Kiev Restaurants & Diners Guide

  A guide to selected restaurants and diners and places to eat out in Kiev

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Overview Of Kiev Restaurants

There is a fairly cosmopolitan selection of restaurants in Kiev, and the food is generally good even though the are definitely out to impress tourists without being expensive. If they maintain this pitch eating out in Kiev will appeal to many more westerners


Renews Of Kiev Restaurant & Diners

Pizzeria Napule 9, Mechnikova Street, Kiev – This modern looking establishment is arguably Kiev’s favourite pizzeria. Their Neapolitan pizza is held in high regard with the Tuna being one of their most popular orders. You are best off booking a table before you come here as it does get very crowded and there’s a popular demand for tables.

The prices are fairly reasonable considering the quality of the fare but their by no means inexpensive. They serve a delectable range of traditional pasta dishes as well. You are looking at spending between 15 and 30 Euros for your meals. A select few claim that their pizza is no longer authentic. opening hours are 8 am to 10 pm. website

Arizona SteakHouse 25, Nabereznho Khreschatysica, Kiev –  Arizona is an American themed Restaurant which offers diners a vastly different experience to that of most of the City’s restaurants. Their fried chicken is met with rave reviews as are their Nachos and flavoursome buffalo wings. They play NFL American football games on a big screen much to the delight of American sports fans.

There is American sports memorabilia plastered all over the walls. The setting is not particularly ideal as Arizona is not centrally located. They have outdoor seating which is largely utilized during the summer months. You are looking at spending around 10 to 14 Euros for a meal which represents decent value for money.  open daily 11 am to 11 pm. website n/a

Oliva 25, Sahaidachnoho Kiev – Oliva is a traditional Italian restaurant. Oliva is renowned for its quick and attentive service. The atmosphere within the eatery has been described as ”Buzzing” and Lively. Two dishes which come highly recommended are their tender grilled veal and their authentic Italian Ravioli. There is a  range of fresh beer’s available to wash down your sumptuous meals with. This popular local is open from 9 am till 11 pm. website
Lipski Osbobynak, 15 Lypska Street, Kiev Lypky tel no: 380-44-254-00-90 –  Lipsky serves traditional Ukrainian fare. There’s a welcoming feel and positive vibe about this place. The staff speak superb English and are incredibly helpful when explaining the content of their dishes to you. The stuffed cabbage and any of their Duck dishes are held in high esteem. Lipski is critically acclaimed having received three separate awards for its  from the esteemed Wine Spectator Magazine.  The drunken pear dessert may be an acquired taste but some diners found  it to be one of the tastiest desserts they’ve ever consumed. Most meals are affordably priced. Open 11.30 am till 1 am. website n/a
Marrakesh 24 Sagaydachnogo Street, Kiev Tel no: 044-0494- 0494 [- Marrakesh is unsurprisingly A Moroccan themed restaurant which serves up some fine Middle Eastern cuisine. Their excellently cooked seafood is some of the best you are likely to find in the Ukrainian capital. The prices are low but a small group of reviewers believe that’s due to the supposed ”Average” quality of their food. The majority of their waiting staff are very hospitable. Their ”Kaylan” is one of the most requested dishes and most who have frequented Marrakesh enjoyed smoking the ”Hookah”.website n/a
Spotykach, 16 Volodymyrska Street, Kiev Tel no: 586-4095 – Spotykach is a romantic eatery which serves old fashioned Eastern European fare. The food is mostly simple yet flavoursome. The design and decor has varying styles. Upon entering you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve walked back in time to the 1960’s. The service is generally good and  The prices are very reasonable. Average cost is 200 UAH  per person. .website n/a
Grill Asia 5 A Tarasova Street Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kiev Grill Asia is an expensive oriental restaurant met with mixed reviews. Their Sunday Brunch is their most acclaimed time of the week when you can purchase a wide range of aromatic and spicy dishes Including scrumptious Lamb, traditional sushi and succulent Rabbit. The staff are generally amiable which is the least you’d expect at these hefty prices.
A few meals such as their Green Chicken Curry have been accused of being lazily prepared. Purchasing bottles or even glasses of their wine is likely to see the average diner out of pocket. Some interesting and fragrant dishes but unless you are fairly affluent I would advise you to steer clear of Grill Asia. Open 6 am till Midnight. website
Cafe Champagne Velyka Zhytomyrska 10 Kiev Tel no: 00-380-4433-20205  – Champagne is a fancy French bistro which offers some outstanding cuisine. The frog legs and wild Salmon are two of their most requested dishes. Their Chocolate Souffle is a simply mouth watering dessert. The interior is fairly old but that adds to the ambiance of an old fashioned bistro. They have outdoor seating available and despite the lavish nature of this establishment, the prices  are affordable. The service is not the most efficient you are likely to encounter  in the city but it suffices. Champagne is packed to the rafters during the summer months. .website n/a
Under Wonder 21 Velyka Vasykilvska Val, Kiev Under Wonder is an ambient French/Italian restaurant situated in central Kiev. It’s an elegant venue which possess many culinary delights which are beautifully presented. They have an excellent range of refreshing and delectable salads as well as a sublime Cheese platter and exquisitely cooked Rabbit Dish.  The service tends to be a little unhurried and their wine prices are arguably extortionate. Most have left Wonder thoroughly satisfied that their meals were excellent value for money. Open 24 hours a
Restaurant Belvedere, Arsenalna Dnieprovksy Spusk 1 Kiev Belvedere is a highly priced eatery which supplies fantastic views of the scenic Dnipro River. Their traditional fare is pleasant without being memorable. Belverdere also offers stunning views of the city itself. Their standard of service is very high which greatly contributes to a mostly enjoyable experience. The food is traditional Eastern European cuisine. Overall i would say that Belvedere is likely to prove  a nice affair but if you are looking for a taste sensation without paying through the nose for it then you are best off abstaining from Belvedere. Open 11 am till
Hatinka, Chervonarmiyska 114, Kiev  tel no: 380-44-529-29-56 Hatinka’s original decor is the very embodiment of a small Ukranian village. Those looking for an authentic Ukrainian dining affair need look no further than Hatinka. You can listen to the sounds of traditional Ukrainian folk music whilst eating and the menu is full with traditional and hearty dishes such as Varenyky[dumplings with potato and cheese] and Cabbage rolls.  Opening hours are 10 am till
Himalaya, Khreshchatyk 23, KievHimalaya is a reliable Indian restaurant which is renowned for the authenticity of its fare. Its run by a friendly and knowledgeable Indian man. A few British customers have voiced their displeasure claiming it’s not up to the standards of British Indian cuisine. Their lamb and chicken curries are probably the best spiced and most ambrosial in the city. The decor is rather imaginative and creates a traditionally Indian vibe. You have the fortunate luxury of choosing how spicy your dish is. website



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