Kiev History Ukraine Divisions Crimea Annexation

 Kiev early history – its role in the current divisions of the Ukraine and Crimea

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Kiev  History 

Kiev as a inhabited place is thought to date back to around 400AD. It is generally agreed that it was an outlying part of the Khazar Empire from the 8th century. In the 9th century it was governed by nobles, later known as the Kievan Russians. In 1240 the city was destroyed by invading Mongols. In 1362 the area was occupied by the Gediminas – allies of the Duchy of Lithuania. In 1569 it became part of the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth. It later become a state of the Polish Crown. before in the 17th century becoming part of the Russia.

At first under Russian rule it remained a small provincial town until the 19th century. In the latter part of this century, following the Russian Industrial Revolution, it flourished and became one of Russia’s most important industrial cities. Post the Russian Revolution in 1917 Kiev was the capital of several short lived Ukrainian States as a result of the internal Russian conflicts and the Russian Polish War. In 1921 it once again became part of Russia before becoming the capital of the Soviet Ukraine in 1934. Under Soviet rule its economy boomed until the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident 100 KLM north of the city in 1986.

This Chernobyl Accident severely damaged the Ukraine’s previously close relationship with Moscow and when communism collapsed Kiev became the capital of an independent Ukraine on August 24 1991.

This city, like much of the country it is capital of, has strong European leanings and may one day become as popular Budapest or Prague. In 2004 it had a high profile in International and media during what was known as the  Orange Revolution. Since then successive governments and politicians have found it difficult to determine whether the Ukraine’s future is to have closer ties with EU or its Russian neighbour.


 Ukraine Divisions  & Crimea Annexation

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