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Ljubljana History Overview

The present day area of Ljubljana according to archaeological discoveries dates back to the Bronze Age. .A Roman settlement, Emona was built in the area in 15AD and survived until 452 when it was destroyed by Attila and the Huns. The first documentation referring to Ljubljana by name is dated 1144 There is also a 1146 reference to it in the Latin name of Luwigana. In 1220 it was recognised as a town.In 1335 it became part of the Austrian Hapsburg Empire. In 1461 it became a diocese and during the Middle Ages it became cultural centre. In 1511 it was damaged by an earthquake. The Hapsburg rule was broken between 1809 and 1813 when it was overrun by the French Army led by Napoleon. In 1895 the city suffered extensive damage from another earthquake after which the city was rebuilt . In 1918 at the end of WW1 the rule of the Austrian Hungarian Empire ended.

Between the WW1 and WW2 it formed part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, until it was occupied by Italy in April 1941. In February 1942 it survived a siege after the Italians had encircled with 31 KLM of barbed wire. At the end of WW2 it was occupied by the Red Army and became part of Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia. In 1955 referring to the siege the Yugoslavia President, Josip referred to it as the ‘Hero City’. The city has some Baroque. Renaissance style and neo- Classicist architecture. Its castle parts of which date back to the Stone Age is being renovated.

Sightseeing and Attractions in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has been occupied by many empires over the years including the Hapsburg, Italian and Yugoslavian which has obviously been influential on modern day Ljubljana.  The city is renowned for its Baroque style architecture but has also been inspired by a Renaissance and Neo-Classical style of architecture. Whether it’s a shopping trip to the bustling Central market, a trip to the majestic Ljubljana Castle or child friendly adventures at the city zoo and Ljubljana House of Experiments there is something on offer for everyone

Ljubljana Central Market, Ljubljana — This vibrant and  aesthetically pleasing market is full of stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, different cheeses,  affordable and charming souvenirs. There is also a bakery and a flower stool.  The market was designed and built by much revered Slovenian Architect  Jozep Plecnick between 1939 and 1941. The market is located between the famous Bridges, the Triple and Dragon Bridges. This market is open daily with the exception of Sunday’s.website na
Stari Trg the main road is pedestrianised and home to dozens of cafes’s and restaurants
Ljubijana Castle, Ljubljana Grajska Plonataol, 1 tel no: 381-1232-99-94 – This 12th century castle originally acted as a Wooden fortress for the city. It was rebuilt in stone in the 15th century during the Hapsburg Empire.  The phrase ”Medieval Magnificence” has been used to describe the castle on a number of occasions. In Modern day Ljubljana the castle was renovated for the best part of 30 years and from the 1990’s onwards has been utilized as a venue for weddings and significant cultural events.  The Castle’s lookout Tower offers stunning views of Ljubljana. Their Guided tours cost just 2 Euro’s. Opening times are 10 am till 9 pm in the Winter time and 9 am till 10 pm in the summer time website http://www.ljubljanskigrad.si/home/
St Nicholas Cathedral, Ljubljana Dol.Nicarjeva Ulica – This Baroque style cathedral  was built in the early 18th century. The oldest mention of the Castle dates back to the early 13th century. The Church which dates back to 1262, but a horrific fire which struck the city in 1361 saw it rebuilt in a  Gothic style. This Cathedral is small yet beautiful both the interior and exterior. The Cathedral is known for having an unusually high altar  as well as fantastic organ pipes. The Cathedral’s most renowned feature is the Four Miracles of St Nicholas.  St Nicholas’s really is a great example of Baroque architecture at its finest. Opening times are Mon-Fri 9 am till 6 pm and Sat  9 am till 2 pm. website http:/ www.lj-stolnica.rkc.si
Old Town Hall Ljubljana Town Square  – The Old Town Hall was erected back in 1718. It was built like much of Ljubljana’s architecture in a Baroque style. The Town Hall was originally designed in a Gothic style of architecture but due to Earthquake damage was rebuilt in the early 18th century. The first Town Hall building was erected in 1484 and designed in a Gothic style. There is a replica of the Robba’s fountain [1751] located outside the Town Hall, and the original which was previously outside the Town Hall as well,  remains in the Modern art gallery. website n/a
Preseren Square,  Central Square Ljubljana – This historic square is Ljubljana major meeting point. It’s main feature is the Statue of France Preseren, a Slovenian poet 1800-1849] and one of their national treasures. This bronze statue is 3.5 metres high  and is very impressive looking. The Square is also home to a large church which is distinct looking with its Pink and red exterior. The Franciscan Church was built in 1860. The Square is one of the city’s premiere sightseeing venues. website n/a
Ljubljana House Of Experiments, Trubarjeva 39 Ljubljana  This fun yet educational venue allows your inquisitive children to learn about science and the world in a hands on fashion. It is separated into three  rooms of purpose built experiments.  amongst its features are a Giant Bubble Maker, electronic insects and an intelligent machine which plays music according to your weight. There are adventures  or performances which demonstrate how different scientific principles work. Open on weekends 11 am till 7 pm. People coming in groups can pre-book  special visits during the week as well.website http://www.h-e.si/
The Tromostovje Triple Bridge Tromostoveje 1000,  Ljubljana [- The central element was built in 1842 which was followed in 1929 and 1931 by two more bridges. These 20th century bridges were the brainchild of innovative Slovenian architect Joze Plecnick.  These two additions made the Triple Bridge we see today have a  Triangular dimension. The city received a grid pattern meaning that stone bridges such as the Tromostovje were built  across the river. The additional bridges were added to prevent the first stone bridge from being a Bottleneck which would cause disruption of vehicular traffic.website n/a
Archaeological Sandpit, Old Town  Ljubljana – Ljubljana has a huge amount of children’s playground’s. The Archaeological sandpit offers your children fun and educational games to keep them active and broaden their basis of knowledge. One of the sandpit’s main features is the Roman Christian centre where guides in ancient Roman dress[ Tunica and Stola] guide you through the park. Open daily from 9 am till 7 pm. website na
Ljubljana Modern Art gallery, Tomsiceva ulica 14 -This museum features the best of both modern and contemporary Slovenian and International art. This gallery has the responsibility of collecting and sustaining  20th century Slovenian art  works.  The collection ranges from 1950’s masterpieces to current day paintings.  Ever since 1991 the gallery  collects and exhibits photographs  from Slovenian photographers who covered the horrific events of the two world wars. The Gallery has an important educational role to play by hosting lectures, screenings,  workshops and guided tours of the building. opening hours are  10 am till 6 pm Tues-Sat and  10 am till 1 pm on Sunday’s. website http://www.mg-lj.si/
Ljubljana Zoo Ljubljana Poznik Hill – This 19.6 hectare Zoo was first opened back in the 1960’s. They house 580 animals and 15 different species. The Zoo is conveniently situated just 20 minutes walk from the city centre. Animals include a Californian Sea Lion, a normal Lion, kangaroos and elephants. Opening times are 9 am till 7 pm in the summer and 9 pm till 4 am in the winter. Entry fee is around 5 Euro’s.website http://www.zoo.si/

Restaurants In Ljubljana

There are many restaurants in the city of Ljubljana, especially in the area around ‘Stari Trg’ the following are worth noting: The Rotvz at Mestni Trg 3 (Tel: 251 2839) is a very stylish seafood restaurant that has some fairly exclusive dishes like trout and a good wine list to compliment their refreshing food. A little pricey. The Pivnica Kratchowill at Kolodvorska 14 (Tel: 433 3114) offers good meals even though it is essentially a bar. The food available ranges from game, pasta to sausages and the beer is similar to German or Czech beer. Very pleasant atmosphere in a fairly modern setting. Average Prices.

The Pri sv Florijanu at Gorni Trg 20 (Tel: 251 2214) is a Slovenian restaurant with a distinctly continental touch. The meat dishes are hearty and the pumkin ravoli when in season is a real joy. Very good service and slightly pricey. The Zinta Ribica at Cankarjevo 5 is a very popular restaurant with the locals which sells fairly orthodox Eastern European food. The food is good the prices are fair and the black pudding very homely. It is near the market and may not open at weekends?

One restaurant that is really exceptional is The Spajza at Gornji trg 28 (Tel: 425 3094). It is probably one of the most intimate restaurants in Ljubljana with several very relaxing dining areas lit by candles. It sells traditional Slovenian food – the scampi and salads are superb. A very good find.

Ljubljana Night Life – Nightclubs Music Dance

There are numerous night clubs and music bar in this city with practically every musical taste catered for. The Gajo Jazz Club at Beethovnova 8 (Tel: 424 3206) is a internationally renowned venue – artists of the calibre of Woody Shaw have played here.The Casa del Papa at Celovska 54 (Tel: 434 3158) specialises in Latino music. Set on three levels, open very late it also offers cocktails and a range of food from the equatorial regions. The K4 Dance Club at Kerisnikova 4 (Tel: 431 7010) in recent years has become a ‘cult’ club for young and sometimes slightly off the wall clubbers. Very popular with the locals. Live Jazz Club

Crime and Personal Safety & Security In Ljubljana Thought by some to be the one of the safest European cities. As with anywhere visitors should take care of their possessions in public places and public transport.

The Ljubljana Tourist Board The Ljubljana Tourist Board Office undoubtedly has one of the most visitor friendly sites in tourist board websites in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.On every topical page of the site the is an event calendar which will show any events related to the topic of the page you are visiting. You can select a specific date or entire month and the search results will display related events that might interest you. Why not try it yourself !Ljubljana Tourist Board Information  http://www.ljubljana-tourism.si/

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