Kiev Crime Personal Safety Terrorism & Traps

analysis of the threat of terrorism in Kiev – issues of personal safety and tourist traps

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Kiev Terrorism

In the Ukraine in the last decade there have been terrorist attacks particularly  in the southern and eastern regions away from Kiev which has experienced occasional attacks.  These attacks are usually attributed to ‘separatist’s seeking independence from Ukraine or unification with Russia.

However citizens from European Countries who are involved in military action in the Middle East should be vigilant as in Kiev and other capital cities there is a increased risk of them being targeted since 2015.


Kiev Crime & Personal Safety 

Unprovoked Racist abuse and violent acts are not uncommon  in Kiev, so black, Asian and other ethnic visitors  should take extra care when in Kiev

There is an organized crime element in Kiev, but attacks against civilians and tourists are extremely rare. Pick pocketing and wallet scams and theft does take place in  Kiev. The Ukraine has one of Europe’s highest increases in HIV infection rates so those who engage in sexual activity must be sure to take the necessary protection.

Pick pockets and bag snatchers operate in tourist areas -in places like rail and bus stations. Commuters on Suburban journeys above ground are occasionally subject to picket pockets and robbery.

Other more  professional pick pockets and thieves will try attempt to engage you in conversation. To do this they may drop money in front of you and when ‘apparently’ finding it they will ask you if it is yours. They may even offer you some of it. If this happens do not say anything and walk away.

You may also risk being robbed if you accept drinks from a stranger who you meet outside or in a bar as regardless of the appeal of your new found friend  they might spike your drinks. Meetings and public demonstrations should also be avoided

In the winter the streets in Kiev resemble ice rinks so take extra when walking.


Kiev Tourist Traps

The taxis drivers of Kiev according to some seasoned travellers would be in a photo-finish with their brethren in St Petersburg for the title of the worst taxi rip-off merchants in Europe. Before hiring a taxi in Kiev you should agree a price beforehand – this is not difficult as many of them speak English and your easily find one if needed. Do not agree to pay and inflated price because ‘the traffic is heavy’ and remember Kiev is not a big place anyway. No journey should cost more than 60UAH.

At night taxi drivers will quote you double the daytime fare – give yourself a 25% and you and the driver will be happy!

In general Kiev is not that expensive provided you steer clear of the customary rip-offs such as the Currency Exchange Bureaus – particularly those at the airport where there is an abundance of ATM machines anyway. Cafes in the tourist areas especially those on the on the main roads are often very over-priced.  You might be advised to walk away from night clubs charging an admission fee of over 50UAH as the drink prices will probably cripple you – not a help if you like a dance!

There is one would be place that is definitely not worth going out of your to visit and that is Padol in Kiev’s Old Town. This area used to be the home of craftsmen and is promoted as having unique and interesting buildings. Unfortunately it is now the home to contemporary cafes and bars which can be found in most curies and hardly exceptional.  It;s fine if you need a coffee beer or a snack but it not an attraction otherwise!



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