Rome Clubbing Guide + Clubs & Nightlife In Rome

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Rome Clubbing Guide- Music & Dance Clubs In Rome 


Overview Clubbing Scene In Rome

Rome has quite a vibrant clubbing scene for a city that is viewed by many as being conservative and though admission charges can be high in one or two clubs clubbers in this city are  friendly and the atmosphere in most clubs is good to excellent.  Drink prices are reasonable when compared with prices with other western European capital cities/  

Rome Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Micca Club, Esquilino The Micca is a stylish, multifunctional club in the Esquillino area of the Italian capital. They are renowned for their extensive and interesting cocktail list. They have a wide range of musical genres dependent on the DJ spinning that night. You can hear everything from soul to retro and psychedelic Funk tunes. There are live performances here and their ”Fleamarket” night on Sunday is one of Rome’s most popular club nights. They have a 10 Euro appetizer buffet available but their cuisine does not receive positive reviews. The service is generally excellent and you may wish to arrive here for one of their infamously erotic Burlesque evenings.

Akab Cave, De Monte Testaccio, 69 – The Akab Cave is an atmospheric club situated in the Testaccio area of the city. The dance floor has the unique distinction of being located in an underground cave. This well renowned venue has two large floors  and an aesthetically pleasing Japanese garden to boot. The Cave is particularly spectacular in the summer and like many Rome clubs the soundtrack is diverse with everything from House to Black style music.

Nu-Fake, Via  Di Monte Testaccio, Ostiense – Nu-Fake is a welcoming hot spot which specialises in Electronic music. The crowd is friendly and the staff incredibly efficient and welcoming. The design inside is breathtaking with a mix of Ancient Roman bricks and 60’s Space age design. There are varying nights depending on which DJ is playing that night but expect to hear the sounds of  Hip Hop and R&B in the early hours of the morning.

Qube, Via Di Portonacio 212, Tiburtino, Rome – Qube has been described as the biggest Disco night in Rome. It’s conveniently located near to Tiburtino Station. Qube has a largely underground vibe to it with three floors. Qube sums up the open minded approach of Roman nightlife with the club playing Metal and Goth music as well as spinning mainstream Hip Hop and R&B tracks. Some of Rock’s most infamous DJ’s play sets at Qube and the place is ”Gay Friendly” which is emphasized by the presence of glamorous Drag Queens on the dance floor. Saturday’s are  Qube’s most heaving and hedonistic nights.

Art Cafe, Viale Del Galopatoio, 33, Via Veneto – As you may be able to gather from the title the Art Cafe is one of rome’s most pretentious nightclubs. The club is predominately frequented by Macho men and scantily clad, celebrity obsessed women. It has become a second home for the  supposed ”Beautiful People” of the city. It may not surprise you to hear that the Art Cafe plays host to fashion shows. Expect to hear commercial pop and House tunes on any night you are here. The service has a reputation for being a little abrupt.

Goa, Via Libetta 13, Ostiense = Goa is one of Rome’s most famous venues. The club is home to some of the City’s trendiest fashionistas. Goa has a distinct interior design with its wood and metal and there are Plasma TV screens all over the club. It’s an exclusive hot spot so you may need to be on some sort of guest list just to be able to get in. Unsurprisingly a night at Goa is far from inexpensive with drinks and especially cocktails being on the extortionate side. The tunes are of the House and Techno variety and Goa is home to infamous Italian DJ Claudio Coccoluto every Thursday night. Opening hours are 11 pm to 4.30 am Tues-Sun, October to May.

Rock Castle Cafe, Via Beatrice Cenci 8, Jewish Ghetto, Rome = The Rock castle is an intimate mainstream Rock venue located in Rome’s Jewish Ghetto. This Disco pub is located down in a dark dungeon which gives it a spooky and distinct ambiance. The hospitality here is generally considered to be excellent.  It’s a sociable crowd which is predominately made up of youngsters. Their speciality is a wide range of cocktails which are reasonably priced.

Brancaleone, Via Levanna 11 Montesacro – Located in the Northern suburbs this cool nightclub is well worth the trip out of the city. It’s a fashionable venue populated by a laid back clientele. The music ranges from Electro to Drum and Bass and the exotic sounds of Reggae. Top rate artists such as Krador consider this to to be  a haven for them.

AlexanderPlatz, Via Ostia 9, 00153 Rome – AlexanderPlatz is arguably Rome’s most notorious Jazz club. It’s a a highly sought after destination for Jazz fans and cool cats from all over the globe. The club has a restaurant which serves culinary delights as well as a bar offering affordable drinks. The Live Jazz performed here is amongst the most revered in Europe. The clientele tends to be intelligent and open minded and the service is rated as good by the majority of customers. http://www.alexanderplatz./

Gilda, 97 Via Mario de Fiori 00187 /The Gilda nightclub is an exclusive venue largely frequented by VIP’s and Italian celebrities. There are two sizable dance floors where customers can expect to hear some of Europe’s most popular disco tunes. This upmarket and expensive destination has Football stars, Television personalities and politicians walking through its doors every night of the week. They have a charming Piano Bar and there’s no doubting the quality of their service and alcohol but with a 30 Euros entry fee if you are travelling on a budget then unfortunately you may need to give Gilda a miss. If you want to party in to the small hours of the morning then you’ll be happy to know that Gilda is one of the few clubs to stay open beyond 2 am.



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