Rome Public Transport Guide Information On Buses The Metro Taxis & Trains In Roma

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Rome Public Transport

Information On Buses The Metro Taxis & Trains In The Roma City

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Metro Services in Rome

Rome’s Metro system is one of the Europe most straight forward underground lines as it has two lines – Line A and Line B. The lines interchange at Rome’s main station Termini. Service start at around 5.30 am daily and finish around 11.30 pm but about an hour later on Saturdays. Metro services run around every ten minutes but more frequently at peak times.

Currently only the stations on Line B offers full disabled wheelchair access. Line A does have these facilities at Cipro-Musei Vatican and Valle Aurelia. The best alternative to Line B for wheelchair uses is bus route 590 which runs along the same route as Line B.

Some people are critical of the service as it does not serve the ancient area of Rome – this criticism is harsh as the city authorities made a conscious decision not to extend the network to this area as tunneling could potentially damage some of the ancient ruins especially those not unearthed.

For ticketing information see below

See also personal safety in Rome

Rail Services In Rome

Regional train / rail servces connect Rome to Lido, Rome to Pantano and Rome to Viterbo.

Map & More information on Metro & Rail services in Rome

Bus Services In Rome

There are literally hundreds of bus routes in Rome. These service operate from around 5:30am until midnight. Routes 116 117 & 119 are electric buses. They do not run on Sundays.

There is also a very limited tram service. Visitors will find Tram 8 from Rome’s historic centre toTrastevere. Largo Argentina – Ponte Garibaldi – Piazza G.G. Belli – Piazza Mastai – Piazza Ippolito Nievo – Stazione Trastevere – Monteverde – Casaletto the most useful.

.For ticketing information see below

Bus Routes To The Vatican

From the Colosseum, go to Piazza Venezia close by and , then 40 Express or 64* and from Termini, 40 Express or 64*.

Bus Routes To The Spanish Steps & Trevi Fountain

From Termini, 492 or 175 to Via del Triton. From the Vatican , 62 or 492 to Via del Tritone.

Bus Routes To The Colosseum

From Termini, 40 Express, 170, or 64* to Piazza Venezia close by

From Vatican , 40 Express, 64* or 62 to Piazza Venezia, close by

Bus Routes To Pantheon, Piazza Navona & Campo de’ Fiori

From Termini, 40 Express or 64* to Largo Argentina close by

From the Vatican , 40 Express, 64* or 62 to Largo Argentina close by

* see personal safety in Rome


Night Buses In Rome

Rome has around 20 night buses all identified by the prefix‘N‘. In general they operate from 12.30am to 5.30am from stops with an ‘owl’ sign on their top. These services run every half hour from either the Termini station in Piazza dei Cinquecento) or Piazza Venezia.

The most useful night bus routes are those that cover the daytime metro routes – 55N which is identical to Metro Line A and 40N which is identical to Metro Line B.

Also popular with visitors is route 78N: (which serves the historical centre of Rome) and Piazzale Clodio – Piazzale Flaminio – Piazza Cavour – Largo di Torre Argentina – Piazza Venezia – Via Nationale – Stazione Termini. Another popular night route is the 29N – : Piazzale Ostiense – Lungotevere Aventino – Lungotevere de’ Cenci (across the Tiber from Trastevere) – Via Crescenzio (Vatican area) – Via Barletta – Piazza Marina (Flaminio) – Via Belle Arti – Viale Liegi (Parioli) – Viale Regina Margherita – Via dei Marrucini (San Lorenzo) – Via Labicana (Colosseum) – Viale Aventino – Piazzale Ostiense

more details on Rome Bus Services

Map of Bus services in Rome


Bus & Metro Tickets In Rome

Tickets for the buses and metro services have to be purchased in advance. The penalty for not having a validated ticket is around €50. Tickets must be validated as follows: At the station before you board the train and on the bus by inserting the ticket in the orange coloured machine immediately you board. Tickets are available from some bars kiosks newsagents as well as machines at metro stations. Some of the bigger bus stops also have machines.

There are several ticket types on offer. Options for visitors staying under a week are:

B.I.T. €1.50. Standard ticket

valid for 1 Metro ride or 100 minutes on all bus routes.

B.I.G. €7.00. Day ticket, (24 hours) unlimited metro, bus & train travel within the Greater Rome Not valid for travel to Fiumicino airport which is out of this area.

B.I.G.  €12.50 details as B.I.G ticket above but valid for 48 hours

B.I G.  €18.00  details as B.I.G ticket above but valid for 72 houtrs

C.I.S.   €24.00. details as B.I.G ticket above but valid for seven calendar days..


prices on this page applicable winter 2015/16


Taxis In Rome

Taxis in Rome are fairly expensive – especially at night. Licensed taxis are yellow or white taxis but they rarely stop for passengers trying to hail them in the street. You should wait at one of the numerous taxi ranks or ask your hotel or restaurant to call one you.

Taxis tariffs between 7am and 10pm Monday to Saturday begin at approximately €3.00 except on public holidays. Then €1.1 per km for the first 9km and €1,6km after that. Waiting time is €27 per hour First piece of luggage is free then subsequent pieces cost €1.

On public holidays and Sundays and between 10pm and 7am there is a booking fee of €6.5 and then €1.1 per km up to 6km. they begin at circa €6.5 for then €1.1 per km for the first 6km and €1,6km after that. Waiting time is €27 per hour  First piece of luggage is free then subsequent pieces cost €1.

These per km charges may be surcharged if the road traffic is ‘moderate by 5% or 10% if it is heavy. In general a tip of €1 -2 will suffice for any journey if you are satisfied with the service.


Pedestrians Cycling & Rollerblading !

One distinction that Rome has over many other capital cities is that many of it’s sights are relatively close together and within walking distance. However it is also a popular city for cyclists and roller bladers. However motorists in Rome who tend be a little dismissive of hazards such as traffic lights and seem to have even less regards for pedestrians cyclists and rollerbladers. You have been warned.



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