Budapest Restaurant Guide Eating Out In Budapest’s Restaurants & Diners

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Restaurants In Budapest Overview

Budapest is rich in restaurants which are often found in old and very beautiful buildings and decorated with heavy curtains. Many, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays feature small classical quartets that add a great ambiance to the whole dining experience. Sometimes these musicians suddenly come into the restaurant and you can find yourself surrounded by a mini orchestra willing to play anything you care to name. And if you don’t suggest something they will assume you are in love, which can be a little awkward if your out with your ex to celebrate your divorce.


Budapest Restaurant Guide

Cafe Jubilee Szent Istvan Krt.13, 1055Jubilee is a charming little Italian/Mediterranean establishment. It’s become somewhat of a social hub in recent times and  and has become well renowned for its nights of live music. For a main course you may wish to sample CJ’s sandwich or the superbly grilled steak. They have a great selection of different wines. A few people have commented on the service being a little non-existent or rude on occasion. Jubilee is very affordable

Carne Di Hall 1011,Bem Rakpart 20 Carne Di Hall is one of Budapest’s most enjoyable dining affairs for meat eaters.  They have a weekday Lunch menu which represents good value for money with a wide range of sumptuous dishes. If you are an adventurous diner and wish to try something different then their delicious Grape salad with Duck eggs may prove to be a wise choice. The restaurant’s staff are highly competent but a select few felt that the restaurant’s bright  lighting was a little too glaring for them. Their cuisine is affordable with dishes costing somewhere between 5 and 20 Euros depending on what you purchase.
Borbirosag, Csnarnok, Ter 5, 1093 Borbirosag is a quaint little eatery which gives the customer good value for money. Their Pork wrapped in bacon with dried tomato gnocchi is a culinary delight and if you are staying for dessert then i would personally advise you to sample their mouth-watering Tiramisu. Their staff are kind and fairly efficient. A main meal should cost you between 10 and 20 Euros which isn’t bad considering the quality of their contemporary fare. They are closed on Sunday’s.
Baldaszti’s Kitchen Lannchid Utca 7/9 1013Baldaszti’s is a traditional Hungarian restaurant. Their 4 Euro Tapas is a great way to start your meal but be aware that your main course will cost a lot more. Their Veal Tartare is a culinary masterpiece but  it doesn’t come cheap. They make their own fruit juices and I have to say that the homemade Raspberry is simply sublime. The portions are large which does help to compensate for the expense. A select few feel there is ”Something Missing” in terms of ambiance and atmosphere in Baldaszti’s. The majority of customers said that their trip to Baldastzi’s was a wonderful experience.
Chess Restaurant, 1074 Dob Street, 63/  Chess is a pleasant little bistro with a warm atmosphere. The main course which gets lots of people talking is their crisp, refreshing Caesar Salad with succulent King Prawns. The Chocolate souffle is a moist, delectable dessert. Their is a romantic ambiance in the air here but some have felt a little claustrophobic as the tables are pushed too close together. A few have also commented that there may not be enough waiters for the amount of customers. The cuisine is tasty and most dishes are reasonably priced.
Cafe New York, Erzsebet, Korut 9-1  Cafe New York is a passionate, elegant venue located in the Korut area of the Hungarian capital. New York is more of a cafe then actual restaurant and they specialise in a terrific selection of beautifully textured cakes. Their coffee is by all accounts fantastic but their drinks in general are very pricey. It’s a trendy place which offers  excellent refreshment that comes at a price.
Divino Wine Bar, 1053 Szent, Istvan, Ter 3.The Divino wine bar is an after hours, Michelin recommended haven for Budapest’s fashionistas. They have a good selection of Hungarian Tapas and the ”Divino Burger” is  ideal for a hearty and delectable main course. The bar is full of character and is located right next to the beautiful Basilica church. the quality of their wine is undoubted but like their cuisine it comes at an extortionate price.
Ruben, 1053 Magyar Street utca 12-14 Ruben is a well priced little restaurant which offers a host of spectacular delicacies. Their gorgeously fried Camembert Cheese is the perfect appetizer. Ruben have a broad selection of cocktails but a few were left dissatisfied claiming the cocktails were too watery. They offer a cheap Lunchtime menu. The clientele are pleasant and welcoming and the level of service is generally good. Their meat dishes are excellently cooked and there are a few options for Vegetarians as well.
Menza, liszt, ferencstr, 2, 1061 Menza is a fashionable, retro eatery which gets incredibly busy. The theme is 1970’s which is reflected in the restaurant’s design and decor. The Goose liver with camembert and grapes is  popular starter and you may choose to follow this up with an authentic and traditional Goulash. Due to the sheer amount of people you should prepare yourself for a potentially long wait after ordering your meals. The waiting staff are swift and very accommodating. A select few left feeling that the Lunchtime menu was devoid of real  diversity.
Lado Cafe Dohany, Utca, 50, 1074 The Lado Cafe is a cheap and cheerful  cafe in the Dohany area of Budapest. An example of their light lunch fare is the delicious three Euro,  Salmon and Tomato Bruschetta. Lado serve a tangy homemade lemonade which is much revered. The shop is sparkling clean and has a homely feel to it. A selection customers felt that the good prices reflected the supposedly average quality of the food and drinks.—traditional-hungarian-restaurant-in-budapest.html
Comme Chez Soi, 1051, Budapest Aranykez, 2 Comme Chez Soi is a fantastic French restaurant that has been described as the ”Jewel in the heart of the city”. The place is renowned for its exceptionally warm atmosphere and extraordinarily friendly waiting staff.  The menu is full of culinary delights but You may like to try the succulent Garlic Prawns  to start with and then move on to the mouth-watering Chicken covered in melted French cheese for your main meal. The restaurant has an excellent wine list and you may wish to sample a house white to wash your meal down with. A meal will cost you around 25 Euros which is great value considering that Comme Chez Soi is arguably the best eatery in the  Hungarian capital. Opening hours are 11. am to late Monday to Sunday.
Hunyadi Etterem Restaurant, Hunyadi ut Budapest 1011 Hunyadi Etterem is a traditional Hungarian restaurant which serves up the very best in regional cooking. As soon as you walk through the door you will feel right at home in this lovely and accommodating environment. This destination is ideal for large groups of friends or big family meals. There is a wide selection of Hungarian and central European delights to choose from and you mustn’t leave without sampling  their sublime Goulash. The wine list has a range of crisp and palatable wines but be aware that you can only pay in cash here. A three course meal could cost you anything between 12 to 25 Euros depending on what you order, which represents excellent value for your money. Opening times are Tue-Sun  12- 3 pm and 7-10 pm, closed on Sundays.
Taverna Dionysos, V.Belgrad Rakpart 16  The Dionysos Taverna is  a highly recommended Greek Restaurant in the heart of Budapest. Most who have eaten here were overwhelmed by  the exceptional hospitality they received from the gentlemanly staff. The fried feta cheese or grilled calamari is a tasty option to start with and for your main course there is the succulent Souvlaki or delectable Sea bass to sink your teeth in to. One of the only criticisms made of Dionysos is that the service can be a little on the slow side. The beautiful interior is reminiscent of a traditional Greek village and most meals are very inexpensive with a family of four looking to spend around 95 Euros including drinks. Opening hours are everyday from 12 midday to 12 midnight.
Borsso Bistro, Kiralyi Pal, u Budapest Borsso Bistro serves up a high standard of Hungarian cuisine. Two dishes which you may not have tried before are the refreshing duck tongue salad or the gorgeous cauliflower risotto. Wine lovers will not be disappointed by the selection they have to choose from but if you are going to drink a couple of glasses then you are better off purchasing the whole bottle at these prices. The service is generally polite and helpful  but the food is averagely priced for Budapest. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 12-11 pm and they close on weekends.
Fausto’s ,Szekely Mihaly utca 2, Budapest Fausto’s is one Of Budapest’s most notorious Italian restaurants despite being hidden away in  a desolate location. The service here is regarded as welcoming and efficient. Their meat is beautifully tender and one of their speciality dishes is the outstanding Cock Consume’ with Ravioli. The entrance to the toilet is rather unique but I won’t spoil the surprise for you. A select few have commented that the restaurant is overpriced, but they are in the minority as most feel that at about £30 per head with drinks, its worth every single penny. Opening times are Mon-Fri 12 pm till 3 pm and 7-11 pm. Saturday is 6-11 pm.
Lado Cafe, Dohany Utca 50, Budapest Lado is a Hungarian eatery located just round the corner from the Zara Hotel. Lado has been described as more like a cafe then a restaurant but either way it receives generally glowing reviews. The food is very fairly priced and you can expect all the traditional meals such as Goulash and their hot chocolate is one of the tastiest in the city. Their service is very efficient and they try not to intrude on you as much as some waiters do. The interior is very old fashioned but pristine. Lado offers something alternative to  your normal Budapest eatery as you could arrive here for one of their seductive cabaret nights.  A  select few  have described this as being a distinctly average destination.
Borkonyha Wine Kitchen Sas Utca 3, Budapest  – Borkonyha Wine Kitchen is an atmospheric Hungarian restaurant which specialises in an extensive range of different wines. The staff here are very knowledgeable and approachable. For an Appetizer you cannot go wrong with the Ravioli stuffed with duck and a suggestion for dessert is their moist pumpkin cake with ice cool quince ice cream. Wine lovers will be delighted by their selection of divine Hungarian wines. Borkonyha is more suited for couples and friends rather than families. The Cuisine and wine is well priced considering its class.  Opening times are  Monday to Saturday 12pm to 12 am.
Ristorante Krizia, Mozsar Utca 12 Budapest 1066  – The Ristorante Krizia is an Italian eatery and one of Budapest’s hidden gems. You may like to try their excellent Rose Veal with porcini for a main course and deliciously grilled goats cheese to start with. If you are looking for an authentic Italian dining experience then you might be better off somewhere else but it’s hard to question the quality of their fare. In general the service is pleasant and  adequate. The prices may be regarded as cheap for the privileged few with plenty of money but for those working to a budget they may wish to steer clear from Krizia. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 12 to 3 pm and 6.30 pm to midnight. They are closed on Sundays.
Tigris, Merleg u 10 Budapest 1052 – Tigris is a Michelin star Restaurant in the centre of Budapest which largely serves customary Hungarian food. An evening at Tigris tends to be a rather  charming and sophisticated affair and most customers leave here singing its praises. The flavoursome selection of Fois Gras is what sets Tigris apart from most of their competition. The warming starter of Lentil soup goes down a real treat. The waiters can be a little over bearing and quick to tempt you with  their expensive wine list whether you are interested or not. A lot of their wine is of the highest quality but believe me you will pay the price for it. Price range is £ 6-19. Opening times are Monday to Saturday 12 to Midnight.

Other Budapest Restaurants With Good Reports:

One of Budapest’s most intriguing restaurants according to several reports is The Vista Travel Cafe at Paulay Ede utca 7 in district 7 (Tel: 268 0888). This is high class cafe which is frequented by backpackers and professional Hungarians who hold business lunches there. It also serves as a cybercafe and an information centre. The food is good though it can take a while to arrive. It also states on the menu that the kitchen staff can be a little excitable so sometimes the wait is interesting. Next stop Fawlty Towers!

A more sedate cafe is The Cafe Kor at Sas utca 17 in district 5 (Tel: 311 0053). This continental Bistro serves good lunches and dinners. The grilled ewe in cheese salad is popular with the locals but the veal is also very good.

The Gundel at Varisoliget Allatkesrtii ut 2 in district 13(Tel: 321 3350) offers traditional Hungarian food. It dates back to the end of the 19th century and it has many wooden features that celebrate its longevity including paintings from the day it opened. It also a large gypsy band who add to the atmosphere. It is one of Hungary’s oldest restaurants. The food is good. but not exceptional but the ambiance is rare. Booking is essential.

The Nancsi Neni at Ordogarok ut 80 in district 111 serves traditional Hungarian food in a very relaxed rustic environment. In the summer you can also eat in the garden. It serves especially good turkey dishes and booking is essential. Reports recently suggest the service icould be better.T

he Kisbuda Gyongye at Kenyeres utca 34 in district 111 ( Tel: 368 6402), is a Hungarian restaurant very famous for its game and meat dishes. A very intimate restaurant with a very able pianist.

The Baraka at Magyar utca 12 in district V (Tel: 483 1355) is a modern establishment selling contemporary Hungarian food laced with a touch of French and Eastern seasoning. The menu includes saddle of lamb with an orange sauce and duck breast in a ginger apple and soy sauce ! The food may be a little unorthodox but it is certainly good and the desserts that compliment it will satisfy the most discerning patron – particularly the chocolate ones. Booking essential.


And there’s Guiness to !

!Every city in Eastern Europe appears to have an Irish Bar and Budapest is no exception. Becketts is one of the better ones, it is not small like many of its cousins but its very lively at the weekends. The food is exceptionally good and English is spoken by all the Hungarian staff – curiously tsome have Irish accents. The Guiness never runs out – or so they say! Address : Address: Liszt Ferenc Square 11, Budapest 1061, Hungary Phone Number: (1) 413 6764 Website.




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