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Terrorism in Paris & France

Following several terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 which were  indiscriminate and targeted French British and American security services consider that there is a very high risk of further attacks in Paris other cities and on national and international rail services.

These attacks have been claimed by or attributed to people (some of them French Nationals) associated with Middle East extremism.  Since the Autumn of  t2015 the French Government has (along with other Western countries and Russia) have been bombing extremist groups in the region and this is thought to be the reason for the six November 13th 2015 attacks in Paris.

These almost simultaneously indoctrinate attacks included attacks on two restaurants on the sidewalks, a failed attempt by three suicide bombers to enter a stadium and blow themselves up at an international football match and the shooting of dead on. the dance floor of 90 people at a indoor rock concert. Over 130 people were killed and 350 injured during these attacks.

Prior to this  first attack in 2015 was on 7th  January in Paris when here was a targeted attack on the editorial offices of the supposedly satirical  magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo.  This publication had published offensive anti- Islamic material had  been attacked previously.  Ten editorial staff were killed in this attack.  On the 9th of January 2015 in Montrouge Paris one person died on an attack on a Jewish Supermarket.  On 3 February 2015 three French soldiers were attacked in Nice.  On 21 August there aboard a high speed train travelling between Amsterdam and Paris an attack on passengers was foiled. .

Other acts of terrorism have occurred in Paris & France over the last decade. On On 16 December 2008, several packs of explosives were found in at the Printemps Haussman Department store in Central Paris. In 2006 & 2007 in Corsica there were several explosions in public places. The attacks were on bars a night club, restaurants plus holiday homes and state buildings. The FLNC a Corsican nationalist group, are thought to be responsible for these attacks. French security authorities believed at the time further attacks were possible.


Crime & Personal Safety In Paris

Bag snatching and pickpocketing can be a problem in the streets of Paris, especially in tourist areas. Similar problems occur on the Metro and RER rail networks. Occasionally robbery usually at night occurs. An increasing problem is theft from cars. These problems are more common in the summer but can occur at anytime of the year.

Since  2007 there has been an increasing number of people who on a night out in Paris who had been seriously sexually assaulted. In many of these instances the  victims were thought to have had their drinks spiked. You should be aware that many drinks in France are stronger than those in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. You should never leave your drinks unattended.


Public Demonstrations In Paris

In recent years there have been sporadic demonstration against the Government and its policies. Most of these protests are peaceful but occasionally they can become violent. The most recent violent demonstrations in Paris were in the Autumn of 2007 when gangs of youth set light to cars and stoned police over several nights in Suburbs across Paris. Historically when these disturbances and protest occur similar demonstrations breakout on an ad-hoc basis in neighbouring and other suburbs. Visitors should avoid going to Paris suburbs particularly those on the outskirts of the city if they become aware of disturbances taking place.

Tourist Traps In Paris

There are varying schools of thought about the merits of visiting the Eiffel Tower. There are those that firmly believe ‘going to the top’ is a mind blowing experience and worth every euro. There are those that think it is worth seeing but only from the ground or the Seine as it is expensive for a view that is not particularly enthralling and sometimes very poor or non existent on a cloudy day. Some of these critics think that the Arc de Triomph building offers a much better view of Paris. See attractions and sightseeing.

Around the tower their numerous street vendors most of whom put the wares on the pavements as they do have market stalls. Stopping to look at these items is not a good idea if you have no intention to buy them as you are likely to be pressurised to make a purchase. A few of these traders and the street dancers around Place du Tertre, the artists’ square area can become persistent if you make eye to eye contact.

Taxis drivers or their scouts that approach the moment you reach the arrivals hall at the main Paris airports are often unlicensed and always extremely expensive. This is a particular problem at Charles de Gaulle export. For info on getting to the center of Paris from the airport see our airport information.

The Disneyland experience is seen by many visitors (predominantly from the US) as expensive overrated and a far cry from its US Parent.

The Chateau de Versailles is viewed by many as just to expensive and really not worth the time it takes to travel there and back especially if you are only in Paris on a short break.

We also are aware of so called River Cruises along the Seine that last only 15 minutes in the high season. Visitors should establish how long the trip is before purchasing a ticket or boarding as these sailors do not have the word ‘refund’ in their vocabulary.

A common complaint about French restaurants is that they have a tendency to apply high additional charges for any type of water if you are eating from a set menu. Normally any water is included in the set menu price.


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