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Belgrade Clubbing Overview

Belgrade has a reputation for a vibrant and decadent nightlife. Friendly locals have always known this to be the case but now travellers are finally catching on. City natives tend to be adventurous and friendly souls. The majority of locals are very amiable and open minded when greeted by sociable tourists. Serbians have relished the exposure to Western Culture and music that other neighbouring  communist countries were deprived of.

A new generation has survived the devastation of the Balkan Wars and have emerged as an effusive and open minded bunch who are determined to and have put Belgrade on the map and establish it as the new capital of European clubbing.

Belgrade Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

Underground Club, Parsika 1a Borca, Belgrade tel no: 381-67898-765 -Underground is an urban venue located in the middle of the city. The music mostly mainstream. The service is attentive and the clientele are generally warm. They are open from 10 pm till 4 am daily. Internationally acclaimed DJ’s arrive at underground to play regular sets. There are three sizeable dance floors in this 20 year-old establishment. Most clubbers claimed to have had a cool and exciting experience here. Feel free to  Indulge in  a shot of their throat burning tequila. website n/a

Sound, Belgrade Brodarska BB, Sound was opened in 1996 and plays Non-commercial music.  It’s a techno and House club recommended by locals as well as Techno connoisseurs. Sound has emerged as one Of The Serbian capital’s premiere nightclubs. Some of Belgrade’s most hedonistic parties take place here in the summer. Many of Serbia’s top house and Techno DJ’s are known to perform sets here. website

Club Plastic, Dalmatinska Takoska City Centre, Belgrade Plastic is a thriving Nightclub which specialises in House Music. They’ve had a recent renovation and the decor is  modern and attractive. Be prepared for a long queue because Plastic is one of Belgrade’s most popular venues. The large dance floor blasts out a mix of House, Techno and Drum and Bass. The atmosphere can be incredible on a busy weekend night. Open daily from 10 pm till 5 am. website

Akademija,Rajiceva 10 – Akademija is rock club which has steadily become a Belgrade institution. The club plays powerful rock songs and offers a different kind experience to that of most Belgrade clubs. 1980’s heavy metal and Glam rock is the main style of Music played here. The atmosphere can become quite raucous here. The club originally had just a cult following but has evolved as one of Belgrade’s most fashionable hotspots. website

Bar Baltazar Karadordeva 9 Belgrade Baltazar is one of Belgrade’s most well renowned venues. It’s one of the most reputable and well visited bars in the city. The Club is split into three rooms and is shaking to the sounds of European Dance Music. The club is designed in a rural and minimalist style. At Baltazar you are likely to receive service with a smile and it may prove to be one of the most enjoyable nights of Partying you have ever had anywhere. Open daily till 5 am. website

F-6 Francuska 6 Belgrade tel no: 381-63-360332 – F-6 is passionate about playing and plugging new Techno music. Many of the City’s brightest young Techno DJ’s are queuing up round the block to perform a set here.  Sunday Night is dedicated to RNB and Hip Hop whilst Friday’s and Saturday’s are all about Rock and Pop music. F-6 was one of Belgrade’s most successful clubs at the end of last century before being refurbished and is now open again  to critical acclaim.  There have been a few complaints about an apparent lack of attentive service.  OpenThursday, Friday’s & Saturday’s from 11 pm till 5 n/a

Fabrika Nightclub Despota Stefana 115 tel no: 381-038-16366-8851 – Fabrika is a very new hotspot dedicated to supplying its clientele with funky House grooves. Ever since opening it has become one of the City’s most notorious venues. It’s modernity and bright lighting gives it a futuristic vibe. Fabrika is situated in the industrial area of Belgrade. Tuesday is Pop Rock night and Friday and Saturday’s is House with revered Serbian and European DJ’s. website Facebook Page

Klub Svetskih Putnika Boulevar Despota Stefana 7 – It’s a lively yet cosy venue which plays  retro tunes. There’s a very touristy feel to the place. This unique establishment has its wall plastered with postcards from all over the world. The club is an idyllic setting for the more laid back clubber type. They play mostly old fashioned Piano songs which serve more as  Background music than anything else. Opening times are  1 pm till Midnight during the week and 3 pm till Midnight on

Bitef Art Cafe Skver Mire Trailovic – Bitef is one of the city’s trendiest Nightclubs. They have regular live performances from some of Belgrade’s hottest new acts. Up and coming Serbian bands Macao and Perpetum Mobile have both played here in recent times. They have an intriguing selection of music played by resident DJ’s including such genre’s as  Jazz,Funk and Soul and House music. They’re hospitality is amongst the most efficient and charming on the Belgrade club

The Tube Club, Simina 21 Dobracina 12 – Tube is noted for Playing the latest in European house Music. It’s renowned for its distinctively  large and dark corridors.  Veteran spinner DJ  Peppe plays a mix of funk and Electronica on the decks. The average drink is extortionately priced at about 500 Dinars but admission is free. The crowd tend to be rather lively and sociable.  Opening times are 11 pm till 5

Club Magacin, Kara 2-4  3 tel no:[062]  71 58 48 – Magacin is one of Belgrade’s most upmarket nightclubs. It’s home to many a pretentious poser, men with deep pockets and superficial women. They have a unisex toilet which allows its clientele to become accustomed with each other in a more intimate way. The door staff have been accused of arrogance and damn right rudeness. This is an exclusive and expensive establishment which isn’t suitable for down to earth clubbers or those with financial constraints. Celebrated New York DJ David Morales has graced the turntables at this venue. website n/a

Mr Stefan Brown’s Nemanjina 4/9 11000 Serbia Tel no: 381-63-370-332 -Stefan Browns is a rather  loud Dance club located on the ninth floor of an old Commercial building. There is a good sized bar in the heart of the club which serves a vast selection of fruity cocktails. There are regular themed nights here so you may want to give them a ring to see what’s occurring before you set off. If You fail to arrive before 1 am you face the realistic possibility of being refused admission. It has an untamed reputation and the sight of beautiful women dancing on the bar is just an ordinary night. The music ranges from Disco and House to Rock and R N B.  Be wary if you are not Serbian speaking as this place has allegedly been used as a Tourist Trap. Entry fee can be rather expensive at up to 100 Dinars. website n/a

BlayWatch Obala Dunava, River Sava  – Blaywatch is a River club that has a reputation for scantily clad Women and hardcore partying. Blaywatch offers splendid views of the picturesque Danube River at night. Blaywatch began life back in the summer of 2002 and was recently renovated in 2011 making it’s design and decor even more appealing.  Blaywatch is a genuine nightclub which plays host to sexy party animals and eccentrics characters. Some of Europe’s leading DJ’s and bands are eager to perform at this buzzing venue. International Dance hits and Local turbo-folk songs [an Acquired taste] provide an original soundtrack to your evening. Opening hours are 11 pm till 4 am. website



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