The Paris Restaurants Guide For Diners

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Restaurants In Paris Bon Appetite!

French Cuisine & Places To Eat In Paris 

There are few cities in the world who’s restaurants have reputation for the exceptional quality of that Paris offers. As France’s capital it is the natural home of the very best French cuisine but many restaurants also offer equally outstanding dishes found elsewhere in Europe and the rest of the world.

Deciding where to eat out in Paris is an awesome challenge as their are so many wonderful diners to choose from. The quality, preparation and presentation of dishes particularly in the leading restaurants is so high that it is literally impossible to differentiate between them. Any distinctions may be purely a matter of preference such as the combination of vegetables accompanying the venison or the decor of the restaurant. Dismissing eating at a restaurant on the grounds that its prices are to high or to low, particularly if it is in the top realm of the market is a coarse and unreliable distinction. On that basis the first restaurant we mention because it not expensive in relative terms would have ended up in room 101!

No restaurant guide anywhere can be definitive least of all in Paris and the content of many guides is governed by the fact that advertisers ‘pay’ to be included them. Euromost reviews are governed by our own experience and the experiences of people that have eaten at the restaurants mentioned. None of the restaurants mentioned have asked for or paid for the review given. Euromost visitors are welcome to comment on these reviews or volunteer their own reviews of these or other restaurants which they feel should be included. Whether it is good or bad please tell us – other visitors have the right to know. One thing that is strange to many people is the limited opening hours of some restaurants and the number of establishments that shut for lengthy holidays midsummer. Shorter breaks are often taken as well at Christmas and the new year.

a La Biche au Bois at 45 av Ledru-Rollin, Paris 12 Telephone 01 434 33438 (nearest metro Gare de Lyon) is probably one of the best priced restaurants in Paris for good authentic French food and very decent portions. The best deals here are undoubtedly the set meals at around €25. Open Monday – Friday from 7pm until 11pm. Also lunchtimes Tuesday – Friday from midday until 2pm. At Christmas and in July it closes for annual holidays. Editorial Comment. Advance Booking strongly advised.

Clubbers and those on a budget will find Le Café Tournesol at 9 rue de la Gaîté, Paris 14, Telephone 01 432 76572 (nearest metro Gaîté) a refreshingly affordable and informal place to eat. Beer here is around €3 whilst a steak is €13. Le Cafe opens 8.30am-1.30am Mon-Sat & from 9.30am-1.30am Sun. Editorial Comment Several good reports on this one

In central Paris the Bistrot Victoires at 6 rue de la Vrillière Paris 1 Telephone 01 426 14378 (nearest metro Bourse) is a straight forward bistro which apparently does meals at around €12 – €15 of which the veal in cream sauce is very notable. It is extremely popular with local and as it has no website and we think that there is a conspiracy by the French to try and keep this for themselves. Open every daily from noon-3pm & 7-11pm. Editorial Comment Good food under €15 central Paris – seems to good to be true ?

Another fairly priced restaurant is the Fleur de Sel at 32 Boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris, 15 Telephone 01 454 85203 (nearest metro Falguiere). This appears to one Paris’s lesser known gems possibly because its a little off the beaten track and does not have a website. However it has been mentioned to us a few times – three times for its knuckle of lamb and once for its profiteroles. The decor is bright and spacious and the service is attentive but relaxed. It is thought to be above average value with a meal costing €20 – €25.

A more upmarket restaurant is the Taillevent at 15 rue Lamennais Paris 8 Telephone 01 449 51501 (nearest metro George V). Only exceptional French cuisine here from a menu that is changed Some English and German patrons have expressed surprise by the opening hours – Monday – Friday 12.15-1.30pm and 7.15 – 9.30pm. Editorial Comment Though the food is exceptional and its presentation alone is worthy of an award. we reckon this is a tourist trap. The lunch with portions are a little skimpy and at around €80 per head the limited opening time is not conducive to a relaxed lunch. A similar view can be taken of the more expensive evening fare.

Almost in the same class as Taillevet but marginally better price and time-wise is L’Arpège at 84 rue de Varenne Paris 7 Telephone 01 470 50906 (nearest metro Varenne). The sautéed organic chicken with compliments is heaven. The desserts are pretty and tasteful. website Open Monday – Friday noon-2.30pm and 8-10.30pm. Editorial Comment More reports needed ? so for now the jury is out on this one.

If you are visiting Paris on a short city break and time is limited undoubtedly one of the best options on eating out (literally) is a lunch or dinner cruise on Bateaux Parisiens (the boat of Paris) which sails from Port de la Bourdonnais, Paris 07. Telephone 01 766 41445. (nearest metro Bir Hakeim) There are two cruises a day along the banks of the Seine. The lunchtime cruise is more informal than the evening cruise but the evening cruise has a unique romantic ambiance about it. Both cruises have their own menu. The details of these cruises the menu options available and prices available are given on their website.

Opinions on the quality of the food available seem to vary from very good to excellent. A commonly held view is that the food preparation is even more amazing as it made on a small boat. One critic said the quality of food puts many cruise liners offerings to shame. No one we are aware of has found fault with the service. Price-wise some people believe that it is on par with the most expensive restaurants in Paris and therefore expensive given that it is boat. However quite a few people believe its has an ambiance that no restaurant could create. The most common criticism of the cruise particularly the dinner cruise is that time wise it should be longer.

The L’Antre Amis Restaurant at 9 Rue Bouchut, Paris, 15 Telephone 01 456 71565 (nearest metro Sevres Lecourbe) is reportedly one of Europe’s best places for sea bass. This establishment has a solid reputation for preparing French excellent food and is noted for it capacity to change the menu on a seasonal basis. It is also renowned for its desserts with the duo de chocolat blanc et noir croquant frequently cited. It opens Monday to Friday from midday to 2:30pm & 7:30pm – 10:30pm. website Average meal price €30

Far more expensive and more famous (probably for the wrong reason) is the Lapérouse Restaurant at 51 quai des Grands-Augustins, Paris 6 Telephone 01 432 66804 (nearest metro St-Michel ). This very select restaurant which dates back to 1766 is renowned for the secret liaisons it hosted between married French leaders and their unwed lovers. Today the romantic ambiance remains but the secrets out and the intimate private dining rooms locks have gone!

This decor in this establishment is not dis-similar to that found in a 19th century palace with its framed mirrors flamboyant coloured chairs wooden panels and heavily patterned wall paper. The food is prepared to a very high standard – the beef shepherd’s pie with truffles celery and juniper berry wine for many is a once in a life time experience as are the Crusted Pears with Walnuts and Chocolate. Even the most discerning patron would be hard pressed to find fault here but at over €100 for a set dinner you would expect perfection. Laperouse is also famous for its wine cellars and here it is possible without difficulty to spend as much on a bottle of wine as the dinner itself. One critic told us this is a good place to celebrate something really really special and then vowed to bring his wife here when the divorce became absolute. Laperouse opens from 7.30pm till 10pm Monday – Saturday and from noon-2.30pm Monday -Friday. for more info & annual holidays please see website

The most bizarre restaurant in Paris has to be L’Etoile Manquante at 34 rue Vieille-du-Temple Paris 4, Telephone 01 427 24834 (nearest metro St-Paul). Its a bit Bohemian verging on hip and its arty. It is popular with philosophers and those with a liking for French literature and occasionally holds book signing. The food is centred around fresh salads and drinks include some pretty strong cocktails served on a zinc bar. website. Editorial Comment The loo’s are something else with a electric train set running across the cubicles – and then there is the hidden camera that televises you washing your hands on a screen behind you. Subtle or Orwellian!



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