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40 Independent One Stop City Guides For   The Visitors 

The Euromost european travel guides for europe listed at the bottom of this page  are not a formula to supplement the sale of an airline ticket or the rental of a   hotel room. They are an independent source of practical and useful information   that anyone visiting that city might or should know.

Every euromost guide is linked to the country   profile page for that country and other similar pages. See country profiles   listings at the top of the page.

Euromost city travel guides include links to the   local tourist board and or the local city page of the national tourist board.   For some cities there are other well informed sources of useful independent   information/

The tourist boards links are a reliable source of   information on local bus coach tram train metro and (underground ) services.   These links often offer timetables. An increasing number offer tourist city   travel cards or period cards many of which also offer discounts to sightseeing   attractions exhibitions and restaurants etc. Some official city guides may not   tell you about the darker side of the city the dangers that tourists can face.   Every euromost city features this information where we are aware of it. For   example we mention the racist attacks that occur in St Petersburg or the threat   of landmine’s in areas outside Belgrade.

In each guide we offer information on the   sightseeing and main attractions in the city and occasionally those which should   be avoided such as the salt mine outside Salzburg. Each Euromost city guide   contains information on restaurants in the city. Some restaurants reviews are   favourable others, especially those simply noted as expensive or aimed at   tourists may be not be ones for a shortlist. We tend to feature restaurants   selling national dishes and most of these are independently owned.

Each guide includes a snapshot of local companies   who offer accommodation (more   detail) as these generally offer the best or most rates. The accommodation   guide for each city includes hotels apartments with other accommodation   including hostels pensions and campsites that we might be aware of. We welcome   additional any additional on these last three categories you might have.

Each guide is supported by a guide to its local   airport with details of the airlines that fly there with the emphasis on low   cost airlines offering cheap flights to the city. This local airport information   includes links to the airport website, including the live flight arrivals and   flight departures pages boards. The distance of the airport from the city and   advice and information on travelling to the city centre ( downtown) from the   airport.

Each guide has information on the main nightlife in the city including clubs etc.The Euromost  Europe City guides   are complimented by numerous other travel guides including european and   international travel guides for Air   Travel, Rail and Rail networks and Coach services that link to that city. There is   also a guide for Visitors to the Auschwitz   and Birkenau Concentration Camps.

Some official and commercial guides may not tell   you about the darker side of the city the dangers that tourists can face. Every   euromost city guide features this information where we are aware of it. Are   there landmine’s in Serbia – When is a lady of the night in Prague not a lady –   and is St Petersburg safe for a black person to visit?

Every guide has a ‘crime and personal safety and   security guide’ which outlines essential information a visitor should know. This   information is rarely found on a tourist board site and unlikely to be detailed   in a holiday brochure. Yes there are still land mines in parts of Serbia, but not   in the capital. Ladies of the night in Prague may actually be robbers and   skinheads do attack Asians and Afro Caribbean’s in St Petersburg.  

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