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An index and directory to Kiev including the history of Kev and Kiev weather

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Arriving In Kiev

The currency in Ukraine is the  Hryvnia sometimes referred to as the grivnaa.

Though the Ukraine is not a member of the European Union, national from the EU do not require a visa to enter the country/ Citizens of the United States do not require a visa either/ .Other exemptions are nationals from Andorra Canada Iceland Japan Liechienstrin Monaco Mongolia Norway San Marino Switzerland and member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with the exception of Turkmenistan. All other national and nationals from the above countries staying over 90 days must obtain a visa from the Ukraine Embassy in their country.of residence.

ATM Withdrawls & Airport Exchange Rates Visitors should be aware that some ATM machines particularl;y those at Kiev Airport operate a limit of between 1500 or 2000 Grivna  per withdrawal. As the exchange rates at the Bureau de Change at this airport are even worse than the average airport visitors are advised to obtain some local currency before they leave for the Ukraine.


Kiev City Guide Directory & Index

Airport Information  Very mixed bag here – clean efficient terminals excellent baggage processing surprisingly expensive duty free and unfriendly unhelpful passport and customs staff and then there i’s the taxis drivers more 

Accommodation:  Sorry Nor Available  more

Clubbing In Kiev:   Researching this part of the Kiev City Guide was time consuming expensive but good fun – do they really need to mix clubbing and gambling ?  that said the music genres here very broad for a country once a staunchly obedient Soviet servant more  

Crime and Personal Safety & Security In Kiev Pick pockets and bag snatchers operate in tourist areas as do more professional operators who cleverly engage you in conversation. You may be vulnerable to have your drinks in bars . The city has one of the highest HIV positive ratios in Europe and racist attacks are not uncommon. more

History Of  Kiev  This dates back over 2000 years – in the last century it was part of the old Soviet Union and with the division in the Ukraine and the annexation 0pf Crimea history might in part at least be repeating itself. more

Public Transport Services In Kiev  There are several metro service which becomes very over crowded in peak hours and it’s far more comfortable to use the very extensive bus network which is gradually replacing the trolleybuses This page also contains information for visitors intending to travel outside Kiev  more 

Restaurants In Kiev There are one or two expensive restaurants here but  most are reasonably priced and as for the fayre it is surprisingly very cosmopolitan  more

Sightseeing in Kiev There are few buildings in Europe that have the splendour of the Cava Monastery which is home to 75 resting saints, another attraction is the Golden Gate that formed the entrance to Ancient City Fortress and is nearly a thousand years old  more

Tourist Traps In Kiev   Taxis drivers – night clubs and the old town area that is new  more

Ukraine Country Profile Useful information for visitors to Kiev and the Ukraine  more 

Ukraine National Timeline  & The  Orange Revolution  Fom the sates early origins to the memorable sight of half a million people camped out in the centre of Kiev in sub zero temperatures after rigged Parliamentary elections in November 2004 denied the Ukraine the right to be governed by their chosen party  more

Weather In Kiev The Ukraine  The winters here are cold with heavy snow and the summers can be very warm or hot.  more



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