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Paris Security Concerns Following The Terrorist Incidents

Nov 21st Following the terrorist attacks on November 13th the  French security services have carried out several operations in which those responsible for the attacks have either been arrested killed or committed suicide.   It is thought that These operations have reduced the previous likelihood of a further ‘imminent’ attack.  However operations by the security services  are continuing focused on finding five affiliates of the attackers.

As the French Government believe that there another terrorist attack in Paris or elsewhere is in France is possible it has declared a  ‘National State of Emergency’ which will remain in force until mid February.   Additionally  the government has deployed large numbers of soldiers into the greater Paris area to help the police prevent further  attacks.  Consequently armed police and soldiers are stationed at key places such as on public transport and Paris attractions and ;landmarks.

Public buildings such as museums and places like the Eiffel Tower have reopened though visitors mat now be searched prior to be allowed in.  Additional security measures have been introduced at Airports for both incoming and out going flights and on rail (including Eurostar) and metro services. Visitors to Paris – particular those en route to the city should allow extra time for their journey.

Paris  City Guide Overview

Thankfully there is a lot more to Paris than visit the Eiffel Tower which has to be one of the most hideous buildings in Europe – it’s no wonder it ended up in Paris by accident having being rejected by another European city  – but at least once you on the viewing platform the view is something else. The architecture in Paris is quite imperial and imposing –  the food excellent but very overpriced and the nightlife exceptionally varied

Paris  France Threat Of Terrorism   Following two terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 French British and American security services consider that there is a high risk of further attacks.  more.

Accommodation In Paris Hotel accommodation in Paris rarel;y gets fully booked though it can be scarce on Valentines night.  In general hotels in Paris are expensive and because their supply is often greater than demand there is usually scope for negotiation. Another issue with some of the hotel rooms is that are very small especially when you consider the ‘askling’ price/..

Apartments in Paris can be far better value for money though for some reason best known to Parisians many apartments rented through the city’s accommodation agencies are only available if you stay a minimum of three nights.

Paris has it’s fair quota of backpacking hostels but even these are somewhat higher priced than neighbouring capital cities. There are three campsites close to Paris. One of them has a website which boasts many virtues but we are aware that its not only expensive but more interested its staff comfort than the needs of its clientele. There are two others that both share a reputation for being child friendly/ All three are spotlessly clean. more

Airport Guide For Paris  There are three airports associated with Paris and all are featured in the Paris Airport Guide. Two of them Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport have good public transport connections with the centre of Paris. The third often referred to as Paris Beauvais Airport is actually around  80km from the centre of Paris and the journey between the airport and central Paris or vice versa can be quite a trek especially if you have heavy luggage and it also can be expensive. You have been warned! more

Clubbing Guide  For Paris  which also includes club reviews a gay and lesbian clubbing guide shows that visitors to Paris are often surprised about the diversity of the clubs in Paris which differ in several ways from most other European cities. When compiling the information for the Paris clubbing guide it became very apparent that music and dance clubs in Paris have moved away from traditional weekly club nights with DJs playing the same type of music each week.

These facts coupled with the fact that are less clubs in Paris than other cities means that the clubs themselves find it easier to attract live acts which ram the clubs and make the night out awesome. There are usually some very good clubbing nights on offer in Paris but your need to check the programme before you pay! more

Crime Personal Safety Tourist Traps In Paris Petty crime is a probably particularly in the summer and on public transport when pick pocketing and bag snatching increasing. There also are increasing reports of people been sexually assaulted after having their drinks spiked. In recent years several public demonstrations particularly in the suburbs have ended in violence.

Tourist traps  include unlicensed Taxi drivers who often approach visitors in the arrivals area of airports, street vendors around the Eiffel Tower and depending on your school of thought the admission price to the tower itself. Mickey Mouse fans who have been to Florida also believe that Disneyland Paris is overrated and rather sad. more

Disneyland Paris Guide   Apparently  this theme park now has more visitors annually than the Eiffel Tower. The Disneyland Paris Guide gives visitors direction on how to get to the 4,000 acre Park from the main Paris airports and the UK,and a mass of other useful information for visitors including the good and bad news more

France Country Profile Useful information for visitors to Paris & France generally  more

History of Paris  This page reveals that Paris may first have been populated by farmers as early as 4,000 BC and how the English King Henry became the King of France in 1430. It attempts to chart the key aspects of the French Revolution even though it’s still going on  It also  looks  at the more contemporary history of Paris. more

Public Transport In Paris The Paris Public Transport Guide details information about the Paris metro, the suburban rail services ad the bus services that operate in Paris The includes details of when these service operate Information about the travel zones and general ticketing. There is also information on Paris Taxis. more

Restaurant Guide For Paris  French cuisine is legendary and the Paris is not short of good restaurants to enhance the reputation. but it is also a good place to sample other dishes from Europe and the rest of the world. As a result eating out in Paris is often expensive but it need not be. The Paris Restaurant  Guide offers visitors a selection of good restaurants most of which are affordable and which Parisians themselves who are not tourists can afford to eat in more

Sights Sightseeing & Attractions in Paris  Apart from the attraction that you can’t miss seeing here are a whole host of things to see and do in Paris as the P[aris Sights Sightseeing and Attractions Guide shows.  If  the heights associated with the Eiffel Tower are not for you the Pere Lachaise Cemetery may be be more down to earth – it is last resting place of many of history’s greats including Oscar Wilde Ma Proust and Oscar Wilde. Other places include The Louvre, ,Notredame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe and Paris Zoo to name just a few. more

Weather In Paris.  This guide shows that The weather in Paris is influenced by weather patterns from central Europe and Atlantic low pressure systems. As a consequence the weather can be very changeable. Summers can be very warm or hot but some winters can  be very cold though the cold may not be enduring   December and January are usually the wettest months of the year and the hottest are June July are the hottest. The Paris Weather Guide includes the current weather forecast for Paris and more information on the average month climate and weather conditions you can expect in Paris. more 





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