Paris Clubbing Guide + Clubs & Nightlife In Paris

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Music & Dance Clubs In Paris

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Paris Clubbing Overview

The most striking thing about clubbing in Paris is that serious clubbers in this city tend to patronise venues that offer live bands and as a result many venues seem to have moved away from routine club mights where the programme is the same each week. It is there for important to check the website to see what a clubs got lined up as often the genre differs from one week to the next. The upside of this is that Paris, which has a smaller clubbing scene than some other European capitals such as Amsterdam, often attracts more big name artists more than its rivals.


Paris Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Showcase, Invalides, Sous le Pont, Pont Alexandre 3 – Showcase is a centrally located nightclub which attracts Parisian hipsters and curious tourists alike.  Showcase is by no means inexpensive and I’d advise those clubbing on a budget to steer clear. Some informed clubbers have given Showcase the Moniker of ”The coolest club in Paris”. The venue is under the beautiful Ponte Alexandre III Bridge. Thursday’s and Fridays are their busiest Club Nights where you will find top local and International DJ’s displaying their spinning talents. A section of the door staff have been accused of being a little on the heavy handed side. Opening hours are daily from 10 pm till 5 am. Entry fee is around 20 Euro’s unless you know one of the bouncers of this exclusive venue.website

Le China 50 Rue De Charenton, Bastille – China is infamous for it’s range of extravagant and expensive cocktails. As enjoyable as they may be, the cocktails cost an average of an extortionate 10 Euro’s. China is more suitable as a starting point for your night out. The music is not excessively loud so it’s easy to hold conversation with a new or old friend. The decor is  fashionable and the feel  is amorously ambient. The service is of a satisfactory standard and if you want to fit in then dress to impress. Opening times are Monday to Sunday 6 pm till 2 am. They have a restaurant as well which has been described by the majority as mediocre. website

DJoon 22 Boulevard, 75013 Vincent Auriol  – Lovers of Funk and Soul Music have flocked to the exclusive DJoon for years making it one of the City’s most alluring venues. You must be warned that the dress code here is amazingly strict and you are greeted by fashion designers whilst queuing to see who is worthy of entry. Paris may not have the same reputation for Techno as Berlin does but if you are keen on the Parisian Techno seen then a trip to DJoon is compulsory. A Large percentage of their clientele are amiable and  relaxed but you will also come across some pretentious characters. They have a broad selection of cocktails and the attached restaurant has some of the City’s most exquisite French Cuisine on

L’Alternative 5 Rue Moiliere Paris – L’Alternative is a Parisian haven for young artists and bohemian’s. That may lead you to assume that the crowd is snobbish and conceited but in fact they are anything but. The atmosphere is warm and chilled out. Tourists are made to feel more than welcome in this diverse melting pot for creative and intelligent clubbers. The music is mostly minimal and Techno oriented. website

La Locomotive, 90 Boulevard De Clichy Pigalle – La Locomotive is a huge Nightclub located in the middle of Paris’s burgeoning party scene. Right next door to the prominent Moulin Rouge Locomotive is mostly made up of Twenty something’s. There are three sizable floors playing Hip-Hop, Electronica or Dance depending on your personal taste. Locomotive is one of Paris’s most joyous and interactive nights out. Entry fee ranges from 10 to 20 Euro’s and opening hours are 10- 5 am Friday’s and Saturday’

Le Baron, 6 Avenue Marceau 7, 5008 (Metro stop is Alma-Marceau) The Le Baron nightclub in the heart of Paris is a rather lavish and sophisticated affair. Since reopening in 2004 it has become like a second home for fashionistas. artists and celebrities alike. Icelandic pop star Bjork has been known to play a live set at Le Baron. You may wish to dance or just chill out with a glass of Dom Perignon on one of their velvet couches. You will struggle to get in to this venue however if you are not a member or a celebrity. Le Baron’s prices mean it is not suited for those travelling on a budget. Monday nights at Baron is party time and opening hours are 10 pm to 5 am.

Crazy Horse, 12 Avenue George V, 75008 (Metro stop is Alma Marceau) The Crazy Horse is a glamorous night club which specialises in sultry Parisian cabaret. The nude dancers are simply stunning but the show itself has been described as strange and disappointing. It certainly is one of the French capital’s sexiest and most decadent experiences though and you can enjoy this unique show with a glass of their finest house champagne. A ticket for the show is extravagantly priced at 100 Euros. It’s certainly a place which comes with mixed reviews but the general consensus is that the female dancers are beautiful but the show itself is a little confusing to say the least. Open Monday to Saturday, first show begins at 9.30 and the second at 11.30 pm.

La Scene Bastille,  2 Bis Rue Taillandiers 75011 (Metro stop is Ledru-Rollin)   La Scene Bastille is a friendly and down to earth live music venue. You can arrive at Bastille to hear a wide range of musical genres including Funk, Electro and Hip Hop. The Concerts start at 7.30 pm and after that one of Paris’s top Dj’s plays a set until the very early hours of the morning. There have been a few complaints about the standard of service received at Bastille with some customers feeling it was a little unhurried and or abrupt. Entry fee is 12 to 15 Euros Doors open until 6 am  from Monday to Saturday.

The Mix Club at 24 rue de l’Arrivée, Paris 19 Telephone 01 568 03737 (nearest metro Montparnasse Bienvenüe) is practically a legend on the Paris clubbing scene. Artists from all over the world appear here with Subliminal and the Ministry of Sound –  Has some serious dancers as well. Club opens Wednesday – Saturday from 11pm until 6am. Also open Sundays from 5pm until gone midnight. Admission charges up to €20 with drinks up to  €10. For programme details check website

Its well worth checking out whats occurring at La Flèche d’Or at 102 Bis Rue De Bagnolet 75020 Paris Telephone 01 446 40102 as this club (in what appears to be a former train station) has a following with Parisian clubbers of several genre’s. It regular puts on live gigs and club nights live covering electro indie punk and rock and that’s for just starters. This club often has English bands and is appreciated by serious clubbers Admission is .generally free and as a result the drinks are a little pricey. For programmes check website

Another club that puts on some good programmes is Le Cabaret Sauvage at 59 boulevard Macdonald, Paris 19. Telephone 01 420 90309 (nearest metro Porte de la Villette). Music type is very variable but there seems to be bias to drum n’ bass electronic and techno. Decent venue which has seem high profile guests can get packed but has no regular nights come on people sort that out/  Admission charges vary up to €20 but the drinks seemed cheap. For programmes see website  . .

Le Cab at 2 pl du Palais-Royal, Telephone 01 586 25625 plays r&b and house. Open Wednesday -Saturday from 11.30pm – 5am. Admission charges around €20 – €25 and two drinks cost €25. Our crew won’t be going back as cost aside the staff were not friendly, the crowd was older and it was too commercial like the

 One long established Paris music venue is Le Gibus at 18 rue du Fbg-du-Temple, Paris 11 Telephone 01.470 07888 (nearest metro République or Temple). If your parents know it the truth is out they were punk rockers twenty years ago! Nowadays its home to hip hop, r&b and reggae and just about anything memorable from the last twenty years. It opens Fridays AND Saturdays at midnight until 6am. Admission charges vary from €8 – €20 with drinks between €5 – €10. All round it’s one of Paris fairest clubs. website .

Popular with locals is Le Glaz art at 7-15 avenue de la Porte de la Villette, Paris 19 Telephone 01 403 65565 (nearest metro Porte de la Villette). Genre here includes breakbeat drum n bass dub and electronic. DJ’s here are well respected especially those on beat nights. Decent club.which regularly includes  live acts. .Opens around 9pm closes between 2 and 5 am depending on programme . For admission charges etc and programmes check website

Point Ephemere at 200 quai de Valmy Paris 10, Telephone 01 403 40248 (nearest metro Jaurès) is pure heaven for those into electronic which is a daily at this venue also includes a restaurant. Held in high regard by those who know More information on website

The Rex Club at 5 boulevard Poissonnière Paris 2 Telephone 01 423 61096 (nearest metro Bonne Nouvelle) is one serious techno club streets ahead of all its rivals so much so the waiting list of leading DJ’s in this genre willing to play here continues to grow.  DJ’s and music aside the acoustics are also something else.The club opens Wednesday to Saturday from 11.30pm to 6am. Admission and drink prices vary – for more info see website

Batofar near the quay François-Mauriac Paris 13 Telephone 01 536 01730 (nearest metro Quai de la Gare) is a sound bet if you are into dance dub electro dub step or techno. Occasionally has some world class acts.. The admission and drink charges here are amongst the best in Paris./ This club deserves respect and Its practically an institution.Club Opens 11pm-6am Monday – Saturday but also has a Sunday morning session on the first Sunday in every month from 6am til midday for those who can’t sleep. For more information see website



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