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Prague City Guide Information & City Overview

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Occasionally heavy spring rains can cause flooding in this delightful city/ Its architecture is outstanding and it bars clubs and restaurants are usually very fairly priced. It is a city that has something  for everyone irrespective of their age. Definitely a ‘must do’ in Europe.


Accommodation Guide For Prague A look at the accommodation available including hotels hostels apartments and campsites in Prague much of which frankly ‘shames’ some of the accommodation in other western European cities in price and standards.In Prague some of the apartments represent exceptional value more

Airport Guide Prague  The Prague airport guide gives you all the Information you need about the city’s only airport which may in part account for it’s exceptional; efficiency – it is also  with out a doubt, also one of the safest airports in Europe to take off from with first class security. more

Apartments in Prague Offering All Round Quality    Prague has a large stock of apartment accommodation which can be rented on a short or long term basis. Though it is difficult to single out one company  these apartments from our experience are worthy of consideration due to their high standards, their  prime central locations and the  level of their service.  more

Clubbing Guide For Prague  The Prague Clubbing guide with club  reviews includes gay and lesbian clubs illustrates that this city is the one of best clubbing cities in Europe. Admission / door prices are a fraction of the price they are in western Europe drink prices in Prague clubs  are substantially cheaper than most European capital cities/ Prague is one of the few places where you do not have to go to a bar before  out clubbing. Between them Prague clubs offer a wide range of music and some do it extremely professionally and very seriously respect! more

Crime Personal Safety & Tourist Traps Because of the city’s sustained popularity amongst tourist over the last two decades there is petty crime aimed at tourists in certain areas. Pick pockets etc can be a problem, especially in the summer but violent incidents are rare and there is an English police station That said this is a safe city  more
Czech Country Profile  Information for visitors to Prague & the Czech Republic  more
History Of Prague & 1968 Soviet Invasion Though it is not certain the early history and origins of Prague as a place where people lived may go back to the  stone age. The first known settlers were a tribe that lived here around 500BC. During the 6th century AD it was occupied by a Slavic tribe after which it gradually developed until in the 10th century AD it had become an important European trading post.

Shortly afterwards the first fortified settlement was built on the top of the hill – this was later to become Prague Castle/ In 1170 the first bridge across the River Vltava was built which was itself replaced in 1348. by the Charles Bridge. Prague continued to prosper and under Hapsburg rule it became wealthy. In 1689 it was severely damaged by fire and had to be rebuilt.The rebuilding lasted into the 18th century. Many of these buildings are still standing


This city because of it’s outstanding architecture was allegedly spared from a fate of destruction by Hitler during WW2. At the height of the ‘cold war’ in 1968 a liberal communist government challenged the authority of post war communism dictatorship by USSR and the city was again occupied by soviet forces – something many will not forget. more

Jan Palach – Life Death & Funeral An account of the life of a Czech student who was so traumatized by the Soviet occupation in 1968 that as a protest he set light to himself in Wenceslas Square.  more

Public Transport In Prague  The Prague Public Transport Guide gives visitors information on Prague buses trams and metro’s networks which are all integrated with one another and dependable irrespective of the weather. This must explain in part explain why the city is not overrun by cars. Another factor is the cost of travelling around Prague is a tenth of the cost in other cities like London. Mayor of London please note. more
Restaurants  In Prague   The Prague City Guide reviews some of the many restaurants in Prague worth visiting  You are really are spoilt for choice in Prague and the food here is generally very good and not expensive. though some of the restaurants at the lower end of Wenceslas Square might as well move to western Europe given their prices.  One place in particular worth a visit is the Cafe Lourve/  more
Sights Sightseeing & Attractions In Prague  One of Prague’s greatest qualities is that the central areas of the city (the lesser town and the old town) are so attractive it’s simply a joy to wander around. The architecture throughout the city centre is exceptional – many people think it;s has by far the best in Europe –  and it gives the city a  great ambiance at any time of the year,

The city’s leading attractions featured on this page are all worth a second glance and viewing them won’t cost anything. The page also summarises some of the other main attractions in Prague which are worth visiting – especially if the weather is not clever. Where admission charges are applicable they are not expensive and compared with cities like London and Paris they are ridiculously cheap   more

Vaclav Havel – playwright to president  more

Weather Guide For Prague – Surprisingly this city does not often have the really bad weather associated with much of Eastern Europe. Occasionally though heavy spring rains can cause flooding in the centre of the city/ but as a rule the summers are relatively dry Snow surprisingly is not that common but after Christmas it can be very very cold with severe frost night and day and sometimes usually after Christmas very foggy. more

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