000 ft. Its specialises in expensive cocktails and usually has no music bias but will play punk and house it has a reputation as an well decorated expensive pick up joint with locals. You have been warned.

Fel 10 Jazz Klub at VIII. Baross u. 30. Authentic jazz (rock) club which features live sets every night of the week. Cover Charges usually circa 500 ft. Also has dance parties after midnight on Thursday Friday & Saturdays. Appeals to 25+ age group.Closes 4am nightly. Editorial Comment Club has no website or public telephone number so the programmes here are unknown but the club is held in a high regard and known for being dependable.

The Piaf Club at VI. Nagymezo u. 25, Budapest 36 1 312-3823. This venue , which is open nightly from 10pm until around 5 or 6am is probably one of the safest bets in Budapest. It is quite classy and tends to appeal to those with slightly bohemian tastes. It has a cover charge of less than a 1,000 ft and is popular with locals and tourists. Musically it offers a relaxed jazz / blues club upstairs with a very relaxed ambiance enhanced by a resident pianist. In very stark contrast the DJs in the basement cleverly mix dance classics from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and this area is well known for some pretty lively dance parties at times.  Decent club with a very friendly ambiance – reliable No website. .

Fat Mo’s Music Club & Restaurant at V. Nyári Pál u. 11, Budapest Telephone 36 1 267-3199. This no cover charge venue is a long established blues and jazz club (with a little soul added to spice thing up occasionally) is also famous for its steak dinners so if your eating you should book a table. Excellent food, relaxed atmosphere with knowledgeable DJ’s Open Monday  Tuesday Wednesday from noon to 2am, Thursday / Friday noon to 4am, Saturday 6pm to 4am, and on Sunday from 6pm to 2am. website

The Trafo Bar Tango at IX. Liliom u. 41, Budapest Tel: 36 1215-1600 Cover Charges range from 600 – 2500 ft. Former Jazz venue with a very small dance floor that now concentrates on alternative music of many genres but especially reggae and indie but programmes can change at short notice here. Usually open daily from 6pm till 3 or 4am. For more information check website

Catedral Cafe Vaci utca 33 V.Kerulet – Cathedral is a popular Downtown Bar located on the bridge across the magical Danube River. Apart from being a restaurant Cathedral is also a well renowned Live music venue. The shows usually starts around 7 pm concluding at around 10 pm and then let the Clubbing commence. They occasionally have  DJ’s perform a live set here. website na

A38, Petofi Bridge Rakpart – A38 is a trendy venue  which is built on a ship. It’s modelled on a Ukrainian Stone carrier ship.  They offer an extensive range of affordable beers and cocktails. The club is far from the rest of Budapest’s nightlife and the location exudes   a romantic and passionate ambiance. This cool hot spot has a broad range of musical styles which cater to varying tastes. It’s Best to come for a specific event which you can read about on their website. Opening hours are Mon-Thurs, Sun 10 pm – 2 am. website

Bank Dance Hall, Vaci utca 33, Central Pest Tel no: 20- 344-4888 – Bank Dance Hall is conveniently placed in the centre of Budapest. It’s one of the Hungarian Capital’s Premier Disco nights. The club referred to as ”The Bank” is a heaving venue brimming with sexy guys and girls. The Bank’s clientele are mostly young and suburban , between 18 and 25. There is House, Trance and funky Hungarian tunes for clubbers to party to. Drinks are well priced and entry fee can cost anything from 1,000- 3,000 HUF. The club is placed to the south of Nguyati Station right next to Mcdonald’s. Opening hours are  Sun-Thurs 10 pm – 4 am and Fri/Sat  10 pm to 5 am. website

Creol, 1051 Budapest Roosevelt 7-8/ – Creol is an upmarket venue which attracts some of the City’s wealthiest clubbers. It’s situated in the middle of Budapest and surrounded by lavish 5 star hotels. The music is funky  and the cocktails are great but come at a cost. The modernity of it’s design and decor has a certain appeal. Their picturesque Terrace is packed with clubbers during the spring and summer months.  Creol is frequently used for business functions. Open Friday and Saturday 8 pm – 4 am. website

Minyon, Budapest Kiraly Street Utca  –  Minyon is very popular amongst the Student contingent and  plays a diverse range of Music. Kiraly Street has become a Cosmopolitan, up and coming area in recent years. It’s ideally located if you are lodging in the city centre as you can walk there and back with ease. The crowd tend to be warm and sociable and the service is generally adequate. Minyon is home to mostly locals with few tourists deciding to come here for one reason or another. There are Leather bar stools and  exceptionally comfortable sofas if you wish to rest your feet. Prices are a little high but it shouldn’t put you out of pocket. Opening times are Mon and Tues 12 am- 12 pm and  Wednesday 12 pm to 2 am and  Thurs- Sat 12 pm till 4 am. Sundays closed. website

Jam Pub, 1024 Lovohaz Street 1-3 – Jam is an urban/Retro Bar  which  hosts live concerts. Many of Budapest most  promising Musical acts arrive at Jam to play a set. There is a decadent party that begins at Midnight which plays Music from the 70’s and 80’s. Jam is a haven for 30 and 40 Something’s who wish to be among clubbers their own age. There is a restaurant here with a delectable and interesting menu. You may also wish to come  here if you are a fan of the stand up comedy circuit, with regular comedians performing weekly.  Opening hours are 9 pm – 6 am. website

Wig Wam 11 Fehervari ut 202, Budapest Tel No: 1-208-5569 Wig Wam offers a different service to most of the City’s nightclubs with Blues, Rock and Country music providing the entertainment. You may be tempted by their refreshing Salad bar or choose to play a game of Darts when you’re not dancing. After the Live concert on Thursday you can groove to the Old School sounds of 80’s and 90’s music. The hard hitting Rock Parties on weekends can get pretty crowded. Opening times are 9 pm – 5 am. website



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