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Minsk History Overview

It is has long been thought that Minsk’s origins date back to the 8th or 9th century when migrating Slavs from the south arrived. Recent archaeological findings have confirmed this. By 980 it was part of the Principality of Polatsk which also included Kiev. The earliest documentary evidence cites that it was known as Mensk in 1067.

From the 13th century Minsk was for the most part ruled by the Polish Lithuanian Empire except when for periods when it fell twice to Russia and once to Sweden. From 1793 it was governed by Russia except when it was once occupied in 1813 by France and twice in the 20th century occupied by Germany. In 16th it became the home to tradesmen dealing in animal skins glass metals and wood. Several spin offs of these trades dominate it and the Belarus economy. today.

Minsk was used by the Nazis as a Jewish Ghetto in WW2 and was rebuilt after war as a ‘new city’. Its architecture is ‘sour’ but it is very clean. Politically it has been the Kremlin’s closest ally and energy permitting will remain so.

Sightseeing and Attractions In Minsk 

This city originally known as Mensk dates back to 1067 when it was a fortress in the Russian principality of Polostk. It geographical location as a East European trading post and gateway to Asia has led to it been the centre of many battles. During WW2 it was devastated and most of the buildings in the city are less than 60 years old.

It is a very clean city and not a tourist hot spot. Minsk is a very quiet and civil city which is not famous for its nightlife but its hotels and indigenous people are friendly to visitors. Tourist Board information is not in an abundance for Minsk even though it is a capital city. You will not be short of activities to occupy yourself with whilst vacationing In Minsk. With everything from the stunning wildlife of the substantial Minsk Zoo to the Culture of the National Art Museum and the serenity of the beautiful Botanical Gardens there is something here to interest and entertain  everyone.

Some hoteliers are very entrepreneurial and will arrange sightseeing tours complete with English speaking guide and Transport. A two person three to four hour tour should cost around $60.

National Art Museum, Minsk  ul Lenina 20 – The Belarusian national Museum of art houses masterpiece artworks from the past 500 years.  This cultural institution is home to the countries largest collection of Belarusian and International art. One of the Museum’s main features is the Oriental Art Exhibition which displays works from the 15th to the 20th century. The beautiful building itself was designed by architect Mikhail  Baklanov and erected in 1957. Open Wednesday to Monday 11 am till 7 pm. Entry price is 4.810 BR and the reduced price is 2.900 BR. website  http://www.artmuseum.by

Raubichi Arts and Crafts Museum Minsk District Ostroshitski Gorodok tel no: 375-175-984-468 – This fascinating museum houses  national costume from Belarus and many other neighbouring countries. The museum has wooden  carving and sculptures along with  hand woven towels decorated with skilled embroidery and  ceramics. The museum is  located at the Raubichi Sports  centre which is 20 KM from Minsk city centre. The items and objects here range from the 16th to 20th centuries. Entry price is around 5-7 Euro’s. website na

Ancient Belarusian Cultural Museum, Minsk  Ul Surganova tel no: 375-17-284-2732 Opened in 1979 this cultural centre  has an extensive range of Cultural exhibits , Ethnographic, Folk art artefact’s and  Icon’s. They are well known for possessing  objects and documents related to the tragic Chernobyl disaster. Admission is free and their opening times are 11 am till 5 pm. Mon-Fri. website n/a

Botanical Gardens, Minsk  Surganova Street 2b  – The Botanical Gardens are sponsored by the Academy of Sciences. There is something distinctly international about these gardens with its Trees, plants and shrubbery from all over the world. If you fancy a relaxing excursion away from the big smoke of Minsk city centre then look no further than the beautiful Botanical Gardens. The gardens which first opened in 1932 have become a popular destination for bird watching and picnics with family and friends. the garden possess a beautiful collection of Lilacs. It is particularly delightful in spring and summer time.  Admission is free of charge. website http://hbc.bas-net.by/hbcinfo/

Khatyn Memorial and Glory Mound Logoisk Region, Minsk – This memorial is dedicated to the tiny village of Khatyn along with many other small Belarusian villages that suffered the same fate, being  wiped out by the demonic Nazi’s in World War Two. There were just 150 residents in this village, and they were all murdered by Hitler’s troops. this heartfelt and sombre memorial allows us time to reflect and appreciate all that we have in our lives. This beautiful memorial was opened in 1969 and the Glory Mound itself is a tribute to the Soviet army who saved Belarus from the Invading Nazi’s. Khatyn Memorial and Mound is one of Minsk’s most significant and popular landmarks. website http://www.khatyn.by/

Victory Square, Praspyekt  Nyezalyezhnastsi Minsk – Victory Square is located near to Minsk’s main Boulevard. They have a parade here every year on the May 9th which is the Square’s finest hour. There is a stunning Catholic Church in one of the Squares corners. There is a Soviet style monument built to commemorate the  lost soldiers and  civilian casualties of war. Most of the Government’s important speeches take place at Victory Square  and if you are there on a cold day, you can warm yourself up next to the Eternal flame.  Victory Square is regarded by many as Minsk’s major landmark. The Victory Monument is a 3 metre replica  which was built in 1954 and has  ”The Sacred Sword Of Victory” at the base of it. website n/a

Stalin’s Line Museum Minsk ul Sevastopol 105 – This Open-air Museum 34 Km from Minsk city centre. They have an extensive range of Soviet Military machinery such as Tanks as well as Weapons which were used from the Second World War up until the 1990’s. The museum’s tour guides are dressed in traditional Soviet uniforms and  provide visitors with some compelling stories and graphic descriptions of Epic Battles.  On the 3rd of July every year a fascinating Military  construction is performed where the Soviets triumph over the Nazi’s once again. Opening hours are Tues-Sun 10 am till 6 pm. Entry fee is  around 12000 Rubles. website http://www.stalin-line.by/english.shtml

Town of Nesvizh, Minsk Belarus Nesvizh is a city close to Minsk and  is the location of the Nesvizh  Castle World Heritage Site.  The castle is a 16th century Family kingdom which was home to the Radziwill Noble family.    It is also the home of a beautifully decorated Catholic Church, The Corpus Christi  which was built in the late  16th century. The city of Nesvizh dates back to 1223  and has a large Jewish influence.  In 1900, the Jewish population of the city was 4,687 people but in 1942 during the Second World War, 4,000 jews were murdered by the Nazis. website  http://www.nesvizh.minsk-region.by

Minsk Zoo, Minsk  40, Tashkentskaya Street Chizhovka District  – The zoo is situated in the southeast of Minsk, close to the Svislach River. The zoo was founded in 1984 and a whopping 42 Hectares in size. It’s founder Fedor Revsin was also the Zoo’s first manager. Entrance to the Zoo was free for the first 5 years until, financial issues meant the owners needed visitors to pay for their admission.  This size able zoo has an estimated 3585 animals and 186 different species. The Zoo has regular breeding of exotic and other animals including the Brown Bear, Lama, Eagle Owl and Lynx amongst other animals. Opening hours are  10 am till 5 pm and  10 am till 6 pm on Friday’s. Entry fee ist about 4 Euro’s. website http://www.minskzoo.by/en/#guid=f917ce34-fc63-416a-85bc-236ca6caa45f

Crime and Personal Safety and Security in Minsk Pickpocketing and occasionally mugging can occur. Theft from hotel rooms and cars is a problem. Travelling by train especially international night sleepers exposes you to a greater risk of theft.

Minsk Tourist Board Information http://www.belarustourist.minsk.by/
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