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This page has information on the amazing Cava Monastery, the Golden Gate,  St Sophia’s Cathedral, the Babi Yar Memorials and other leading attractions that make up Kiev’s sights

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Cave Monastery, Novopechers Kyl LN, 5, Kiev, 01042 = The Cave Monastery is considered by many to be the very centre of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Europe. Not surprisingly it is the main attraction for visitors to Kiev. The Monastery is one of the Seven wonders of Ukraine and is arguably the City’s most spectacular attraction.  It began life as the Cave Monastery a thousand years ago in 1015 and according to the Primary Chronicle the Cave was chosen at Berestov Mount by an Orthodox Monk called Anthony.

The Monastery contains a whole plethora of architectural delights such as Bell Towers, Cathedrals and Underground caves and The stunning Great Lavra Bell tower which is the main Bell tower  of the Monastery. There are 75 burial chambers which are occupied by both Saints and Politicians. The Monastery was granted National Ukrainian Status in 1996 and is listed as a UNESCO World heritage site.

National Opera House B.Khmelnitskogo Str.53 Kiev, 01054 – The National Opera House was built by Russian Architect Victor Schroter and opened to the public in 1901. Schroter designed this grand building in a Neo-Renaissance style and the interior of the building has beautiful decor. The Theatre is named after the incomparable Ukrainian Poet and artist  Taras Shevchenko.  During the Opera Houses early years it drew in the most talented of Russian and Ukrainian singers including K.Voronets and O.Petylash.

A historic event took place here in 1911 when Dmitry Bogrov chose to assassinate the Ukrainian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin during  the intermission of an operatic performance. Ticket prices are the equivalent of what you would pay to watch a movie at the Cinema which his staggeringly low and there are opera and Ballet performances here on a regular basis

St.Sophia’s Cathedral Volodyrmyrski 24, Kiev – The St.Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev is an outstanding monument  and one of the City’s most notorious landmarks. It was founded at the start of the 11th century in 1011 and  was named after the 6th century Hagia Sophia Cathedral situated in Constantinople. It was originally utilized as a burial ground for Kievan leaders  such as Vladimir Monomakh and Vsevold Yaroslavich.  The Cathedral is arguably the most picturesque of all the City’s monuments  and has a really traditional Eastern European ambience about it. On the 21st of August 2007 , St.Sophias was named along with the Cave Monastery as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ukraine and after visiting it it’s hard to argue with that declaration.

Golden Gate Volodymyrska Street 40/2, Kiev, 01034 – The Golden Gate is a considerable landmark in the Ukrainian capital  and is the historic entrance to the Ancient city fortress. Many historians claim that the Gate was constructed by  the Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev, Yaroslav The Wise back in  1037. The Golden Gate currently serves as a Museum  on the corner of Voldoymyr Street and in the Museum you can learn of the history of Ancient Kiev as well as the evolution of Golden Gate through the ages. Major renovations changed the Golden Gate’s appearance in 1982 as part of Kiev’s  1500th Anniversary celebrations. In 1997 a monument of Yaroslav The Wise was unveiled  and it has become one of the leading reasons for visitors to frequent this Ancient benchmark.

Folk Architectural and Rural Life Museum, Pirigovo Village on the southern outskirts of Kiev – This  fascinating Museum was founded in the late 1960′s but wasn’t opened to the public until much later in 1976. The Museum covers an incredible 150 Hectares and enjoys the rare distinction of being an Open Air Museum. On Sundays they hold Folk Music concerts which are very popular amongst the Folk enthusiasts in the city and indeed all over the world. Ticket prices for the concerts are very cheap. It contains several interesting exhibitions including ones on Metal, Wood and Glassware. They hold special craft festivals here which see entrepreneurs come here from all over the city. They have culture and way of life exhibitions which open your eyes to the way Ukrainians have survived and made ends meet  over several hundred years.

Babi Yar Memorials, Oleny Telihy Street In Kiev  – Babi Yar is a ravine at t the edge of Kiev and was arguably the scene of the biggest  demolition and murder of Jews and Kievans during the Holocaust. In the aftermath of the war it was difficult for Jews to pay tribute to their lost and loved ones due to the discriminatory  policies of the Soviet Union at that time. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 though a large number of memorials have been established. An official monument was erected in 1976 to commemorate the Soviet citizens and Prisoners of War who were murdered during the Second World War.

There is a poignant Menorah shaped tribute to the estimated 100,000 Jews who were massacred  at Babi Yar and that was erected in September of 1991. There is a wooden cross in memory of the 621 Ukrainian nationalists who lost their lives in 1942[ including Ukrainian poet and activist Olena Teliha]. In July 2006 mindless criminals vandalised the memorial dedicated to the Jewish victims including the Menorah memorial.

Kiev Zoo Peremohy Ave 32, Kiev 03055 – The Kiev Zoo is the only Zoo in the whole of the city and it receives around 280,000 visitors per year. The Zoo was first founded in 1908 by The Nature Lovers Society. During the 1940′s the city was occupied by Nazi invaders but luckily they managed to evacuate the animals and  they were returned later after the war had finished. The bird pavilion was a welcome addition to the Zoo in the 1970′s and it is considered to be the largest in Europe.



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